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Best Beverage Cooler – The Top 5 Beverage Refrigerators of 2019

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best beverage cooler


best beer fridge Our Top Pick Kalamera Beverage Cooler and Fridge

Cooler size: 23.4 by 33 by 24.2 inches (with the handle
Cooler weight: 104.5 pounds
Cooler capacity: 154 cans

The best beverage cooler is a device that allows for convenience in your home and elsewhere. You can keep your favorite beverages nearby and at the perfect temperature. However, before you start shopping, take a few minutes to learn the details and about some available options.

The Questions We Will Answer and More:

  • What Features Are Important?
  • What Are the Types of Beverage Coolers?
  • What Type of Storage is Available?
  • What is Zoned Cooling?
  • How Do You Choose the Right Size?
  • What is the Typical Maintenance and Upkeep?

What Features Are Important?

Having the best beverage cooler means that you have all of the features you want for convenience and efficiency. There are several features to consider:

  • Reversible door: Being able to reverse the opening direction of the door is a handy feature. Consider the flow of traffic in the area where the cooler will be placed. This will make it easier to open the door in a way that does not obstruct people walking by.
  • Temperature control: Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how cold their drinks are. When you can control the temperature of your cooler, your drinks will always be perfect.
  • Locking capabilities: If you have kids that will be around the cooler, you want to be able to prevent them from grabbing adult beverages. A cooler with a locking feature makes this easy.
  • Efficient operation: You want to find a cooler that can operate without using excess energy. This keeps your electric bill lower. It also helps you to have a more environmentally-friendly home.
  • LED lighting: This allows you to see inside your cooler easily. Most coolers will have either blue or white LED lighting.

What Are the Types of Beverage Coolers?

There are two primary beverage cooler types that you can choose from. These include free-standing coolers and built-in coolers. Evaluating both options will help you to choose the best option for your home.

Free-Standing Coolers

The free-standing type is versatile in where you can place it. You can choose to put in on the floor or on a countertop. The only placement consideration is that it needs to be near an electrical outlet.

It is important that you never put a free-standing cooler under cabinets or in an area meant for a built-in cooler. This could cause the cooler to overheat.

Built-In Coolers

Built-in coolers area ideal for many places, such as a kitchen island, wet bar or a walk-in pantry. They slide under a counter and do not take up any extra space in the room.

This type allows the compressor’s hot air to vent through the front of the unit so that they do not overheat when you have them under a counter. This is an ideal choice for a more modern design or when space is limited.

Outdoor Coolers

If you plan to put a beverage cooler outside, you need one that is designed for use outdoors. Outdoor units are built to withstand the weather and other issues that can affect your cooler outside.

Outdoor coolers usually have a stainless steel shell since this type of metal can resist rust. The glass is usually triple pane for durability and to ensure temperature control when the outside environment is hot.

What Type of Storage is Available?

The best beer fridge will have the capacity necessary to handle all of your favorite drinks. Look at the capacity of the cooler to determine what it can hold. Most coolers will provide the capacity for cans and wine bottles.

You should also look at the shelving options. Some coolers have removable shelves. This means that you can take them out and move them around to best accommodate the drinks that are in your cooler.

Another option is pull-out racks. This is ideal if you will use your cooler for wine bottles. It allows you to lie the bottles on their side so that they are taking up as little space as possible inside the cooler.

What is Zoned Cooling?

Zoned cooling makes it possible to determine the temperature for specific beverages in the same cooler. For example, one zone is for beer and the other is for wine.

Zoned coolers usually have two to three different zones. Each zone has its own temperature control. These coolers typically have a digital display so that you can easily monitor the temperatures in each zone.

The following are the common temperature settings for different beverages that you can use to set a zoned cooler:

  • High-content alcohol: 55 to 60F
  • Low-content alcohol: 45 to 50F
  • Red wine: 60 to 68F
  • Sparkling wine: 55 to 60F
  • White wine: 45 to 55F
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: 30 to 35F

How Do You Choose the Right Size?

When you are shopping for the best beverage cooler, it is essential that you choose the right size. The first consideration is where you will place the cooler. Measure the area so that you can narrow down your choices to those that match these dimensions.

