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AmaLinks Pro review

AmaLinks Pro Review

Many people are making money with Amazon affiliate marketing. However, is there a way to make more as an Amazon affiliate? In this AmaLinks Pro review we will look to see if this Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin can actually make a difference and to see if it’s worth the money.

We also use AmaLinks Pro ourselves so this means we have first hand knowledge of how it works and if it’s truly as good as the owners claim. We wrote this AmaLinks Pro review after extensively testing the plugin so you can be sure this AmaLinks Pro review is from people that have used it.

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In this AmaLinks Pro review will answer these questions:

  • What is AmaLinks Pro?
  • How does AmaLinks Pro work?
  • What are the features and benefits to using AmaLinks Pro?
  • How much does AmaLinks Pro cost?
  • Can AmaLinks Pro help you make more money as an Amazon affiliate?
  • Is AmaLinks Pro worth the money?

What Is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro is an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin created by Matthew Allen. It’s main purpose is to help Amazon affiliates create more money by providing them with the tools to create great looking and high converting product reviews.

The main reason people don’t make more money as an Amazon affiliate is because they truly have no idea how to create a great looking product review that’s laid out correctly. Using WordPress can be confusing to some and that’s why having a plugin to help can be the perfect solution!

How does AmaLinks Pro work?

Now let’s take a look at how AmaLinks Pro works and look at each of the features that are included.

Install The Plugin

Like all other WordPress plugins, AmaLinks Pro is installed by uploading the plugin file to your WordPress plugins.

Enter The License Key

AmaLinks Pro

Once installed you will activate the AmaLinks Pro plugin and enter the license key provided to you by AmaLinks Pro. This is sent to you by email once you purchase the plugin.

Enter Your Amazon Affiliate Access Key And Secret Key

Before you buy the plugin, make sure that you have signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can do this from your Amazon affiliate account. Just click the tools link and click PRODUCT ADVERTISING API from the dropdown menu.

Once you’re signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API, you create your access key and secret key.

AmaLinks Pro review

Then set your Global settings such as making sure all of the links AmaLinks Pro inserts are no follow links.

Once you do those easy steps you’re ready to go!

The Inner Workings Of AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro button

The AmaLinks Pro Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is very easy to use. Once it’s set up, you create a regular post and there you will see the AmaLinks Pro button. Click that button anytime you wish to add Amazon product information to your post.

Search Amazon Right Inside Your WordPress Admin

Search Amazon Right Inside Your WordPress Admin

The greatest feature of AmaLinks Pro is that you can actually search Amazon right inside your WordPress admin. Just click the AmaLinks Pro button, a window will open where you can either search by keyword or enter the product ASIN.

Most competing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins do not allow you to search from within your WordPress admin. You typically have to be logged into your Amazon affiliate account and do your searching there. This is a big hassle and is very time consuming.

This feature alone makes AmaLinks Pro standout.

Once you perform the search you will have either the ASIN you entered or a list of products displayed.

choose your product


Click the “CHOOSE” button on the product you wish to select and this is when the magic happens.

Choose Your Link Type

choose link type amalinks pro

Now, you can choose which type of link you wish to create. You can choose:

  • Text Link
  • Image Link
  • CTA Link
  • Showcase

Text Link

If you choose text link, you can easily enter a text link into your post that already contains your Amazon affiliate tracking. Just enter the link with just a few clicks.

Now you have a text link that when someone clicks, it takes them to Amazon and if they buy, you get credit!

Image Link

Adding images that are compliant with Amazon’s TOS has never been easier. Many Amazon affiliates actually take images from Amazon’s site and use them in their product reviews. THIS IS AGAINST AMAZON’S TERMS AND CAN CAUSE YOU TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT BANNED. You are only allowed to use images from Amazon using the Amazon API.

AmaLinks Pro allows you to embed images right into any post that are 100% compliant with Amazon’s terms. The plugin uses Amazon’s API so you can be 100% certain you’re not doing anything wrong.

add images easily with amalinks pro

To add an image simply click IMAGE LINK and then choose the image and size you wish to use. Just a few clicks and you’ll have a beautiful image that is totally complaint.

CTA Links

CTA or call to action buttons are now so easy to insert into any post. Just click CTA LINK, and you will be able to create the perfect call to action button with your Amazon affiliate information already added to the code! You simply click a few buttons.

You can even edit or create new CTA buttons with the look and feel of you site.



