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Amazing Selling Machine review

Amazing Selling Machine Review (IS THIS COURSE WORTH THE MONEY?)

As of June 2020, the course is entering its 12th reboot – ASM12, and it’s their biggest launch to date.

If you’re considering signing up this year – click “LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COURSE” below

Amazing Selling Machine reviewPrivate label selling is a way to sell third-party products under a retailer’s brand name. In this case, you would be the retailer. This method, along with retail arbitrage, are the two most common methods for selling on Amazon.

It is important to start off on the right foot with your private label business. Taking a course that will teach you the intricacies of this method and is an ideal way to do this. This Amazing Selling Machine review shows you what one course can do for you.

Intro to Selling on Amazon with Private Label

As we start our Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) review, we start our focus on what private label selling is so that you can understand the backbone of this program.

Amazon private label selling involves obtaining products from a third party and selling them under your own label or brand. For example, you purchase socks in bulk from a third party and put your own label on them. They become your brand of socks.

The third party you obtain your products from will send the items right to Amazon. You do not have to maintain your own physical inventory or do the actual shipping, you simply ensure that Amazon has enough of your products to send out to paying customers.

Almost any product can be sourced and sold in this manner, from electronics to health and beauty to toys and home décor. You can opt to start a niche business where you only sell in a particular category, or you can generalize and sell products in multiple categories.

The first step is finding a reputable manufacturer to create your products and put your label on them. Some sellers opt to work with more than one manufacturer to reduce the risk of running out of stock.

Advantages of Private Label Selling

Compared to resale products, private label products usually have higher margins. This is because you are buying items in bulk which translates to a lower cost per unit.

Since you are establishing your own brand, it allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. Inherently, you have exclusive rights to the labeled products that you are selling. This also makes it easier to generate customer loyalty.

You have the option to also become a wholesaler for your private label. This allows for greater flexibility in how you sell your products.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?


As part of our ASM review, we will look at the basics of this course. This review will explain what the course is to make it easier to determine if this course provides the information that you need.

This is an in-depth course that teaches you how to sell private label items via Amazon’s FBA program. It is a combination of modules that are broken down into lessons. This makes it easy to follow the content. Each upcoming module builds on the one before it.

This course focuses on teaching you about selling private label on Amazon. However, it also provides you with information about having a selling business in general. This combination of knowledge helps to ensure that you have all of the tools that you need to launch your business and to help it grow on and off of Amazon.

Who’s Behind the Amazing Selling Machine?

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark

In this next part of our Amazing Selling Machine review, we will get some background on the person who created it. This will allow you to determine the legitimacy of the course.

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark created this program. Katzenback is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Since 2005, he reports that he has generated more than $120 million in sales with his own businesses. He has also mentored, coached and taught tens of thousands of people how to develop and run their own businesses.

Clark is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. At age 22, he started his own online business distributing health products. Since this time, he has launched numerous businesses. His health product distribution business went global and achieved multi-million dollar status.

Since it’s beginning in 2013, this course has had over 27,000 members in 120 countries sign up for this course. Both Katzenback and Clark have helped thousands of people gain amazing success selling on Amazon. You can read some of those success stories here.

Inside the Amazing Selling Machine

As we dig deeper into our ASM review, here we will go in-depth to provide details about the course. After you finish this section, you will know what you will learn by completing the course.

Welcome Module

Welcome Module

The first module is the Welcome Module. This gets you into the mindset to start learning about selling private label products on Amazon. It also introduces you to the Amazon Marketplace and how to get started as a seller on Amazon. There are 21 lessons within this module:

  • Welcome to Your New Future
  • What is Coming and What to Expect
  • The Best Opportunity to Create a Business
  • The ASM Member Dashboard
  • The ASM Community
  • Badges
  • Mentor Program for ASM
  • The Proven Secret for Amazing Results
  • Make Profit with Minimum Time and Stress
  • Achieving the Right Numbers
  • Principles for 7-Figure Foundation
  • Different Methods to Structure Your Business
  • Important Seller Central Tips
  • Which Amazon Marketplace to Begin With
  • Seller Central Requirements and Overview
  • Selling Up World First or Payoneer
  • Seller Central
    • Account Guidelines
    • Documentation
    • Setup Walkthrough
    • Suspension and Review Scenarios
  • Welcome Module Wrap-Up

