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Bulk Candy – The 13 Best Websites To Buy Candy In Bulk

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Sweet treats are an excellent gift, a way to unwind after a long day or something you can share with loved ones. Bulk candy is a good way to get a variety of your favorites so that you do not have to buy small quantities frequently.

Before buying bulk candy, it is important to find the best bulk candy store. This will ensure that you find the variety of wholesale candy you want, and that all of the bulk candy that you receive will be high in quality.

The Winners: Best Bulk Candy Websites

1) Oh Nuts (Bulk Candy and More)

bulk candy

Oh Nuts offers bulk candy at wholesale prices. This bulk candy store opened its doors in 1995. As of 2019, they have four stores that you can visit to pick up your favorite treats. You can also shop online and have your candy delivered.

The goal of Oh Nuts is to provide a variety of candies at affordable prices. You can find treats that you do not see at regular stores. This allows you to enjoy the candies that you had during your childhood.

The people at this company take great pride in providing great customer service. They want to ensure that your complete buying experience is enjoyable.

This company has a fast turnover time for online orders. On average, candy ships within approximately 24 hours so that you do not have to wait long to start enjoying your favorite treats.

In addition to finding candy that many stores do not carry, they also offer Kosher options. Explore their variety of Kosher chocolates, fruits, nuts and candies. They also have the following:

  • Custom wedding favors
  • Custom created confections
  • Consultation services
  • Swag bags
  • Custom wrapper designs
  • Themed corporate gifts
  • Event-inspired flavors
  • Mini gift baskets

Oh Nuts has party planners on staff. Take advantage of their knowledge to plan your next celebration. They will help with everything from the edibles to decorations.

2) Candy Direct

Candy Direct is a bulk candy store offering just about any candy that you could possibly want. They have been in business since 1997. This company states that they have more than two million happy customers throughout North America.

They specialize in candy that is difficult to find. If you are seeking treats from your childhood and decades past, this is one place that you can check. Explore their selection of everything from chewing gum, to fine chocolate to novelty candies.

Candy Direct has products in the following categories:

  • Wrapped candy
  • Bubble gum
  • Coated candies
  • Chewing gum
  • Chocolate
  • Energy candy
  • Gummy candy
  • Jawbreakers
  • Jordan almonds
  • Licorice
  • Unwrapped candy
  • Candy bars
  • Caramel candy
  • Chewy candy
  • Crispy candy
  • Foil-wrapped candy
  • Hard candy
  • Jellybeans
  • Liquid candy
  • Marshmallow candy
  • Novelty candy
  • Powder candy
  • Smarties and Sweetarts
  • Sour candy
  • Sugar-free candy
  • Toffee
  • Wax candy
  • Lollipops and suckers
  • Mints
  • Nut candy
  • Rock candy
  • Soft candy
  • Sports candy
  • Taffy
  • Vintage and old-fashioned candy

Their selection is incredibly diverse. You can also find a variety of Kosher candy options that fit within this type of diet.

You can search by category, making it easy to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. If you cannot find a specific candy, or if you have questions about their products or your order, they take pride in ensuring the highest level of customer service.

3) Candy Warehouse

If you are in the market for the vintage candy options from your childhood, the Candy Warehouse is a good place to start. This bulk candy store focuses on old-fashioned candy in different themes and varieties.

They put a lot of emphasis on the design of their shop so that it feels like you are back in the 1950s. Candy Warehouse spends a lot of time searching for the brands that were popular in decades past so that they can expand their inventory of bulk candy.

This wholesale candy company started in 1998. Since their beginning, their goal has been to ensure that you can find the candies that you loved as a kid. Search for bulk candy from 1950 to 1990.

You can pick up a curated box. These boxes have a variety of candies from specific decades. This makes it easy to reminisce with the treats that you likely have not been able to find for years.

Explore the options by theme, candy type, flavor or brand. You can also check out their candy buffets. These allow you to find a wide variety of candies in a single place.

This bulk candy store also has different accessories that make it easier to organize and display your favorite sweet treats. Pick up some vintage jars so that you always have your favorite candy within reach. They also offer various dispensers, scoops, bags and boxes that are perfect for candy.

4) Spangler Candy

Spangler Candy is one of the oldest candy stores. They have been operating since 1906, so they have over 100 years in the industry. This company is an American success story because they have been going throughout four generations. The same family has owned and operated this company the entire time.

For most of its existence, Spangler Candy has functioned as a brick and mortar candy store. However, in 1996, they started their online store so that people from all over the country could gain access to every sweet treat that they have to offer.

This company puts strong emphasis on offering stellar customer service. Their customer service agents are knowledgeable and follow the company’s mission to ensure that every person who contacts them is happy once they hang up. Spangler Candy also focuses on offering competitive prices so that you can find your favorite candies within your budget.

