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best Seattle food tours

Best Seattle Food Tours – Top 6 Tours To Indulge In Seattle’s Best Foods

Seattle food tours

Seattle is known for its rainy weather, being the setting for Grey’s Anatomy and for its diversity. Another big aspect of this Pacific Northwest city is its food. The wealth of nature and diversity contributes to a wide variety of foods that range from delectable to daring.

With food tours, Seattle visitors and residents can get a taste of the cuisine that the city has to offer. There are several of the best Seattle food tours that you can take advantage of. Explore the various Seattle culinary tour options will help you to narrow down your options so that you pick the Seattle food tour that meets your preferences.

The Winners: Best Food Tours In Seattle

1) Savor Seattle Food Tours

Savor Seattle

The Savor Seattle Food Tour connects hungry stomachs and minds. This Seattle food tour was founded 11 years ago. In the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, this was the first food tour company. It was also one of the first food tours in the United States.

As one of the best Seattle food tours, the goal of this company is to ensure that all guests experience the flavors of Seattle while also having great joy throughout the day. On review websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, the Savor Seattle Food Tour has high ratings that show how much guests enjoyed their experience.

They believe that their Seattle culinary tour options speak for themselves. This company employs a host of knowledgeable and exciting tour guides that know the city and its food. All of the tour guides for this Seattle food tour take great pride in their community and sharing it with visitors from all over the world.

The Seattle Food Tour website provides information about the tour guides so that you can get a glimpse at the expertise and passion that they all have. You can look at the biographies so that you can find the tour guide that you best connect with. This ensures that you get one of the best Seattle food tours possible.

In 2018, this Seattle culinary tour company launched an app that goes with their services. It allows you to take your own self-guided Seattle food tour. This type of Seattle culinary tour app is the first of its kind. After you download the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can buy tasting passports.

These passports allow you to visit partner locations, create your own Seattle culinary tour itinerary and go at your own pace to enjoy the food and drinks that Seattle has to offer. There are two passport types that you can choose from, including the Seattle Food Passport and the Seattle Wine Passport.

You can choose from the best Seattle food tours, drink and food tours and private tours with this company. Attend the tours as a couple or with a group of your friends.

When it comes to food tours, Seattle has numerous options. The Savor Seattle Food Tour shows that it is one of the best Seattle food tours due to the diligence that they have regarding all of their services.

2) Theo Chocolate Seattle Food Tour

If you love sweet treats, Theo Chocolate offers one of the best Seattle food tours in the city. Joe Whinney founded this company in 2006 with Debra Music.

In 1994, Whinney pioneered bringing organic cocoa beans into the US. He worked and traveled in Africa and Central America. It was not long before he developed deep relationships with local farmers. After witnessing firsthand how the farmers in these areas were being exploited, he was determined to make a difference.

For a decade, Whinney worked toward creating Theo. Now, he and Music fully control the manufacturing process. Many of the farmers he met overseas are still a part of his business. In North America, Theo is the first fair trade certified, organic chocolate maker.

When you are looking for a Seattle culinary tour, you can book one with Theo online. During your time there, you will explore the establishment completely. Check out the chocolate bar and learn more about how they make their chocolate which starts with obtaining the best cocoa beans.

The chocolate tour lasts for an hour and it is highly interactive. Head into the factory and watch the making of the chocolate. They also provide you with samples so that you can taste a variety of the treats that they have to offer.

When it comes to food tours, Seattle options are often adults only. However, Theo Chocolate also offers a Kids Chocolate Story Time. As one of the best Seattle food tours, kids spend about 45 minutes learning about making chocolate, enjoying story time and getting to taste various treats that the company makes.

3) Show Me Seattle Food Tour

Show Me Seattle is one of the best Seattle food tours that lets you explore the Pike Place Market. This Seattle food tour was founded in 1994 by Michael Rogers. When it comes to food tours, Seattle has had this option for more than 25 years. They say that they have provided tours to tens of thousands of people.

This company is managed and owned by former tour guides. They all know the city and its food well. All of the people working for this company are also intimately familiar with the Pike Place Market.

Show Me Seattle offers six Seattle food tour types. The Herban Adventure looks at the cannabis industry in Seattle. For this Seattle culinary tour, you have to be at least 21 years old. You will learn more about cannabis, foods infused with cannabis and other items.