Think about whether you are going to use the cooler in a free-standing or a built-in capacity. If you are using it as a built-in, this will narrow down your dimension options. However, with free-standing, you can place the cooler just about anywhere.

What is the Typical Maintenance and Upkeep?

The best beverage refrigerators will not be difficult to maintain. A glass front door is relatively easily to maintain. Simply use a glass cleaner when the door has fingerprints or other grime to keep it clean.

Coolers that allow you to remove the shelves are a good choice. You can take them out, clean and dry them and then slide them back in. Being able to remove the shelves also makes it easier to wipe out the other elements of the cooler.

Consider a cooler that has an automatic defrost function. This will prevent you from having to manually remove any ice that accumulates inside the cooler.

The Best Beverage Coolers: Our Top Five Choices

Picking the best beverage cooler can be a bit daunting because you have so many choices. However, we have worked countless hours to determine which options are the best.

Whether you are looking for the best beverage refrigerators or the best beer fridge for your parties or recreation room, a few options stand out above the rest.

Top Pick: Kalamera Beverage Cooler and Fridge

best beverage refrigerators


Cooler size: 23.4 by 33 by 24.2 inches (with the handle

Cooler weight: 104.5 pounds

Cooler capacity: 154 cans

Digital: Yes

Built-In: There is a built-in option


The Kalamera Beverage Cooler and Fridge is among the best beverage cooler options. You can use it as a freestanding cooler, or as a built-in. This allows for flexibility depending on the available space in your home.

As one of the best beverage refrigerators, this cooler features six sliding metal shelves, allowing you to store a wealth of your favorite beverages. The security lock on the door prevents children from accessing beer and other adult drinks.

The blue interior LED light allows you to easily see what drink you are grabbing. The digital LED temperature control makes it simple to cool your drinks to your desired temperature, down to 38F. This fridge also has a temperature memory feature so that in the event of a power loss, the temperature you set will be restored once the electricity is back on.

This cooler uses compressor cooling. This ensures a quick adjustment in temperature. It is also a quiet option. The compressor stops and starts less, ensuring greater cooling efficiency.

This cooler has a sleek design that is practical for just about any design scheme. The transparent glass in the front allows you to see when it is time to restock your drinks.

  • The door is reversible
  • The racks are removable
  • This fridge is very quiet during operation
  • It has a sleek, modern design
  • Larger 154 can capacity (largest of all our picks)
  • Cools to 38F
  • Removable racks
  • Temperature memory (restores temperature settings after power loss)
  • LED blue interior lights
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • Security lock
  • Digital control
  • Embedded carbon air filtration
  • Compared to the Avallon below, the temperature is not as cold

First Runner Up: Avallon Built-In Beverage Cooler

best beverage coolers


Cooler size: 23.7 by 23.8 by 34.5 inches

Cooler weight: 114 pounds

Cooler capacity: 152 cans

Digital: Yes

Built-In: There is a built-in option


The Avallon Built-In Beverage Cooler features a sleek stainless steel design with a clear glass front. This will fit into any décor scheme.

With a temperature range of 34F to 50F, you can always keep your favorite beverages ice cold. This is a single-zone unit making it possible to use it as a free-standing fridge or as a built-in cooler.

There are three sanded glass shelves inside this cooler. As one of the best beer fridge options, this allows for easy stocking. There are two lights on the left and two on the right for optimal visibility.

Maintain and use your fridge easily with the simple digital display. Learning how to use this display takes no time at all, so you can start using this cooler right away.

As one of the best beverage cooler options, this fridge uses a true-key lock. This allows you to easily keep your beverages safe and prevent children from grabbing adult drinks.

This cooler uses compressor-powered cooling to ensure optimal efficiency with keeping your drinks cold. The fan-forced front exhaust adds to this capability. This also ensures easy and even temperature control for your beverages.

  • The glass door is double pane for durability
  • This cooler runs quietly
  • You can achieve a very cold temperature down to 34F
  • The interior lights can be used as blue or white
  • 152 can capacity
  • Great temperature control
  • True-key lock
  • Nice finish (looks great)
  • Digital display
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • The fan runs on a cycle of every 45 seconds

Second Runner Up: hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

best beer fridge hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


Cooler capacity: 120 cans

Digital: Yes

Built-In: No


The hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is one of the best beverage cooler options if you are looking for a free-standing fridge. This modern electric cooler has a transparent glass-front door and a black body, making it easy to incorporate this fridge anywhere.