On their website, you can shop by brand to make it easier to find the treats that you are looking for. Find everything from chocolate to circus peanuts. You can search by category or type which helps you to find the specific item that you want.

Spangler Candy also has a nutrition section on their website. Here you can look at nutrition, gluten, allergen and Kosher information. This helps people with special diets or nutrition needs to find the products that will work for them.

5) offers bulk candy that they can ship to you throughout all four seasons. They ship to every state in the country using the proper methods to keep your heat-sensitive items safe no matter what the external temperature is.

Their website makes it easy to find the exact type of candy that you are looking for. Shop by brand, flavor, snacks, color, type or sweets. They also offer occasion categories, including different holidays, special days and party themes.

This bulk candy website also offers gift baskets and oversized candy bars. You can explore their single-colored candies when you are looking for something special for a specific occasion that has a color theme. has been in business since 2009. Cousins Joe Melville and Greg Balestrieri started this company. Their ultimate goal with starting was to create a corner candy store experience for the people who shop online.

The cousins grew up in a family that owned a candy company for three generations, so they knew what was necessary to provide superior customer service. They also knew how many people sought out candies that were no longer easy to find. The cousins wanted to make sure that you could find the sweet treats that you enjoyed decades ago. has thousands of happy customers that keep coming back to ensure that their candy jars are always full. This company makes it easy to find the products you are unable to pick up at most other bulk candy stores.

6) offers more than 3,000 items on their website. This allows you to buy the bulk candy in the quantities and diversity that you need for a celebration or just to enjoy yourself.

All of the founders of have a favorite candy and a story that goes with why it’s their favorite. They believe that putting a smile on someone’s face is one of the most important things that a person can do. The owners of feel that candy is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

This bulk candy company offers a variety of candies so that you can get everything that you want in one place. Grab some candies in a specific color for a celebration or pick up a box of gourmet chocolates for your next dinner party.

You can search the candy this company offers by brand, color, event or holiday or flavor. This allows you to narrow down what they offer so that you can quickly locate the sweet treats that you need. also has a section on their website for candy buffets. Create a buffet for your wedding reception or another celebratory event. They have a feature that allows you to choose the right quantity depending on how many guests you need to serve. You can even choose the exact colors that you want.

7) Candy Concepts

Candy Concepts has bulk candy from the 1950s until now. Easily locate the products that will bring a sense of nostalgia to your home or your next celebration. They also offer candy jar displays so that you can keep everything organized. Their jars range from big to small, from plastic, to glass, and to acrylic. This makes it easy to find the right container for your needs.

This candy company is owned by the Keenan family. Their goal is to ensure that you have a unique and enjoyable experience when you are buying candy. The selection of candy that they offer is extensive. However, if there is a treat that you are having difficulty finding, you can contact their customer service by phone or email, and they will help you to find it.

Candy Concepts has been in business for more than 30 years. In addition to candy, they also offer novelty toys so that you can create gift baskets and displays. This company emphasizes a personal touch. All of their customers are treated like family so that all of their needs are met.

This bulk candy company works hard to ensure that most orders are shipped within 24 hours. You will not have to wait long to enjoy your treats. Their shipping time also helps to ensure that if you are ordering for a celebration that everything will arrive on time.

8) Candy Nation

Candy Nation focuses on offering a large selection of bulk candy at the lowest prices possible. You can order candy, and have it shipped throughout all of Canada and the United States. With more than 2,500 candy types available, it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

They offer a flavor of the month so that you can introduce yourself to new candies that you have not tried before. Search for your old favorites by flavor, brand, color and theme. Their website also has a What’s New section so that it is easy to locate the new products offered by Candy Nation.

You can find everything from chocolates to saltwater taffy. They also offer a wide variety of nostalgic candy so that you can find your favorites from when you were a kid. For example, pick up some bubble gum cigarettes, candy button strips or Sugar Daddies to share with your family.

Candy Nation has a few categories for people who are on special diets or have certain dietary preferences. These include sugar-free candies and non-GMO candies.

This East Coast company has more than 20 years in the industry. Their primary focus is making sure that you have a good experience with their products and the shopping process. They say that as customers themselves, they understand how poor customer service can affect you. Because of this, they strive to provide you with a caring and cheerful experience.

9) Candyland Store (Bulk Candy and More)

The Candyland Store has been in business for 87 years. Since 1932, they have occupied space on the same street in St. Paul’s downtown area. This company is operated and owned by family. They take great pride in shipping most orders the same day you make your purchase.

One of their primary items is popcorn tins. You can buy them in weights from a half gallon up to 6.5 gallons. They also have some specialty tins for different sports and the military.

