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Fair Trade Gifts – Top 10 Websites To Buy Fair Trade Gifts

fair trade gifts

What are fair trade gifts? Fair trade involves a diverse network of companies, advocates, producers, shoppers and organizations. This global movement allows for trade between producers in developing countries and companies in developed countries.

When you buy fair trade gifts for loved ones, you are getting items that are environmentally and ethically conscious. However, it is important to make sure that the fair trade gifts that you purchase are truly fair trade. There are some websites that are proven to abide by fair trade practices. Shopping with them ensures that you are confident in what you purchase.

The Best Places To Buy Fair Trade Gifts Online

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to Fair Trade
  • Variety and quality of gifts
  • Website ease of use
  • Uniqueness and story behind the company
  • Responsiveness of customer support
WITH HUNDREDS of websites to buy fair trade gifts online, it was not easy to choose our winners.

We looked at hundreds of websites to determine who were the best choices. So, after careful consideration, we introduce to you the 10 BEST PLACES TO BUY FAIR TRADE GIFTS ONLINE:

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages started with Edna Ruth Byler. She did not set out to become an entrepreneur. The start of her journey was selling textiles from her car trunk. In the 1940s in Akron, Pennsylvania, she was a volunteer that the Mennonite community cherished for her creative spirit, warm hospitality and cinnamon rolls.

With her husband, she went to Puerto Rico in 1946. In the La Plata Valley, she met women who were struggling to provide food for their children. She had experienced the Depression, so she knew poverty. She also knew how important it was for people to help themselves and maintain their dignity.

She took notice of the embroidery that these women created. She was fascinated by the unique textiles and believed that people throughout the United States would also appreciate them. She did not have a real plan, but she decided to bring the embroidery home and sell it to her neighbors and friends. She received support from the Mennonite Central Committee.

In the 1950s, she had the needlework in her Chevy and went around to different sewing parties and circles to sell it. She also discussed the economic independence that came with selling these items for the women who created them. This eventually resulted in the launch of Ten Thousand Villages.

Today, lead by Acting CEO Llenay Ferretti, this company provides opportunities for artisans in developing countries across the globe. It provides them with a viable market to sell their products and gain economic independence. Ten Thousand Villages’ vision is to one day ensure that artisans in all developing nations be treated with respect and dignity, earn a fair wage and live a quality life.

Ten Thousand Villages has around 1,300 different products. All of their products give you a chance to help people from all over the world. Ten Thousand Villages connects you with fair trade handcrafted goods that you cannot find at any big box store or mass retailer. The people who create these items are put first. When you buy fair trade gifts from this company, you are helping someone living in poverty in a developing country to improve their lives.

They have gifts in a diverse array of categories, including:

  • Jewelry
  • Bath and body
  • Kitchen and dining
  • World treasures
  • Candles and incense
  • Outdoors
  • Holidays
  • Accessories
  • Baskets
  • Home décor
  • Wall décor
  • Games and hobbies
  • Office and stationary

Ten Thousand Villages has been pioneering the fair trade world since 1946, and has been actively sharing the stories of their artisan partners from the very beginning. They have a blog (you can find it here) that they use to educate their customers about why fair trade matters and the impact purchases make on communities all over the globe. Their store staff and volunteers are active in their local communities and share about fair trade at events, schools, and churches.

Serrv International

Serrv International uses ethical and fair trade to fight global poverty. This nonprofit company puts focus on the fact that more than 700 million people throughout the world are living on under $1.90 per day. They take advantage handwork to improve the lives of the artisans who create it.

In 1949, Serrv International was established. In the United States, they were one of the first organizations with a foundation in fair trade. Initially, they were founded to help displaced refugees following World War II to earn an income by selling their handcrafts. Today, they empower and employ approximately 8,000 farmers and artisans in 24 countries.

You can find a variety of items created by the artisans who work with this company. Explore and array of foods and kitchen items from countries throughout the world. Pick up a gift basket, home and garden items, fashion and other fair trade gifts that are unique and created using an array of techniques and materials.

The Little Market

In 2006, The Little Market was founded. Hannah Skvarla and Lauren Conrad met at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising when they were students. They both had a strong desire to empower women across the globe. They began traveling the world together and visiting different non-profit organizations that worked with female entrepreneurs and artisans who were struggling financially.

The duo started by creating an online platform for these entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase their products. Lauren and Hannah continue to travel to find new artisans to add to their website. As of today, they have dozens of artisan partners.

You can explore fair trade gifts that work for all of your loved ones. Pick up spa items to help someone to relax. Grab a new handbag or some accessories for your fashion-conscious friends. The Little Market also offers candles, items for kids and many home and dining items.

Global Goods Partners

In 2005, Global Goods Partners was launched. Since their creation, they have developed partnerships with over 60 artisan groups throughout the world. Their artisans are in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Every artisan that they partner with earns fair, reliable wages from the fair trade gifts that they sell via Global Goods Partners.

They have shops abroad and throughout the United States. You can also shop via their website and have fair trade gifts shipped directly to you or your loved ones. The goal of this company is to provide sustainable jobs for women so that they can create economic independence using the items that they create.

