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Best Place To Buy Handmade Cheese – Beecher’s Handmade

handmade cheeseWhether you are entertaining guests or looking for a practical gift, handmade cheese is an excellent choice. There are multiple options, and cheese is a versatile food. The key is to find a place that makes high-quality cheese.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is one of the best choices. They have a history of using only the best ingredients and processes to create their cheeses. Getting more information about this company can help you to see why this business is the right one the next time you need handmade cheese.

Why Buy Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s cheese

Cheese is relatively healthy and it provides some critical nutrients, such as calcium. You can add it to a variety of foods to boost the flavor and the nutrient profile. However, the processed cheeses available in most stores can be off putting.

A good handmade cheese is a viable choice. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese has experience making high-quality cheese. Everything is fresh and the ingredients are superior. A cheese that is handmade is a much sharper and purer flavor. It is also easier to cook with.

The process to make a cheese that is handmade tends to be greener. There is no huge factory mass producing the cheese. This makes cheese that is handmade more sustainable.

When a company makes this type of cheese, they have greater control over the ingredients and the quality. This is because they are making smaller batches at a time.

Handmade items also help communities. Like many small handmade businesses, Beecher’s has their own way of giving back to the world with some of the money that they earn from their cheeses.

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The Best Place to Buy
Handmade Cheese Online

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese


Beecher’s is the best place to buy cheese online. They work with the highest quality ingredients, including local milk that they obtain from family-owned farms in the area. Since they work with dairies that are local, they are able to ensure that all of the cows that produce the milk are humanely treated.

Working with local dairies also helps them to make sure that the cows are only given high-quality feed that is free from any recombinant bovine growth hormones. Their cheeses also do not contain any preservatives or additives.

This cheese company sources their ingredients from places that they trust. Beecher’s has relationships with their sources so that they are aware of all processes and standards.

Due to the procedures that Beecher’s has in place, they are able to guarantee that all of their cheese is high in quality. It is cheese that they give to their own family and friends due to the high level of trust that they have in their ingredients and operations.

Beecher’s produces a variety of cheeses using their own processes. They make all of their cheeses by hand so that they can be sure that every batch is up to their high standards for quality.

History of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

history of beecher's

Kurt Beecher Dammeier was walking around Seattle’s Pike Place Market about 15 years ago. His goal on this day was to tackle some routine grocery shopping. As he made his way around the market, he realized that a local cheesemaker was not present. There were vendors for just about every other food option.

Eventually, one of the storefronts at this market became available. It did not take him long to buy this space so that he could create a place where people could buy quality cheese that is handmade.

He transformed the empty storefront into a cheese shop, cheesemaking facility and a café. People could come and buy a variety of cheeses that are artisanal, local and fresh. However, due to the transparent glass walls that surrounded the shop, people could also see the cheese being made.

The transparent glass walls turned out to be good for business. The fact that people could see the cheese being made gave people confidence that the cheese that they were buying was high in quality. It also gave them a glimpse into what it takes to make cheese.

Today, this company is known throughout the world due to their international recognition. At the Pike Place Market, they are one of the most loved places for people to pick up some cheese and watch their favorite cheese being made.

Since their beginning, Beecher’s has expanded so that people outside of Seattle can also enjoy what they have to offer. In New York City, they have another cheesemaking location. People can get their favorite cheeses and watch them being made there too.

This company also has a website. You can order your favorite cheeses so that you do not have to be in New York City or Seattle to enjoy the options that they have to offer. When you order cheese online, they pack it specifically to ensure quality and freshness once it arrives at your home.

What Types of Cheese Does Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Sell?

Beecher’s says that they have 14 different cheeses available for people to enjoy. They have 12 of them on their website where you can have them shipped directly to you. The cheeses available on their website include:

  • Flagship
  • Marco Polo Reserve
  • New Woman
  • Dutch Hollow Dulcet
  • Marco Polo
  • Sheepsheep
  • Flagsheep
  • 4-Year Aged Flagship
  • Kosher Flagship
  • Flagship Reserve
  • Smoked Flagship
  • Just Jack

Bestselling Cheese

Beecher’s Flagship cheese

Their Beecher’s Flagship cheese is their most popular option. This cheese is a cheddar-gruyere style cheese. It has a creamy consistency. For people who want a cheese that has greater depth, they recommend their Flagship Reserve cheese.

Their Cheese-Making Process

The foundation of Beecher’s cheeses is using the highest quality milk available in their area. They have their own tanks where they pasteurize their cheese so that they can monitor the entire process. Once they finish the pasteurizing process, they add rennet to the mix.

The rennet is important to ensure that the whey and curd separate from each other. They allow the curd to coagulate, then they slice it up. It is then pressed into slabs. These get stacked on top of each other so that any of the excess is able to drain away. They refer to this process as “cheddaring.”

A Beecher’s employee will then test each slab to ensure that they have the right pH and texture. Once this is achieved, they mill them into curds and add salt. At this point, they press the curds into hoops so that they can age them, or they will get them packaged so that they are available for sale.

Beecher’s also sells some of the curds as fresh cheese. However, most of them spend at least 12 months aging before they are available for sale. The aging process makes it possible for the flavors of the different cheeses to deepen and meld. This is what gives their cheeses the high-quality flavor.

How Does Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Help People?

Beecher’s Foundation

This company has their own foundation known as the Beecher’s Foundation. Their focus is on helping kids to become their own food detectives so that they are aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

One percent of the sales that they make from their cheeses go to this foundation. They operate as a public charity. Their services include educational food workshops that they host at different times for adults and kids.

The workshops help people to understand nutrition facts and learn how to read a nutrition label. They state that over 150,000 kids have completed their workshops so far.

The foundation also helps nonprofits and other businesses. Their goal with this effort is to aid them in helping people to vote with their money and to eat real food.

The ultimate goal of this foundation is to create a better food future for all people. This foundation was launched in 2004 by Kurt Beecher Dammeier.

The foundation has two programs that they offer. One is Sound Food Uprising and the other is the Pure Food Kids Workshop. Teachers can look into the kid’s workshop to learn more about field trips and other educational opportunities.

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