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15 thoughtful Gifts Under $30

15 Thoughtful Gifts Under $30

15 thoughtful Gifts Under $30

Come for ideas on 15 thoughtful gifts under $30, and stay for the entertainment

The holiday seasons brings with it excitement, time with loved ones, and of course shopping. That last one – Shopping – is often accompanied by stress – what to buy, how much to spend, will they like it?

Well, you don’t have to break the bank to give a thoughtful gift. We did the hard work and carefully curated a list of thoughtful gift ideas under $30 to keep both your gift recipients and your pockets happy.

Click on the images to check out the gifts.

Here are 15 thoughtful gifts under $30 you may consider:


#1 VVFiY Premium Vibrating Face Roller



This is not your run of the mill jade roller. It’s a beautifully designed high-quality roller with 3 interchangeable heads that are a perfect addition to a skincare routine – the gift recipient will love it.

As gifts under $30, it’s an absolute steal. We found a virtually identical item that sells for almost $200!!

#2 Fine Gourmet Chocolate

Bistro Chocolate Box

Forget the mass-marketed chocolate. These are some delicious pieces of chocolate with awesome unsuspecting flavors that fill your mouth with goodness that is hard to describe.

Chew into one of these and you may run into an intense flavor of coffee or a wonderful fruit flavor. This is a must-have for any chocolate lover on your list.

#3 Tile mate

tile mate

Know anyone that asks you questions like “where is the ____?”, “do you know where my ___ is?” This handy gadget can help.

So help yourself by helping them help themselves find their keys, phone, wallet without you having to look for them.

This is not a GPS though, it’s best used within your WIFI so that your phone’s location services do not obliterate your battery life.

#4 Sling Bag

sling bag

This versatile type of bag is fashionable once again. Popular among men, it provides you with a place to keep your keys, phone, wallet etc. without bulking up your pockets.

If you have a friend or family member that constantly walks around with keys/wallet in their hands, pockets, or belt straps, gift them with this versatile bag and help pull them out of the dark ages.

#5 Blanket Hoodie – The Comfy

The Comfy

‘Tis the season – These warm wearable blankets are popular in the colder months of the year.

With Covid-19 restrictions still keeping many people working from home, your gift recipient will get a lot of use out of these. You will be like a hero every time they wear the blanket and think of you.

#6 Essential Oil Diffuser


So calming and relaxing. This oil diffuser gives you a consistent flow of scent for 12 hours from each fill. Help transform their living spaces into a relaxing sanctuary.

Give this gift to family or roommates and double-dip by also enjoying the gift yourself.

#7 Smart Plug

smart plug

Turn your house into a ‘smart house’ with these smart plugs. You plug this device into an outlet, anything you plug into that outlet can now be controlled from your phone or smart speaker.

Just make sure to rename the default name to the room and device that will be plugged into it i.e. ‘Hallway Light’.

Your gift recipient will feel like a boss by asking Alexa to turn the lights on or off.

#8 Portable campfire

portable campfire

Know anyone that is into outdoorsy stuff, or even just someone with a backyard?

This powerful little portable campfire is fantastic for getting a fire going quickly with no smoke. It actually smells good when the hint of eucalyptus and lemon hit you.

For a little portable device, it puts out big time heat. Perfect for keeping groups together but outside, which even aligns with the Covid-19 protocols. Who else is giving you gems like these gifts under $30?

#9 Expert Cocktail Shaker Home Bar Set

cocktail shaker set

Know of a budding mixologist? Or someone in need of upgrading their home bar?

This high-quality bar set is sure to make an impression. The bamboo stand keeps everything nicely organized.

You may want to pair this fantastic gift with a mixology book. The Bar Set also stands perfectly on its own.

#10 Tea Sampler Gift Set

Numi Organic Tea

Anti-oxidants – check! great taste – check! If you know any tea lovers, they will enjoy this great gift that comes with a beautiful box.

Similar to the VVFiY roller, I would not be surprised if the price of this Numi tea set went up. Snatch it up for your tea lovers.

#11 Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift Set

Coffee set

We can’t give a cool tea gift set and not also give you an equally fantastic Coffee gift set. That would be wrong.

This delicious espresso coffee set has a great aroma and texture. It’s great for making specialty drinks at home. This set is sure to put a smile on your coffee lovers face.

If you know someone who is all about their coffee, Besides gifts under $30you may also want to check out these coffee goodies all less than $100.

#12 Wireless Charging Pad

charging pad

Gift a friend or family member with a charging pad and they will absolutely use it and love it. Help them recharge their devices with ease.

This charging pad provides a wider charging area allowing you to easily charge two devices at the same time.

This magical device works for both iOS and Android phones (just make sure the recipient’s phones’ are compatible with the charging pad).

#13 Hydro Flask Mug

Hydro flask

Pack heat within this tough 12-ounce mug. It’s a well-designed mug that may very well be the absolute best mug your gift recipient has ever used.

It will keep your beverage hot-hot, just warn them that their favorite mug is very good at doing its job.

We wouldn’t want anyone to singe their tongue a long while after making a hot beverage. Also, don’t turn it upside down.

#14 Honey Sampler

honey sampler

With this gift, you’re effectively telling your recipient “Don’t Worry, BEE happy”

This raw unfiltered honey selection is a delight. You cannot compare this honey to most other honey as most others are filtered – meaning that they take out all the antioxidants, vitamins, pollen, and enzymes.

With 3 LBS of raw unfiltered delicious honey, Sandt’s keeps the “good stuff” in the honey and that should keep a smile on the gift recipient’s face for a long while.

#15 Family Mask Set

Mask set - 50

This is a necessity for everyone in the post-covid world. These are comfortable large masks – consider buying the child’s size if your gift recipient has a small face.

This high-quality, soft, and comfortable mask will be appreciated and help the wearer stay safe during these social distancing days.

Spread joy with gifts under $30 while keeping them safe. Check out other covid related products.

If you want to learn about the best source to collect gifts, check out fair trade gifts.



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