One of the main things that you can find on the Global Goods Partners website is jewelry. There is a diverse array of unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else. They also have other accessories for fashion-forward people. Explore the toys and other kid’s items to find the perfect gift. You can also find a variety of home goods that are made by hand.

Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds began by getting into the fair trade tea, chocolate and coffee business. They would sell these items at their church via Lutheran World Relief. However, the company continued to wonder about how they could get access to other fair trade gifts and products. Eventually, they came across the Fair Trade Federation of North America. It was this federation that put Fair Trade Winds into contact with artisan groups and fair trade wholesalers throughout the world.

Fair Trade Winds is a family business. The foundation of this company is family and they consider all of their customers and artisan members as extended family. They believe that when everyone works together, incredible change will result.

This company offers a wide variety of items, such as jewelry, apparel and home goods. They have a specific section for fair trade gifts. Here you will find different categories for the gifts, including:

  • Special holidays
  • Gifts that give back
  • Gifts under $30
  • Gifts that empower women
  • Gifts that fight human trafficking
  • Gifts that are eco-friendly

Global Crafts

In 2002, Global Crafts was founded. They sell handcrafted items individually and they allow you to buy the items in bulk so that you can add unique handmade products to your store’s inventory. This company works with 40 different artisan groups. These groups come from 20 countries throughout the world. The mission of Global Crafts is to help to improve the lives of every person living on the planet.

Global Crafts has more than 2,000 products that are available via wholesale. They currently distribute to more than 1,000 stores throughout the United States. All of the items that they sell are high in quality and unique. This makes it possible for retail store owners to provide products that allow them to stand out from other stores throughout the country.

This company also offers drop shipping opportunities to stores and other sellers. This allows you to sell Global Crafts’ products without having to maintain a physical inventory. You can also choose to shop online which makes it possible for you to find unique items without having to spend hours searching stores for the best fair trade gifts.

Greenheart Shop

Greenheart Shop is the only free trade, nonprofit shop in Chicago. They explore the world to find products that help communities, people and the environment. The items that they sell are always eco-friendly, fair trade and that carry a social mission. Greenheart Shop works with artisans all throughout the world as well as locally in different Chicago neighborhoods.

You can choose to shop on their website or stop by a physical location to see the items that they have available for sale. They also have an area in the Andersonville Galleria where you can browse their selection in person. At this galleria, you can learn more about the people who make the products and learn their story. With this information, you can see how buying fair trade products are helping people to achieve greater economic independence.

Greenheart Shop is part of the Chicago-based organization known as Greenheart International. This organization is focused in creating global leaders and connecting people via volunteer service, fair trade, personal development, environmentalism and cultural exchange.

Gifts With Humanity

Gifts With Humanity is part of the Global Crafts company. In 2002, Kevin Ward founded Global Crafts with Renice Jones. Jones was a Peace Corps volunteer and Ward was a VSO volunteer. Both of them spent time working in Kenya. When they returned to the United States, they were determined to help artisans living in poverty to elevate their lives.

This company works with artisans across the globe. They ensure that all of the craftspeople receive fair wages for the items that they produce. Gifts With Humanity also put focus on helping to ensure that the craftspeople have fair working conditions when they are creating their products.

When you shop with Gifts With Humanity, you can buy items individually for yourself or as gifts. Gifts With Humanity also offers their products wholesale to retailers who want to provide fair trade items to their customers. When you are shopping on their website, you can narrow down the list of products by country. This makes it easier to find unique items that allow people from specific areas of the world to earn a safe and sufficient living.

Global Gifts (Fair Trade Gifts, Coffee, and More)

It was the early 1980s when Global Gifts was founded. The founders include multiple people from the Indianapolis First Mennonite Church. Initially, this company was small. The founders used house parties to sell the products. They also sold items out of the church basement. In 1988, Global Gifts had a storefront and became an established nonprofit organization.

Their mission is to ensure that people with limited opportunities have a shot at earning a fair income. They only sell fair trade gifts that are handmade, ethically obtained and ethically produced. Global Goods also spends time educating the public about the traditions and cultures associated with the products that they sell.

You can explore their selection of items in multiple categories, including:

  • Fair trade tea, coffee and chocolate
  • Games, toys and musical instruments
  • Scarves, jewelry and accessories
  • Holiday items

Global Goods also offers workshops, demonstrations and special events. These allow you to learn more about the products that they offer and the people who are making them.

Matr Boomie (Fair Trade Gifts and More)

In 2006, Manish and Ruchi, the cofounders of Matr Boomie, had a dream to use sustainable and ethical trade to create positive change. They are both natives of India. They wanted to bridge the potential of rural Indians and the rich culture to create opportunities that allow people to pull themselves out of poverty.

In addition to ensuring fair wages for the artisans who create the fair trade gifts offered by Matr Boomie, this company goes even further. They also invest in healthcare, skills training, education, loan programs, development projects and scholarships for minorities, women and people who have special needs.

This company offers a wide selection of unique gifts. Explore their jewelry and other accessories to accent your outfits with items that are not available anywhere else. They also offer apparel and home décor items so that you can support artisans and decorate your space with high-quality items that also serve as conversation pieces.



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