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10 Handmade Gifts Under $100 – The 2023 List

10 Handmade Gifts Under $100 - The 2023 List 1

10 Handmade Gifts Under $100 – The 2023 List

Handmade gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care about them. It is also a great way to show you are interested in their interests since a handmade gift is customizable to the person receiving the gift.


Lucky for you, we have the top 10 handmade gift ideas for under $100 in 2022. Each gift can be customized and lends itself to creativity. Check out these ideas to see if you can use one of them for your next holiday, birthday, or special occasion!

10 Handmade Gifts Under $100

  • Gardening Gift Basket
  • Coffee or Tea Gift Basket
  • Resin Household Items
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Customized Canvas Tote Bag or Makeup Bag
  • Handmade Clay Pieces
  • Collage Art
  • Handstitched Art
  • Monogrammed Items
  • Body Scrubs and Soaps

Gardening Gift Basket

If you know someone who likes gardening or wants to get into gardening, this is the perfect handmade gift!


To make this basket, including some of their favorite seeds, potting soil, a hand-painted flower pot, and a few tools like gardening gloves and a gardening tool set. Wrap it up in a nice bow, and you’ve got the perfect gardening gift basket for under $100!

Coffee or Tea Gift Basket

Similar to the gardening basket, a coffee or tea basket is perfect for someone interested in all things coffee and tea. The best thing about this basket is that you can decide how much you want to spend on it!


To make this basket, add their favorite coffee and tea, a coffee mug, a handmade mug cozy, coffee and tea accessories, and a new flavor or two of coffee and tea for them to try.

Resin Household Items

Resin items like decorations or coasters add elegance and class to a home. They are often practical items that the gift receiver can use every day. Check out your local craft store for a resin pouring set and molds. Generally, you can get a resin set and a mold for under $50.


You can add glitter, dried flowers, mini confetti, and more into the acrylic to make it your own. Follow the directions on the acrylic pouring set to create a handmade gift they will not forget!

Handmade Jewelry

There are tons of options for handmade jewelry that range from beginner to advanced in difficulty. You can choose to work with metals, modeling clay, copper, and more to make a beautiful custom piece for the person you love.


There are many jewelry-making kits for beginners and tutorials online for more advanced techniques. The best part is that these will cost you between $25 and $50, depending on the extent of the project. Not to mention, jewelry is a timeless gift that your loved one can enjoy for years to come.

Customized Canvas Tote Bag or Makeup Bag

If you are into painting and personalization, creating a work of art on a canvas bag is the perfect idea for a handmade gift. Purchase a canvas tote bag or makeup bag. Then pick out the paints you would like to use and begin creating! These bags range from $7 to $12.


Stencils with quotes, calligraphy letters, and images are available for about $10. Overall this project should cost about $40, which is a steal for a customized piece!

Handmade Clay Pieces

Similar to resin, there are plenty of DIY clay crafts available online. You can find the materials at almost any craft store, and as long as you follow the directions, you will have a gorgeous clay piece to give your special someone.


Oven bake clay is easy to work with, and it goes for about $3-$6 per pack! Check out tutorials online for directions on making a clay jewelry dish, clay mug, or plate.

Collage Art

Making a collage of someone’s favorite color, favorite place, or celebrity is a great personalized gift that will double as home decor. It allows you to get creative and only requires cutting and pasting abilities!


Cut out photos from magazines or print off photos online to create the perfect collage they can display in their home. If you already have the magazines, this is a very low-cost handmade gift they will love!

Handstitched Art

Hand stitching is a common pastime for many craft-oriented people. If you are new to the art, there are plenty of stencils available at your local craft store where you can start to create stitched pieces you can give as gifts to display or for them to use as a decorative towel in their kitchen or bathroom!


You can purchase these sets for about $30 and gift them to many people if you like since most come with multiple designs.

Monogrammed Items

Another easy handmade and personal gift is a monogrammed item. These items can be a bag, a shirt, a blanket, a coffee mug, a wine glass, and so much more!


Simply purchase a blank item and some paint, then get to work on monogramming this item. There are plenty of stencils and font ideas online, so do not be intimidated.

Body Scrubs and Soaps

Handmade body scrubs and soaps are a unique and practical gift idea. It is a good way to know exactly what ingredients are in your household items while making a pretty gift anyone can use.


These will cost you at most $30 to make, including the kit, and you can display them in a pretty jar or box to bring the gift together! Look for recipes online for the best results. Remember to use ingredients that the gift receiver is not allergic to avoid any unwanted reactions!

Final Thoughts

When choosing a gift, you want to choose something you’ll take pride in giving. Gifting a handmade item will do just that. With so many great handmade gift ideas out there, it is tough to choose our favorite! Most importantly, any of these handmade gifts under $100 is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Which one of these ideas will you choose to use?




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