You can shop online or visit one of their brick and mortar stores to find a variety of candy options. Find sweet treats from decades past, or the candies that you love today. Pick up some oversized lollipops for a kid’s birthday party or grab candied nuts for your next family dinner.

The Candyland Store also has a selection of fine chocolates. This ranges from different types of chocolate fudge to gift baskets that you can give to friends for birthdays or other occasions.

They offer different items for holidays and other special occasions. This makes it easy to find the perfect gift for the candy-lover in your life.

If you are planning to buy large amounts of popcorn tins, the Candyland Store offers a bulk discount. You can take advantage of this if you are purchasing these for multiple people or for a major celebration.

10) Sweet City Candy

Sweet City Candy was started by Jeff, a drummer who found success with the band Diamond. In addition to rocking through the hair band era in the 1980s, he also had a love of candy. While his Rockstar dreams faded, his appreciation for sweet treats continued to bloom.

He took his candy appreciation and business skills and combined them to start this company. Jeff and his candy crew take great pride in being a small company. This allows them to have a strong attention to detail and superior customer service skills. They also have a relatively big variety of products for a company of their size.

The bulk candy that you order from Sweet City Candy is typically shipped within one day. This sets them apart from other bulk candy store choices which have longer shipping and handling times.

If you have questions about their wholesale candy, you can call and get a detailed answer quickly. Explore the candy choices by color, occasion, type, brand and theme, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Unlike other places that sell bulk candy online, Sweet City Candy ships all of their products 12 months out of the year. This includes perishable products. They use foil insulation and ice packs to help ensure that your treats arrive in excellent condition and ready to eat.

11) All City Candy

All City Candy wants to help you to experience nostalgia by providing you with some of your favorite treats from decades past. This mega candy store has everything from candies from the 1950s to fine chocolates. Buy candy in bulk or pick up individual items to try.

Their mission is to make sure that you are happy with your buying experience and the items that you purchase. They ensure optimal customer service for every person who shops online or visits their store in Mentor, Ohio. All City Candy ensures that whether you shop in-person or online that your experience will be the same.

Their physical store is 5,000 square feet. With over 800 bins of bulk candy, it is easy to find the exact type that you are looking for. You can also explore their novelty items so that you can pick up some gifts for your loved ones during your candy shopping trip.

If fine chocolates are your preference, All City Candy has their own line for you to enjoy. They hand dip their confections right in their store. There are numerous hand-dipped options, including:

  • Chocolate bowls
  • Pretzel rods and twists
  • Pop-tarts
  • Bark
  • Cookies
  • Marshmallows

You can choose one type or get an assortment so that you can try a variety of hand-dipped chocolates. Search their other offerings by specialty, occasion, holiday and more.

12) Natural Candy Store

The Natural Candy Store is different from many other bulk candy store options online. This is because all of their bulk candy is 100 percent natural. It does not contain any artificial dyes or colors, sweeteners or flavors. There are also no preservatives in their sweet treats.

This store launched in 2007. The Natural Candy Store is the biggest store on the internet that only sells natural candy. As of 2019, they have more than 400 different products to choose from.

If you have special dietary preferences or needs, you can look at the information on each product page. This ensures that you are not eating anything that will not agree with you. The company takes great pride in making sure that they fully disclose every bit of information related to their candies.

Check out information about the ingredients in every candy that they sell. They also give information about product certifications, possible cross-contaminants and the manufacturing process that the products undergo. This knowledge helps you to avoid products that may contain ingredients that could you’re sensitive to.

Whether you want two pounds of your favorite treat, or a 30-pound bag to share, you can find it at the Natural Candy Store. Shop by diet so that it is easy to find the items that fit within your dietary needs and preferences.

13) Blair Candy

Blair Candy is a bulk candy store that offers wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy, ice cream toppings and parade candy. This company is operated and owned by family. It has been in business for more than 75 years.

Explore a variety of candies from today and decades past. The treats come in a variety of sizes, from small five-pound bags to bags that weigh 30 pounds and more. Whether you are looking for a few Extra Big Jawbreakers or enough Dum Dum Lollipops for an entire wedding, Blair Candy offers it.

If you are going to be part of a parade, pick up candy in bulk to toss out to those watching along the parade route. This company offers a wide variety of candy and some of which have patriotic wrapping.

Before hosting your next sundae bar, you can buy some of the many ice cream toppings offered by Blair. This will ensure you have a nice variety on hand.

Blair Candy has everything from cookie dough bites to a variety of nuts and chips.

In addition to candy, they are a full-service wholesale business. You can purchase a variety of tobacco accessories and products, party supplies, bingo, fundraising candy and supplies, paper products, restaurant and bar supplies and games of chance.



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