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Fantasy Sword Gift Stores to Cater to Any Imagination

Fantasy Sword Gift Stores to Cater to Any Imagination 1

8 Fantasy Sword Gift Stores to Cater to Any Imagination

Props can make a costume or cosplay, and swords are among the coolest props you can use. Like any prop, you can get real steel swords or foam swords that look real from far away.


Whether you’re getting a collectible steel sword or a foam prop for a convention, these stores should have you covered for your fantasy sword needs.

Museum Replicas Limited

Besides selling all kinds of costume materials, Museum Replicas Limited Offers both LARP-safe and stainless steel weapons. At relatively low prices, you can shop for these weapons in different categories, like pirate, medieval, fantasy, and so on.


Should you buy a real weapon, you can purchase them in special bundles, such as an anti-rust shield or a blade care kit. Real weapons also come with a certificate of authenticity and a wall hanger for decoration. You do have to buy the scabbards separately, which is just a minor nitpick compared to the selection this store has.


  • Detailed selection of weapons
  • Many products come in bundles with an anti-rust application and care kit
  • Affordable prices, even for larger weapons


  • Scabbards come separately from swords

True Swords

True Swords carries weapons from fandoms Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Demon Slayer, as well as different styles of katanas and gladiator swords. They even carry unique weapons like sword canes.


They have a battle-ready selection of swords with actual sharp blades, including a couple of small, tactical daggers you can carry around. The Honshu Mystery Box is a special treat in this category, filled with a variety of tactical weapons at a special value price.


The site always adds new fantasy swords, so you need to come back sometimes to check.


  • Vast selection of replicas and original designs
  • The battle-ready collection includes real tactical weapons
  • Selection changes all the time


  • Sword purchases do not automatically include scabbards

Medieval Collectibles

If any shop can truly cater to a need for fantasy weapons, it is this one. While Medieval Collectibles carries a plethora of medieval and anime fantasy swords, they also have categories for the Civil War, the Crusades, Japanese, Pirate, Steampunk, and even Zombie.


In each category, they carry both real and LARP-safe weapons. The only sad thing is that the LARP collection does not have licensed replicas. However, the site also carries training swords for fencing and LARPing to sharpen your fighting skills.


The historical sword replicas selection is vast. You can find a sword from almost any era worldwide in several different styles. Plus, you can pair all these swords with a unique scabbard or sheathe.


  • Swords from almost any historical era are available
  • A massive selection of LARP-safe weapons and scabbards
  • Training swords for fencing and LARP are also available


  • LARP collection does not include any pop culture replicas

Master Cutlery

While Master Cutlery does not carry many licensed replicas of fantasy weapons, they have plenty of unique sword styles for every occasion. Whether you need a fantasy sword to decorate your wall or a fixed blade for survival, this site should have something for you.


Every blade sold on Master Cutlery is real, so no LARP-safe weapons here. You can choose from several different steel types for your weapon, and the survival weapons have colorful handles for better personalization.


One downside is that you can only see the prices when you create an account.


  • Different steel types available for every sword
  • Unique fantasy styles from both Western and Eastern cultures
  • Colorful handles to showcase personality


  • No licensed replicas
  • Pricing is only available when you log on

Sword N’ Armory

Sword N’ Armory has an extensive collection of authentic and LARP weapons from all media. They even have practical weapons for real-life use and some beautifully-styled fantasy swords anime fans will love.


Their full customization service for Samurai fantasy katanas is the best part. You can choose your blade type, handle type, and other personal items to make a sword that is truly your own. For an extra fee, you can also get your weapon engraved with a message or monogram.


  • Wide selection of Japanese and anime-themed weapons
  • Both real and LARP weapons are available
  • Customization and engraving services to make true personal weapons


  • It doesn’t carry many licensed replicas

Swords Knives and Daggers

Sword Knives and Daggers carries a few replicas but plenty of fantasy and historical weapons. This store has probably the most expensive collection on this list, especially for stainless steel fantasy replicas.


However, the LARP-safe weapons are not too expensive and still come with the same detail as stainless steel weapons. There are even a few obscure fantasy weapons to complete the most detailed cosplays.


The accessory sharp also carries some genuine leather scabbards to carry your weapon with pride.


  • Affordable LARP weapons
  • Extensive accessory collection
  • The LARP collection is larger than the stainless steel collection


  • Stainless steel weapons are pretty expensive

Atlanta Cutlery

Like the previous entry on this list, you should prepare your wallet for buying larger stainless steel weapons. The replicas are impressive, along with the training weapons. The decorative swords are particularly interesting since Robin Hood, King Arthur, and a few historical kings serve as inspiration.


Atlanta Cutlery does not carry LARP weapons, which leaves more room for countless stainless steel weapons.


  • Extensive collection of stainless steel weapons
  • Majestic decorative weapons based on history and fantasy
  • The collection mainly contains fantasy replicas


  • No LARP weapons

Oriental Trading Company

This store is for kids.


Oriental Trading Company carries all kinds of party and art supplies for families, including a few Halloween-friendly replicas of classic weapons. If your child needs a safe weapon for Halloween or a convention, this store carries them at affordable prices.


The selection is not as vast as other stores on this list, but it should do the trick for easy and safe accessories.


  • Affordable costume weapons for kids
  • Choose from replicas or generic weapons
  • Easy shipping


  • Not the biggest weapon selection

Final Thoughts

Fantasy is a growing genre in media, so there is a rise in shops showcasing fantasy swords. Luckily, many quality shops exist where you can find your own sword or your favorite character’s. Give some of these shops a look and see where you’ll find your next decorative piece or cosplay accessory!

If you are thinking of collecting the best, check out our sword buyers guide.




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