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Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products

With this explosive growth of the new beard trend, there has also been a growing need for high-quality beard care products to help men keep their beards looking and feeling great. Men from all walks of life are now growing their beards and looking for ways to properly care for them. Products such as beard oil, beard wax, beard balm, and even beard shampoo have been growing in popularity as a result.

Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products

Now that beard care products have become a normal part of the bearded men’s buying habits, the questions arise, what are the best places to buy beard care products? So we set out to find the top websites to buy beard care products.

With over 1,500 + beard care brands, it was very difficult to narrow this down to the top websites. However, after careful analysis, we would like to share with you our choices for the top websites to buy beard care products online.

1) Jack Black

jack black beard care products

The Jack Black brand was started just over 19 years ago with one goal in mind, to address the needs of the modern man. Since that time the brand has grown to include shaving products, cleansers, moisturizers, hair care products, and now, an exciting line of men’s beard care products that is at the top of the pack!

Jack Black beard care products offer a no-nonsense approach to beard care. Products that work as advertised and use the best ingredients with nothing complicated or cosmetic added. All products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, colorant-free, and dermatologist-tested.

The Jack Black Beard Wash is a multi-functional product that works to cleanse, condition and soften facial hair. It contains jojoba protein, which provides water-binding properties that help maintain the moisture in skin and hair. It was also the Men’s Health Grooming Award Winner for Best Beard Wash in 2018.

The Jack Black Beard Oil is a blend of certified organic natural oils which are fast absorbing and lightly scented.

Jack Black was voted the #1 best-selling men’s skincare brand* that also has the #1 Men’s Shave Product* (Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave Cream) and #1 Beard Oil* (Jack Black Beard Oil).

You can find Jack Black beard care products online at their website and in many retailers across the country.

Jack  Beard Care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 1

*Source: The NPD Group, Inc./ U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Skincare Retail Dollar Sales, January 2018-December 2018

2) Beardbrand


It wouldn’t be a piece on beard care products if we didn’t include Beardbrand on the list.

Started in 2012 by Eric Bandholz, Beardbrand has become synonymous with beard care. In fact, the Beardbrand company has helped drive the beard care industry into the mainstream. With their appearance on SharkTank in 2014, Beardbrand’s sales skyrocketed. It also helped to bring the beard care industry into the spotlight with Americans across the country.

Beardbrand’s main focus is to create premium beard care products that are second to none. They do this by using the very best ingredients and never skimp in this process, their beard care products also never contain silicone or parabens.

The Beardbrand line of beard care products contains beard oil, beard wash, beard shampoo, and mustache wax.

You can buy Beardbrand’s products on its website and Target stores across the country.

Beardbrand 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 2

3) The Mod Cabin

the mod cabin beard care


Started in 2010 by Cori Gray, The Mod Cabin has grown to become a leader in the men’s beard care industry.

All of the beard care products produced by The Mod Cabin are done in small batches, which helps to ensure that products are of the highest quality and consistency. Besides this, all of the skincare and hair products created by this men’s grooming company are handcrafted using recipes formulated by their team.

The Mod Cabin’s line of beard care products are all-natural and never contain phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes or parabens, so you can be sure that what you buy will be good for your skin.

You can purchase The Mod Cabin beard care products on their website. They have a large line which includes: beard kits, beard oil, beard balm, beard soap, beard wash, beard brushes, beard combs, mustache combs, and mustache kits.

the mod cabin beard care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 3

4) Can You Handlebar

Can You Handlebar

Can You Handlebar was started by Doug Geiger in 2012. This is when they made their first batch of Can You Handlebar Moustache Wax in a crock pot! The crock pot was stolen “borrowed” from Doug’s wife. After numerous tests, eventually, Doug came up with a product that he liked and the business was born.

There are a few things that make Can You Handlebar products unique. Chief among them is the fact that they produce all of their beard oil and beard balm in house, in their facility in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

More info

All of the Can You Handlebar products are proudly made in the US, and that’s not just a point of patriotic pride, it allows them to be involved in the process and to ensure their standards of quality are met.