This is one of the best features of the AmaLinks Pro plugin. When you click SHOWCASE AmaLinks Pro goes to work and creates a beautiful showcase box pulling all the info directly from Amazon. The showcase contains:

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Image
  • View rating and reviews

Since these are pulled directly from Amazon, you will want to edit each section. The best part is, everything can be edited until you get it perfect.

The showcase even pulls ratings, reviews and current pricing that your readers can click and view right on your site.

amalinks pro showcase feature

This is another important distinction between AmaLinks Pro and competing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins. The AmaLinks Pro plugin pulls data using the Amazon API and displays it all within Amazon’s terms. Other Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins actually violate Amazon’s terms by showing star ratings and scraping Amazon’s site. This is against Amazon’s terms. You’re not allowed to show star ratings or to scrape Amazon’s site for information.

This is yet another reason AmaLinks Pro stands above competing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

What Are The Features And Benefits To Using Amalinks Pro?

You Can Search Amazon In Your WordPress Admin

Unlike competing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, the AmaLinks Pro plugin allows you to search for product to add to your site from within your WordPress admin.

It’s 100% Amazon Compliant

Now you never have to worry about your Amazon affiliate account getting banned for improperly placing links, images, or data. Since AmaLinks Pro’s data is pulled directly from Amazon’s API, it’s 100% compliant. It’s also built according to Amazon compliance standards.

Insert Text Links

It’s never been easier to insert Amazon affiliate links. With the click of a button you can add a link that contains all of your Amazon tracking information.

Insert Amazon Compliant Images

You never have to worry about your Amazon affiliate account getting banned because of improperly using images from Amazon. Just click a button and AmaLinks Pro will pull the images from the Amazon API and insert them right into your post or page. You can also choose the sizes of the images!

Create And Add Custom CTA or Buy Buttons

Adding buttons to posts or pages can be a hassle. Not with AmaLinks Pro. With a few clicks, you can easily create, design and add a call to action button that contains your complete Amazon affiliate tracking information.

Insert Beautiful Showcase Boxes

AmaLinks Pro allows you to really spice up your affiliate product reviews with amazing showcase boxes. Here you can display product information, images, ratings, reviews and links all pulled from the Amazon API so it’s 100% within Amazon’s terms.

Works Perfect With Gutenberg

Many Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins will not work with the new WordPress ‘Gutenberg’ editor. AmaLinks Pro uses custom blocks that work seamlessly with the ‘Gutenberg’ editor. It also work perfectly with the WordPress Classic Editor.

Create Comparison Tables With Ease*

Easily add product comparison tables with the AmaLinks Pro table builder. These comparison tables are fully responsive and all information is pulled from the Amazon API which means it’s 100% compliant.

How Much Does Amalinks Pro Cost?

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins can be costly and some run as high as $340 per year. Most require you to pay an annual fee.

AmaLinks Pro is one of the best priced Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins on the market.

You can choose from three different pricing options:

  • Basic: This option costs $67 per year and you can use the plugin on up to 5 websites. (does not allow the use of the Table Builder)
  • Premium: This option costs $97 per year and you can use the plugin on up to 25 websites and allows access to every feature.
  • Platinum: This option costs a $397 one time fee with free updates forever. You can use the plugin on unlimited websites and it allows access to every feature.

AmaLinks Pro also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try the plugin with no risk.

Can Amalinks Pro Help You Make More Money As An Amazon Affiliate?

There is no guarantee that AmaLinks Pro will help you make more money as an affiliate. However, it will help you to create amazing product reviews with everything laid out in the perfect position.

By adding perfectly placed images, beautiful CTA buttons, product comparison tables and stunning showcase boxes, your affiliate revenue is sure to climb!

Is Amalinks Pro Worth The Money?

Creating the perfect product review is very difficult and time consuming. It’s hard to add images so that they’re 100% Amazon compliant.

It takes so much time to create comparison tables and beautiful CTA buttons. You have to manually open up your Amazon affiliate account, create the links, then add them to your page.

Plus, it’s almost impossible to create showcase boxes that look like a professional designed them.

However, with AmaLinks Pro, creating the perfect product review is so easy. Plus, everything you create is 100% compliant with Amazon affiliate terms.

So after careful testing of the plugin for this AmaLinks Pro review, we can wholeheartedly say that this Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is worth every penny!

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Conclusion of our Amalinks Pro review

If you wish to create the perfect Amazon product review, we highly endorse the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

Not only does it give you every feature you will need to create high converting product reviews, the support team for AmaLinks Pro is also amazing. If you need help they normally answer your question in less than one hour!

To learn more about AmaLinks Pro, you can click the button below.


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