8 Ways to Get Free Samples by Mail (With or Without Surveys)

free samples by mail

Do you love trying out new products for free? There’s no better feeling than opening a mystery package and seeing what’s inside. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy ways to acquire free samples by mail, and we’re here to tell you how.

From beauty supplies and beauty products to baby clothes, there are hundreds of brands out there that know that one of the most effective ways to get a sale is by giving consumers samples.

Whether you enjoy filling out surveys or would like to avoid them, keep reading to learn how to get free stuff through the mail–no credit card needed!

1. Samples for Parents-to-Be

Did you know that you can receive dozens of free samples simply from expecting a baby? Both Walmart and Target allow soon-to-be parents to sign up for registries.

Once you do, both companies will send you welcome boxes that come with coupons and free product samples.

The best part is that there are no surveys or quizzes whatsoever, and the shipping is free as well.

2. Tryspree

If you want to get free samples without any input required, then we recommend giving Tryspree a try.

This website requires you to sign up in order to access their samples, but there’s no other survey, questionnaire, or credit card information required.

We like that you can set up your account in order to have them ship samples to you automatically. You can set it and forget it in order to enjoy free goodies in the mail.

3. Women Freebies

If you’re looking for free product samples geared towards women, such as jewelry or makeup, give Women Freebies a try! However, it’s important to remember that the majority of these samples can be used by any gender.

We like that the navigation of this website is simple and easy to understand.

All you have to do is click on a category on the side in order to be taken to a page that offers links for different brands. The links will lead you to the brand pages that allow you to apply for the sample.

The forms you’ll need to fill out will vary depending on the brand–some just require your name and address, while others ask for more information to fill out your profile.

4. Internet Steals and Deals

Sometimes freebie sites can be overwhelming to navigate–you want to make sure that you’re giving your information to reputable companies.

Internet Steals and Deals is run by a self-proclaimed “freebie expert” who finds all the best deals as well as teaches you how to live more frugally.

From birthday gifts to Amazon gift cards, we like how Becky shows you step-by-step how to claim the deals. There is also a variety that you can choose from.

5. Free Stuff

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Free Stuff. Operating since 2008, Free Stuff is one of the largest websites that organizes free samples by category.

The best part is that if you don’t want to take any surveys, you can check out the description below the link to get your sample to make sure that it says whether or not a survey is required.

The site also gives you coupons, access to sweepstakes and deals, and more.

6. I Love Free Things

Featured on ABC News and Fox 13, I Love Free Things is a great site if you’re tired of expired deals. This is because the website is updated fairly regularly with fresh new samples that haven’t all been claimed yet.

If there is an issue with the link, you’ll be able to tell right away because people are able to leave comments on the page.

If you want an easier way to access free product samples without needing to scroll the website each time, you can also sign up for their newsletter. They’ll email you free sample offers twice a week.

7. Freeflys

Freeflys is another popular free sample site that’s been featured on NBC, The Doctors, and Fox News. We like that the website provides a long list of free samples by mail that you can easily scroll through.

Even better, the list is updated daily so that you won’t have to deal with expired deals.

Clicking on a link you’re interested in brings you a page that shows a photo of the item and what you need to do to get a sample. This helps you decide whether or not it’s worth the time to fill out a survey!

8. PINCHme

PINCHme stands out from the bunch because of its bright, modern web design that gives it a useful and slick appearance.

We love the fact that explains how it works right on the home page. All you have to do is complete a profile and fill out a questionnaire based on your preferences, but you’ll only have to do this once.

Each month, you’ll receive a box of free samples by mail that you’ll need to provide feedback on. You can also work with them in order to be a part of consumer research programs.

Enjoy Free Samples by Mail Without the Surveys

When it comes to enjoying free samples by mail, you don’t have to fill out a survey each time. Many of these websites direct you to brand pages that only need your name and address in order to ship the samples.

However, it’s recommended to create a separate email address if you plan on filling out these forms.

This is because you never know if your email address will be passed on to other marketers and brands–leading to an inbox that’s bursting at the seams.

Put your credit card away and watch out for scams that sound too good to be true. If you do this, you’ll be able to enjoy free samples each month without being taken advantage of!

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