Their packaging is designed for everyday actual use, from the “no break” tubes used for their beard oil bottles to the food-grade stainless steel tins used for their beard balm and wax. They love to use natural ingredients whenever possible and scent their products with essential oils, allowing for a burst of fragrance when applied.

The Can You Handlebar beard oil is a unique blend of light and medium-weight oils that allows for absorption and shine in equal measure. This same blend of oils is used in their beard balm as well, with a little bit of Michigan beeswax blended in to give it a light hold. Their beard balm is praised for its silky texture and low melting point allowing for easy application.

The Can You Handlebar company produces some of the strongest hold mustache wax on the market, a favorite of aficionados as well as those just beginning to style their mustache – considered one of the best beard care products in the market. This beard care company also pioneered the world’s first beard product application tool, the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush. It doubles as both a grooming tool and an excellent way to apply beard oil or beard balm, ensuring distribution throughout the beard without getting the product on your hands.

Can You HandlebarTop Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 4

5) Billy Jealousy Beard Care Products

Billy Jealousy beard care


The Billy Jealousy brand of beard care products was founded in 2004 many years before the majority of the brands in the men’s grooming and beard care space. Along with Jack Black, Anthony and The Art of Shaving, they were one of the pioneers in this industry. The founders believed (and still do) that men care about their appearance and are willing to trade up from drugstore brands to take better care of themselves.

The Billy Jealousy line of products have won over 20 magazine awards from publications such as Men’s Health, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, GQ and others. This shows they have a commitment to creating products that reflect quality, performance, aesthetics, and have some of the best beard care products.

All of Billy Jealousy beard balms are 100% natural and contain efficacious ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and sunflower oil.

They also sell a complete line of oils, balms, washes, kits as well as a beard wax. All of their formulas are made in the US.

Although Billy Jealousy sells a lot of beard care products they are not limited to beard care. They also sell popular shave, body, face and hair care products.

Billy Jealousy beard care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 5

6) Texas Beard Co.

Texas Beard Co. beard care

The Texas Beard Co. brand of beard care products is run by a husband and wife team. They work very closely with other local Texas businesses to make some truly unique products and collaborations.

Their product line is made up of beard oils, beard balms, beard wash, and even a goatee softener.

Some of the exciting and unique scents offered by this beard company include:

  • Mint Eucalyptus
  • Night Cap
  • Irish Coffee
  • Cinnamon Mint
  • Pecan Coffee

and a host of other truly fun fragrances!

Aside from what we mentioned above, The Texas Beard Co. has an extremely loyal customer base with some customers even tattooing The Texas Beard Co. logo on themselves!

Texas Beard Co. beard care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 6

7) Cremo Company Beard Care Products

Cremo Company

CREMO recognizes that every beard is different and has a broad collection of unique beard products based on each man’s individual needs. They are dedicated to providing relentless quality in their simple-to-use beard care products. CREMO beard products are consistently ranked best in the world and are made in the USA with natural ingredients. CREMO offers astonishingly superior grooming products for men at an affordable price.

At CREMO online, you’ll find a broad collection of “Barber Grade” beard products including beard oil, beard balm, beard cream, beard softener, and beard wash. In addition to finding unique products suited to your individual beard style and needs, you’ll also find tutorials and tips on beard care and styling. Trusted by top barbers and grooming experts around the country, their videos and articles offer quality expertise to help you select the right products and tackle those tough or tricky grooming challenges when growing a beard.

Cremo Company 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 7

8) Detroit Grooming

Detroit Grooming beard care

Started in 2013, Detroit Grooming has become known throughout the country as a place for quality men’s beard care products.

All of the Detroit Grooming beard products are 100% all-natural and plant-based. Their beard oils contain sweet almond oil. This base helps to moisturize and replenish your beard creating a soft, healthy look and feel.

Detroit Grooming’s beard butter contains only the very best ingredients. This includes organic & natural oils which are vitamin-rich. Plus, they use a base of coconut and shea butter.

Everything this beard care company makes is hand-crafted in their Ferndale, Michigan factory and lab. Detroit Grooming beard care products are 100% American made and Michigan made.

On their newly re-designed website, Detroit Grooming features over 200 men’s grooming products, accessories, and stylish apparel. On top of that, their award-winning blog brings the best in new writers, beard care topics, and more.

