Best Electric Jackhammer – Get The Job Done Fast With These 5 Powerful Electric Demolition Hammers

Electric jackhammers help you to get the job done faster than manual tools. They can break down concrete and similar materials at a much faster rate. The key is to know the best electric jackhammer to use for the job. There are many options that all have their own set of features.

Also referred to as a demolition hammer, an electric jackhammer is a powerful tool. Take the time to explore different models and their specifications. Compare this to what you need your electric jackhammer to do to make sure that you pick the best option.

In A Hurry? Best Electric Jackhammers Overview





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XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer


Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer


XtremepowerUS Demolition Jackhammer


TR Industrial Demolition Jackhammer


F2C Electric Demolition Jackhammer

The 5 Best Electric Jackhammer Options

1. XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer

The XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer works for a variety of jobs, such as demolition, chipping, block, tile stucco, concrete slab, trenching, breaking holes in concrete, brick, housing foundation removal and oil chimney work.

The foregrip is 360 degrees and adjustable. This feature allows for greater control when you are using the tool. You can easily make adjustments based on the position that you need to be in for the job that you are working on.

This tool operates on a voltage of 110v/60 HZ. You can use this electric jackhammer for commercial and home use due to its voltage. Just ensure that you are using extension cords that work with this voltage for optimal safety when you are working.

The power switch flips back and forth so that it is easy to turn this tool on and off. It has an anti-vibration system for comfort when you are using this tool for extended jobs. The design allows you to use this jackhammer for horizontal and vertical applications.

Use this jackhammer to work at a variety of angles due to the rotating chisel locks. There are speed controls so that you can make adjustments as necessary based on the job that you are doing.

This jackhammer uses strong materials so that it will not break prematurely when you are working on heavy-duty jobs. Use this tool with 1 1/8-inch hex shank bits.

What We Liked

  • You can use a variety of tips
  • You can power through large jobs within hours
  • It works just as well as heavy-duty gas-powered jackhammers

What We Didn’t Like

  • It can get hot with extended use

Our Overall Impression

As one of the best electric jackhammer options, this tool can accommodate a variety of chisel types. It offers strong movement to break through a variety of materials without issue.

2. Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer

The Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer operates at 11.3 amps for strong performance. It provides 45 joules of force and 1,800 impact beats each minute. You can use this tool for a variety of materials, including brick and concrete.

The helical gear system is specially engineered to ensure quiet and smooth operation. This system also reduces the risk of premature wear so that this jackhammer lasts longer.

The handle is a 360-degree auxiliary swivel type, so that you can have control over the tool when you are using it. Its handle also has a non-slip grip for greater safety.

This tool comes with a case and accessories that make it easier to use and maintain. The chisels are treated alloy steel for optimal durability.

What We Liked

  • You can use it for breaking up concrete or landscaping jobs
  • It is easy to maintain
  • This jackhammer is ideal for heavy-duty concrete jobs

What We Didn’t Like

  • The motor may make a burning smell, especially with extended use

Our Overall Impression

This jackhammer offers powerful performance. The all-metal construction ensures that it remains durable with extended use.

3. XtremepowerUS Demolition Jackhammer

The XtremepowerUS Demolition Jackhammer has a foregrip that operates at 360 degrees. It is fully adjustable so that you can use this jackhammer at an array of angles safely and comfortably.

Demolish concrete and other materials fast since this tool provides 1800 BPM. You can use this tool for commercial and home use. This is due to it having a voltage of 110v/60 HZ.

It comes with two chisels that are made from heavy-duty materials so that you can use them for multiple materials. You also get hex wrenches so that you can perform maintenance and safety equipment to use when operating this jackhammer.

What We Liked

  • It comes with all of the accessories that you need to start using it right away
  • You can use this jackhammer for a variety of jobs
  • This jackhammer gets through concrete fast

What We Didn’t Like

  • The handle could be more durable

Our Overall Impression

This jackhammer has enough power to tackle a variety of jobs. It comes with a variety of accessories, including those for safety.

4. TR Industrial Demolition Jackhammer

The TR Industrial Demolition Jackhammer has an 11-amp motor power. It has an 1800 per minute full-load impact rate. This allows you to get through clay, concrete and other tough materials.

You get two chisels with this jackhammer that are versatile so that you can use them for a variety of job types. It also includes the necessary safety equipment that you need when you are operating this tool.

This tool is easy to handle and operate. It is also easy to maintain. It comes with the oil container and two wrenches that you need to make any adjustments or repairs when you are performing maintenance.