On this tour, you visit the following places:

  • Heylo
  • Dawg Star
  • Craft Elixirs
  • Sky High Gardens
  • The Bakeree
  • Ganja Goddess

The Coffee, Chocolate and Wine Tour is an exclusive experience that lets you enjoy the highest-quality treats in the city. Start at the Starbucks Roastery, head to Fran’s Chocolates and end your tour at The Estates Wine Room.

The Taste Pike Place Market Tour focuses on the world-famous market in Seattle.

Visit the following places in the market and taste some of their most popular offerings:

  • Honest Biscuit and Bottega Italiana
  • Saffron Spice
  • Pike Place Chowder and Pure Food Fish
  • Ellenos Green Yogurt and Los Agaves
  • The Rub Shack
  • The Truffle Café and Bavarian Meats

The Three-Hour Seattle City Tour allows you to enjoy food and a variety of major cultural places throughout the city. It starts in the downtown area and ends in the Ballard Locks and Fremont neighborhood. You can also choose the Pre-Cruise City Tours to visit the same places.

This company also offers Boeing Tours. On this tour, you get to learn more about the jets, their power and how they operate.

4) Seattle By Foot

Seattle By Foot offers some of the best Seattle food tours. Whether you are looking for a Seattle culinary tour for adults or kids, they have options.

In 2011, tour guides and friends Penny and Heather purchased this company. They had spent years making plans to provide Seattle food tour options. As former tour guides, they had training in how to provide professional tours. This allows them to ensure that every guest has a comprehensive experience.

Seattle By Foot has two primary tour options to choose from. The first is the Seattle’s Original Coffee Crawl. This tour is focused on adults.

Throughout the tour, you get to visit a variety of coffee pioneers throughout the city. Explore unique coffee shops, learn about the history of the Seattle coffee industry, get insight into the philosophy of the industry and gain knowledge about how coffee affected the city and its culture.

As you go through the tour, you get to try a variety of coffee options and learn how the beans are processed. Explore a variety of coffee roasts, brewing techniques and coffees that are only available in the city of Seattle.

Seattle By Foot also has a Seattle Kids tour. Parents and kids can spend time together taking a morning walk while being guided to a variety of kid-friendly places located throughout Seattle’s downtown area. The tour is not too long but it shows a variety of places that kids are sure to enjoy.

5) Seattle Bites Food Tours

Seattle Bites Food Tours offers a 2.5-hour guided tour for any person who wants to truly explore the Pike Place market. There are different tour times that you can choose from whether you want to start in the morning or the afternoon.

Take a tour by yourself or with a group of your friends. As you go through the tour, you get eight to nine different foods to try. All of these are generous portions and not just food samples so that you can truly get a taste of what the city has to offer. This sets them apart from other food tours that only provide samples of different foods.

Seattle Bites Food Tours is a family-owned business. The people who provide the tours are very familiar with Seattle and the Pike Place Market. You will learn about the rich history of the market and the places where you will get food from. The goal of this company is to make every person who takes a tour feel like family.

Seattle Bites limits all tours to no more than 16 people so that you never feel overwhelmed. Every participant gets a personal listening device so that you can hear everything without distractions. Even if you get a little behind, this device lets you hear everything that the tour guide is saying so that you do not miss out on any pertinent information.

6) Eat Seattle

Eat Seattle offers classes and tours inside the Pike Place Market. Liz Philpot owns this company. She is a professional chef who trained at Paris’ world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu. She has 15 years of experience working with a variety of foods. Her focus is on making dishes that use sustainable and fresh ingredients.

Other professionals that help with the Eat Seattle tours include mixologist and chef Eric Olinsky, Heather Mabson, the head of event operations and professional chefs Rachel Williams, John Brink and Marty Ogan.

Eat Seattle has three food tour options:

  • Beer and Wine Tour: Check out a variety of alcoholic beverages and snacks on this tour. It includes luxurious snacks paired with local wines and microbrews.
  • Chef-Guided Food Tour: This tour involves tasting different foods and getting information about the history of what you try. The foods you indulge in are often seasonal and from the market.
  • Chocolate and Coffee Tour: This tour takes you around downtown Seattle. You get to sample different chocolates and coffees throughout the tour. They also provide tips about making your own chocolates and coffees.

Eat Seattle also offers private food tours. These tours are guided by one of the company’s chefs at the Pike Place Market. In addition to sampling a variety of foods, you also learn about where local chefs shop and the secrets they use to create the perfect dish.



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