Detroit Grooming beard care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 8

9) Live Bearded Beard Care Products

Live Bearded

Live Bearded was started by Spencer Bryce and Anthony Mink and they are turning this company not only into a brand but into a mission. They have a goal to help other bearded men look and feel their best. But beyond that, these two want to create a brotherhood. One of the company’s mottos is “it’s not just about products, it’s about brotherhood” and this vision can be seen in the way the founders are living their lives.

These intangibles are what drew us to this beard care company. Yes, they produce great quality beard care products. This can be seen by the fact that Live Bearded has over 10,000 5-star reviews from customers in just a few short years. This can only be accomplished by selling great beard care products and providing amazing customer service.

According to Co-Founder Anthony Mink, he believes that the #1 thing that sets Live Bearded apart from other companies is their attention to the customer experience and doing everything they can to support and serve their customers. This belief is driving this beard care company to become better than ever.

Live Bearded 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 9

10) Beardsley Beard Care Products


Beardsley & Company is the creator and innovator of Beard Care as a product category. In 1993, the idea for creating products specifically designed for facial hair came from the annoyance of using hair care products. Mouths having endured such chemicals have found relief with Beard Shampoos and a Conditioner designed to clean and fortify whiskers with no bitter aftertaste. It is their promise and slogan.

Every product Beardsley creates stays true to a great grooming experience with the finest ingredients. The Beard Oil and Lotion introduced in 2012, features deep penetrating properties that fortify your facial hair in look, feel and function. The Lotion has the distinctive advantage of offering ease of combing without a snag. No-tangle hair products were first introduced in the 1960s, but Beardsley innovated the leave-in Lotion for whiskers.

Beardsley’s unique Beard Balm is different from others because it is a crème-based formula that applies easily, focusing on the beard and skin to moisturize and style without the build-up other products have due to their stiff, dense properties.

More Info

In 2018 Beardsley introduced to the world Beard Wipes developed out of need. Clean-up after a good meal or a gritty day on the go can be a problem; using hand sachet wipes or alcohol-based sanitizers offers a very unpleasant experience. With the Wipes delivering on great cleansing, light conditioning, portability and Beardsley’s famous Bay Rum & Sandalwood scent, this product is a stand-alone wise buy and hits the mark on enjoyable, quick and effective grooming.

Great combination sets are available at the Beardsley website and offer an entire product line of shampoo flavors and sizes, conditioners, oils, balm and grooming tools plus Swag like hats and T-shirts. Every item and innovation is designed to develop and maintain great whiskers of any style.

The Beardsley website features hundreds of striking photographs of gorgeous bearded men from all walks of life—and that’s not all. The world’s first Beard Advocate and Editor of the online Beardsley Gazette, and the anchorman of the monthly Radio Beardsley Podcast is available with over 30 years beard experience to encourage, inform and help you tackle your particular situation.

Beardsley 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 10

11) The Beard Club

The Beard Club

The Beard Club has become well known for their funny spoofs on the Dollar Shave Club. ( Their videos are some of the funniest videos we have seen so this beard care company has done a great job of marketing their brand.

Beyond the hype though and underneath the hood, The Beard Club is a solid beard care brand that offers a unique twist on buying beard care products. They offer a beard care subscription. You sign up for a subscription and beard care products are shipped automatically to you. You never have to worry about reordering. The best part, you’re never stuck in a subscription. You can cancel or change the items you have subscribed to at any time.

The Beard Club offers everything from beard oil, beard cream, beard wax, and even beard shampoo. All of this can be set up on a very convenient subscription. Each one of their oils is made in the USA and the products are high-quality, all-natural products that are good for your skin and your beard. Not to mention, they have some of the lowest prices available for such a great assortment of products.

Besides the great products offered by The Beard Club, you also can get access to a large community of millions of people on Facebook & Instagram that inspire, motivate and encourage each other in their bearded journeys. Plus, The Beard Club constantly releases funny & inspirational material for the community to engage with.

On top of all this, The Beard Club offers amazing support. They’re there to answer any questions you may have and offer encouragement and support.