Module One

asm module 1

This module focuses on building your product opportunity list. This is where you learn about how to obtain private label products. You get information about vetting suppliers and creating a list of reputable ones. There are 17 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module One
  • Dominate Your Competition via Brand Building
  • 7 Elements of a Profitable Item Opportunity
  • Amazon Categories to Choose for Success
  • Products to Avoid for Now
  • The Best Product Selection System
  • The ASM Product Criteria
  • Tools to Speed Up Your Success
  • Finding Your Primary Products
  • Prove Viability with Competing Products
  • Building Your Opportunity List Quicker
  • Narrowing Your Product List
  • Stretching the ASM Criteria
  • The ASM Tool Suite
  • Patent Search
  • Module One Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 1 Coaching Call

Module Two

This module focuses on getting product samples, suppliers and learning how to determine profit numbers. This is where you start getting your plan into place regarding how much you will spend per unit so that you can start estimating your profits. There are 11 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Two
  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees
  • Product Tuning
  • Simple Product Sourcing
  • Creating an Online Presence that is Professional
  • Finding and Contacting Suppliers (this course provides you with the templates)
  • Calculating the True Product Cost
  • Calculating Final Profit Numbers
  • Getting Samples
  • Module Two Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 2 Coaching Call

Module Three

This module shows you how to order your inventory and work on creating your brand. This is essentially your first step in setting yourself apart from your competition. You will learn how to choose the best products to put your label on and how to brand the label. There are 16 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Three
  • How to Use Your Samples
  • Picking the Right Supplier to Ensure the Highest Profits
  • Ordering Your First Inventory
  • Brand Name Creation Process
  • Developing Your Brand Logo
  • Purchasing Your UPC
  • Creating Your Fast Product Listing
  • Designing Your Product Packaging
  • Automatic List Building
  • How Much Inventory You Need
  • Shipping By Air or Sea
  • Placing Your Initial Inventory Order
  • What Happens After Ordering Inventory
  • Module Three Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week Three Coaching Call

Module Four

This module focuses on brand building. It will show you how to create a Facebook page to promote your brand, what to do while you wait for your inventory, creating a brand website and other critical steps to create and promote your brand. There are 14 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Four
  • Waiting on Inventory
  • Creating Your
    • Facebook Page
    • Website Part One
    • Website Part Two
    • YouTube Channel
    • Twitter Account
    • Pinterest Account
  • Next Level Brand Assets
  • Creating
    • Your Email Account
    • Your Autoresponder Account
    • Using Your Lead Capture Page
  • Module Four Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 4 Coaching Call

Module Five

This module focuses on creating product pages for the items you will sell. It covers everything from creating the perfect product listing to doing keyword research so that your listings rank high on Amazon. There are 15 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Five
  • How to Create a Great Listing
  • Strategic Keyword Research
  • Building Your Keyword List
  • Creating Product Titles
  • Bullet Points That Sell
  • Creating a Product Description
  • Picking the Best Product Images
  • Product Pricing for Profit
  • Creating Your Complete Listing
  • Automated Customer Emails
  • Getting Started with ManageByStats
  • Taking Advantage of Downtime
  • Module Five Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 5 Coaching Call

Module Six

This module focuses on launching your products. You will learn how to get ready for your first shipment, what to do with it, reviews, images and more. There are 12 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Six
  • Getting Ready for Your First FBA Shipment
  • Your
    • First FBA Shipment
    • Final Product Images
    • Initial Product Reviews
  • Launch, Rank and Blitz
    • Overview
    • Pre-Launch Part One
    • Pre-Launch Part Two
  • The Launch
  • Post-Launch
  • Module Six Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 6 Coaching Call

Module Seven

This module focuses on advanced marketing and traffic tools. This is where you will learn about promoting your products, analyzing your traffic and getting more traffic. There are 12 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Seven
  • Using and Building Your Performance Checklist
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
  • Your Ongoing Marketing Strategy
  • Amazon
    • Coupons
    • Lightning Deals
    • Promotions
  • Raving Fan Customer Service System
  • Understanding Conversions and Traffic
  • Brand Registry
  • Module Seven Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 7 Coaching Call

Module Eight

This is the final module of this course. It helps you to take your business to the next level. You will learn about launching new products, maintaining inventory and scaling your business. There are 11 lessons:

  • Welcome to Module Eight
  • Managing and Reordering Inventory
  • When to Start Selling Your Next Product
  • Picking Your Next Product to Sell
  • Sourcing and Listing Your Next Item
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Determining When to Use Other Markets
  • Creating a Team to Operate Your Business
  • Growing Your Business
  • Module Eight Wrap-Up
  • ASM11 Week 8 Coaching Call

How to Leverage the Power of Branding for Scalable Business Growth

This is an extra section in ASM course. It provides more advanced information about branding your business. There are two lessons:

  • Branding for Growth
  • Next Level Branding

After completing this part of this Amazing Selling Machine review, you can see that it is a comprehensive course. You now know what you can expect to learn from this course.

Amazing Selling Machine Cost

Amazing Selling Machine cost

It is important to get some information about the Amazing Selling Machine cost when you read an Amazing Selling Machine review. ASM course offers two payment options.

You can make a one-time payment of $4,997 to get full access to the course. They also offer a payment plan to access the course. With this option, you can make six payment of $997. You can opt to use your credit card or PayPal to make your one-time payment or six monthly payments.

How Much Money Can Be Made with the Amazing Selling Machine?

In this part of our Amazing Selling Machine review, we will look at how much money can be made with this program. According to a recent survey, existing members have generated more than $8.6 billion in revenue by working their Amazon FBA business.

You can read what current and former members say here about how they have done with the course.

*It is important to remember that your earning potential is associated with how much work you put into your Amazon business. Between 2013 and 2016, Amazing Selling Machine reports that the median annual revenue generated by people who completed the course and started their new brand was $60,750.

[su_note note_color=”#D4DFF8″ text_color=”#141212″ radius=”1″]

Our Experience With The Amazing Selling Machine

We signed up for the Amazing Selling Machine in 2013. It was hard to make the decision to sign up because the cost seemed so high. It’s hard to sign up for a course that costs over $3,000. However, after careful consideration, we decided to join the program.

It took 8 weeks to complete the course. What we loved was that the course is laid out in such an easy to understand format. It’s step by step and you take action after each module.

By the time we were done with the course, we had our first product on Amazon and we were ready to move forward.

To make a long story short, we followed the course and did exactly what was taught. Within our first year we had profited over $300,000! From there we expanded our product line and grew to a point that we got an offer to buy the business. The offer was a solid seven figure offer and something we just couldn’t refuse. So, we opted to sell the business and pocketed over $1 million!

We then went on to start another Amazon account and built another brand.

Who would have thought we could start a business selling a few products and then become millionaires? It’s still hard to believe but it’s true.

Was it worth the $4,000 + we spent on the course? Without a doubt! That $4,000 went on to make us well over $1.4 million and who knows how much more it will make us in the future.

Could we have done this without this course? Who knows. One thing I can say is that the course allowed us to speed up the process. It can take a lot of time to learn how to build a private label business and do it properly. The Amazing Selling Machine streamlines the whole process so it can all be learned much faster.

Best of all, each year, the creators of the Amazing Selling Machine update the course to keep up with the latest changes on Amazon and to teach new strategies that are working. Each time they update the course it’s free to anyone who is already signed up so you never have to pay for updates. You’re always on the cutting edge of what works.

The big thing that most people get caught up in when looking to sign up for this course is the cost to join. Don’t look at as a cost but as an investment. In our opinion, there is no other business you can join that cost so little for a chance to make so much for your future.


Amazing Selling Machine Review Final Conclusion

As we conclude our review, we want to end with our final thoughts.

Now there are other Amazon courses on the market that teach you how to sell on Amazon with private label. We considered those. One such course is the Proven Amazon Course. It’s the most popular of all Amazon courses on the market outside of the Amazing Selling Machine. Yes, the proven Amazon Course is good and yes it’s less expensive. Is it as good as the Amazing Selling Machine? No.

We have found that the Amazing Selling Machine is in a class by itself. There is just nothing like it on the market. Why? It’s because they stay on the very cutting edge of everything happening on Amazon with constant updates to reflect strategies that work now. While other courses will get you started, the Amazing Selling Machine course is one of the rare courses that can keep you selling successfully long into the future.

It teaches you the big picture and the small details. This makes it possible for someone with no experience to take this course and gain the knowledge needed to start a private label business selling on Amazon.

We recommend this course as the best course to learn how to sell private label items on Amazon.

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.



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