The LED interior light provides blue illumination throughout the fridge making it easy to see what you are doing. Even when the cooler is full, the light is not obstructed.

There are three shelves that you can remove for easy cleaning. You can also adjust them to best accommodate the beverages that you prefer. The cooler defrosts automatically so that you never have to worry about chipping away at ice accumulating in this cooler.

This single-zone cooler operates down to 33F. Use the sizable digital display to properly set the temperature and other features to your preferences. You can also easily monitor your fridge using this display.

This cooler has a memory function. Should the power go out or you unplug the cooler, once it is back on, it goes back to the preset temperature that you chose.

This cooler is efficient due to its small convection fan and compressor. It ensures that the air is circulating evenly throughout the cooler.

  • You can remove the racks for easy cleaning
  • Compared to similar models, this cooler is less expensive
  • The auto defrosting feature ensures easy maintenance
  • The digital display is easy to use
  • This cooler as a sleek design
  • The feet are adjustable for maximum stability
  • It does not appear to reach its minimum temperature
  • This fridge is a bit noisier compared to similar models
  • The top shelf seems to stay warmer than the others

Third Runner Up: NewAir Dual Zone Wine/Beer Beverage Cooler

best beverage cooler NewAir Dual Zone Wine/Beer Beverage Cooler


Cooler size: 22.6 by 23.7 by 33.6 inches

Cooler weight: 114 pounds

Cooler capacity: 70 cans

Digital: Yes

Built-In: There is a built-in option


The NewAir Dual Zone Wine/Beer Beverage Cooler is one of the best beverage cooler options if you are looking for a wine and beer fridge. As one of the best beer fridge choices, this cooler can hold up to 70 cans. It can also accommodate up to 22 bottles of wine.

This stainless steel cooler fits well into both classic and modern décor schemes. The clear glass front makes it easy to see the drinks you have stocked in the cooler.

The beer and wine zones have their own temperature controls. You can easily control the temperature in each zone with the easy-to-use digital display. This also ensures that your wine bottles are in the right humidity zone.

The clear glass front is triple pane glass for optimal durability. Use the SplitShelf feature to easily accommodate bottles of beer.

The blue LED light inside illuminates your drink so that you can easily grab what you need. Choose to install this cooler as a free-standing or a built-in unit.

The compressor cooling ensures efficient operation of this cooler. This fridge offers a temperature range of 36F to 50F.

  • There are different zones for wine and beer for optimal temperature control
  • The wine racks roll out so that you can retrieve a bottle easily
  • This cooler operates very quietly
  • You can lock the cooler to prevent kids from getting into the wine and beer
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • Compared to similar models, the can capacity is smaller

Fourth Runner Up: Costway 120 Can Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

top beverage refrigerator Costway 120 Can Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


Cooler size: 33.8 by 18.8 by 19.5 inches

Cooler capacity: 120 cans

Digital: No

Built-In: No


The Costway 120 Can Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is one of the best beverage cooler options due to its simplicity. It is also an environmentally-friendly beverage fridge.

The thermostat is easy to adjust within the 39F to 61F range. There are three-grade control knobs that you will operate manually to change the temperature inside the cooler.

This cooler uses a compressor system to cool the inside. It is an efficient system that always maintains a steady temperature.

As one of the best beverage refrigerators, this cooler allows for flexible beverage storage. There are four tiers of shelves, but three of them are removable. This allows you to customize the inside of your cooler, and easily clean your shelves.

This fridge has a stainless steel shell, so it will not rust. The glass door allows you to see inside easily so that you know what is available and when you need to restock your drinks. There is also an interior light to allow for better visualization inside the fridge.

The recessed handle does not take up extra space. It is also easy to grab onto when you want to open this cooler.

You do not have to do any installation for this cooler. Just make sure that it is close to an electrical outlet so that you can plug it in. It has feet on it so that you can move it around with ease.

  • It has a large capacity for cans
  • The glass door is double paned for optimal durability
  • The interior LED light is blue for sufficient illumination
  • You can adjust the thermostat
  • Compared to the top pick, this cooler is noisier
  • It does not have a digital display
  • The minimum temperature is higher than comparable models
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