The Beard Club 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 11

12) The Bearded Bastard Beard Care Products

The Bearded Bastard

The Bearded Bastard started in 2011 by Jeremiah Newton who was simply trying to create something to tame his handlebar mustache. This formulation he called “Woodsman Mustache Wax” became a hit with friends. From there Jeremiah went to many of the barbershops around his town of Austin Texas introducing them to his unique products namely his “Woodsman Mustache Wax and Woodsman Beard Oil”.

From that point, The Bearded Bastard brand began to grow in popularity and in 2013 GQ, Esquire and Men’s Journal featured the products as the best in the beard grooming product category.

The Bearded Bastard creates their scents and beard care products by hand. Everything is expertly crafted from their studio in Austin Texas. They keep their scents light and their oils are quickly absorbed while not being too heavy feeling. This is important in this cell phone era that we now live. They also use real wood on their labels and are one of the only beard care companies that claim this.

On top of their great beard care products, The Bearded Bastard is also known for paying a living wage plus they offer 50% health insurance. This is yet another great reason to support this beard care company.

The Bearded Bastard 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 12

13) Honest Amish Beard Care Products

Honest Amish beard care

Honest Amish, located in Western, Pennsylvania, was the first company to make Beard Balm. Several years back the market had plenty of beard oil and beard wax but no conditioning balm. Since then many others have also made beard balm but the Honest Amish brand remains the #1 one selling beard balm product on Amazon USA for 6 years.

When it comes to beard balm, Honest Amish is the #1 trusted producer in the world. Very few others even come close to matching their sales of beard balm on Amazon and Walmart.

Honest Amish uses only natural tree nut oils and waxes in their beard care products. They also use no preservatives or fancy man-made chemical or emulsifiers. Even the containers they use are important to them given the fact they never put their products in plastic containers.

Honest Amish beard care 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 13

14) HUSKYBEARD Beard Care Products


Huskybeard has a passion for providing the best customer experience possible. This is evident in every interaction they have with their customers. They go above and beyond to make sure that their customers get the best products at the best price and receive the best customer service along the way.

When it comes to Huskybeard’s beard care products, they use only 100% natural ingredients and all sourced in the USA. Each of their beard combs is hand made using the highest quality materials.

The owner Ray personally responds to every email within 24 hours. This type of service is hard to find in today’s crowded beard care marketplace.

If you’re dissatisfied with any product, Huskybeard offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace the product with another of your choosing. Out of the thousands of Huskybeard customers, there have only been three who have ever asked for a replacement on a product they didn’t like.

15) Beard Gains

Beard Gains

Beard Gains is a beard care products company run by Zach Stephenson. Zach has grown Beard Gains to where they now have several distinct differences compared to other beard care companies.

These include:

1) The largest selection of beard combs in the nation. On the Beard Gains website, you will see a very large selection of wooden beard combs that you will not find on any other website. These designs include “Marvel’s Captain America Beard Comb” and two patented designs, the Punisher skull and brass knuckles design. In all, there are over 70 unique beard comb designs.

2) Beard Gains is the only luxury brand with leather casings instead of traditional cheap label bands.

3) Many companies make “claims” to having the best ingredients, but according to Zach, “they actually do”. Beard Gains imports oils directly from India. They use REAL East Indian Sandalwood in their products which is very expensive.

Beard Gains 2Top Websites To Buy the Best Beard Care Products 14

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8 Responses

  1. Great list of beard care websites but I have to say that I prefer Jack Black products. They are amazing and always make my beard feel so good.

  2. Another great company is the bearded rooster (the bearded
    I have used the 5AM balm and beard oil . the company makes their products in small batch’s. The 5 AM balm and oil is best used right after a morning shower on a lightly damp beard the aroma is awesome. They have other Scent’s as well.
    Products as far as I can see are all natural, the balm is smooth in your hand and remember less is more.

  3. One of the best companies out there IMO is Smoky Mountain Beard Co. The oils smell amazing and last longer than other ones I’ve tried. And my beard really is softer and looks a ton better. .. not all oily.

  4. One of the best companies out there IMO is Smoky Mountain Beard Co. The oils smell amazing and last longer than other ones I’ve tried. And my beard really is softer and looks a ton better. .. not all oily.

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