What We Liked

  • You can use this jackhammer at multiple angles
  • This jackhammer lets you get through approximately eight inches of concrete with ease
  • It lets you do precision and detail work

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may lose efficiency with extended use

Our Overall Impression

This jackhammer operates at a high level of speed and impact. You can plow through multiple materials with ease and with a comfortable vibration level.

5. F2C Electric Demolition Jackhammer

The F2C Electric Demolition Jackhammer comes with a case, two chisels and some safety accessories. It has a voltage of 110v/60 HZ so that it is ideal for use at home and for commercial work. This jackhammer functions with a 2200-watt motor and a 1900 per minute load speed.

You can lock the chisels in at different positions so that you can work at multiple angles. The plastic handle protects you against electricity when you are using this jackhammer. Its handle is also easy to grip so that you can maintain optimal control when you are working.

Use this jackhammer for an array of jobs, such as trenching, breaking concrete, removing foundation, demolition and chipping. The chisels are a heavy-duty metal so that they will not wear down prematurely with extended use.

What We Liked

  • While it is a lightweight jackhammer, it gets through concrete with ease
  • This jackhammer does not leak oil like similar models
  • You get two bits that you can use for multiple job types

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is only compatible with limited bit types

Our Overall Impression

This jackhammer is versatile. You can use it for a variety of jobs, from busting through concrete to chipping. The case that it comes with makes it easy to transport to the job site.

Electric Jackhammer Buying Guide

Now that you have looked at various electric jackhammers, it is time to explore what these tools are capable of. This information will make it easier to pick the best electric jackhammer for your needs.

  • How Do Jackhammers Work?
  • What Are the Types of Jackhammers?
  • Which Features Should You Look For?
  • What Are the Different Chisel Types?

How Do Jackhammers Work?

A demolition hammer usually has a spinning gear. This component works to drive the piston located in the cylinder. The power the piston receives is higher the faster the gear rotates. It then goes down in the cylinder until it hits an air cushion located at the end of the cylinder.

There is another piston driven by the pressure that slams into the other end of the electric jackhammer. This causes the blast of air that you feel from the vents with the tool strikes the ground.

The electric jackhammer has become increasingly popular in recent years because it has no emissions since gas is not its fuel source. This jackhammer type also requires little maintenance making it easy to keep in excellent condition.

What Are the Types of Jackhammers?

An electric jackhammer comes in three different weight categories that determines its type. To choose the best electric jackhammer for the job, you have to ensure that it can handle the job and the weight plays an integral role in this.

Light Electric Jackhammer

This weight class is usually 20 to 30 pounds. They work similar to the hammer mode on a rotary drill. It is best for cleaning up edges and chipping concrete.

Medium Electric Jackhammer

This weight class averages 35 to 40 pounds. You can use the tool vertically or horizontally. These work to do detailed chipping work and to break up heavy concrete. They are ideal for some heavy-duty jobs and chiseling.

Heavy Electric Jackhammer

This type of jackhammer starts at 60 pounds. In most cases, this heavy-duty weight class will be hydraulic or pneumatic. While there are some electric options, most jackhammers in this weight class use gas as their power source.

Which Features Should You Look For?

There are several features to explore when you are looking for the best electric jackhammer. Ultimately, the features will depend on your preference and how you will use your electric jackhammer. Consider the following:

  • Some jackhammers have a noise level control mechanism to ensure that you are compliant with any local noise standards in the area where you are working
  • Accessible dials and controls make it easier to make adjustments when you are working
  • Vibration control features reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and white finger when you are working with your jackhammer
  • Tool cases and boxes let you keep your attachments and bits in one place
  • LED power and service lights help you to determine when you need to perform maintenance on your jackhammer
  • Lock-on button controls are ideal for extended use because they allow you to focus on gripping your jackhammer
  • Insulated plugs let you use your electric jackhammer when the weather is not clear without the risk of electrical hazards
  • Variable and soft start speed controls ensure that you can start your jackhammer gently. They also help you to have greater accuracy and control near conduits, pipes and other breakables

What Are the Different Chisel Types?

When you are looking for the best electric jackhammer, there are different chisels you want to explore. It is important to have the right chisel for the work that you do. The chisel options include:

  • Flat tip chisel: This type is ideal for controlling break direction and cutting edges
  • Spade tip chisel: Use this type for clay or dirt, or for adding flat edges
  • Point tip chisel: This chisel is good for masonry demolition and general-purpose concrete
  • Stake drive chisel: Use this one for starting break spots and to push stakes into concrete
  • Flex chisel: This type lets you get below pavers and tiles
  • Scrabblers and brushing tools: Use these for ensuring a cleaner surface and to reduce rough spots

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