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12 things you need to know to start playing golf

12 things you need to know to start playing golf

How to Get Started Playing Golf

Golf is not the most straightforward game to learn. However, it is one of the most rewarding sports to master. It is not as simple as buying some clubs and booking a tee time. Here are 12 things that you need to know in order to bypass common pain points when you start playing golf.

#1. Be in Shape Before Beginning Golf

It may seem obvious, but the first thing to know before you start playing golf is that you need to be in decent physical shape. People of all body types and sizes play golf, but you will be spending hours on the golf course during warm days on your feet and walking. Golf is more physically taxing than it looks, and you need to work on both your strength and conditioning.

#2. Find the Local Driving Range

Another one of the initial steps in getting started playing golf is to learn where the local driving range is. You need to find out if golf is something that you would enjoy before you invest in instruction and equipment. Hitting a few buckets of balls with a driver is a great way to get started. You will then return to the range to get in your practice before you step on a course. One of the foremost golf tips for beginners is to never step out on to a golf course without spending significant time on the driving range first.

#3. Turn to Local Professionals for Golf Tips for Beginners

You can learn how to play golf on your own, or you can learn from an expert. If you have the budget, you should take regular lessons that will teach you the skills that you need to succeed on the course. Prospective golf players should do some research to learn who are the best trainers in your area. Read reviews online and check out local forums and directories.

#4. Check Out Golf Courses for Beginners

You do not want to start playing on a challenging course before you’ve taken some time to learn how to play. Some courses are easier than others, and ideally, you should start playing on a course that will not punish the rookie mistakes that every new golfer makes. Some public courses in the Tri-State area include Shore Gate Golf Club, Marine Park, and Dyker Beach. There are courses in both the city and the surrounding areas.

#5. Ensure You Have the Right Equipment to Start Playing Golf

Golf for beginners is challenging without the proper equipment. You should find a brand of clubs that work best for you, along with a glove and some spikes (golf shoes). Before you spend heavily on golf equipment, take some time to make sure that the game is for you.

#6. Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Nobody is saying that you need to invest your life’s savings in your clubs. Some clubs are better than others for those learning how to play the game. That is why it’s essential to choose clubs that are tailored to your developing swing while still giving you some room to grow into them.

#7. Understand the Mental Exercise Involved With Beginning Golf

If you are not entirely calm, the game of golf can mess with you in a mighty way. A bad day on the course can frustrate even the most placid and Zen-like individuals. While seeing a psychologist is not a necessity for learning how to play golf, you do need to condition your mind to learn how to adjust when you hit a bad shot. This is a sport where a little mental resilience can carry you a long way when you are struggling.

#8. Use the Proper Etiquette

Many people on the golf course have spent years playing the game, and the unwritten rules are etched in their brains. Before you step on a course, you need to know what things may get on other players’ nerves and how to behave as you play.

#9. Watch Instructional Golf Videos for Beginners

If you cannot afford a teacher or are between lessons, you should seek out the best instructional videos to give you some tips. Golf is a sport that you must think about even when you are not playing. You can find videos on different aspects of the game including driving and putting. Golf is a mental game, and keeping yourself in the right frame of mind will help your game. These videos often focus on golf tips for beginners.

#10. Know How to Play Golf With the Right Grip

Before you do anything else, you need to know how to hold the golf club. This is not something where every player has their own grip that works for them. Instead, there are uniform ways to hold drivers, irons and putters that every golf player must learn.

#11. Start With Knowing How to Get the Ball in the Air

You should not step out on to the golf course for a full 18 holes until you know how to get the ball airborne with each of the clubs in your bag (except your putter of course). It would be counterproductive to play without knowing that you can move the ball. The best golf clubs for beginners can make your life easier by doing the work for you once you learn the proper swing.

#12. Find Others Who Want to Learn More About Beginning Golf

Golf is a social sport. You play with others and spend time with them on the course. When you have other people who are committed to learning golf with you, it will make you a better player while also making the experience more fun. It is almost always better to do something in a group.


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