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Handmade Jewelry

Top 25 Handmade Jewelry Websites

Handmade Jewelry

The practice of making handmade jewelry goes back centuries. This type of jewelry is soldered, stamped, carved, sawed and assembled by hand. In many cases, there are limited numbers of each piece, so you will have items that stand out.

Due to the time it takes to create handmade jewelry, those making it put their heart and soul into every piece. Each item will be slightly different ensuring that it is unique. This process also ensures a high level of quality and craftsmanship. You can learn more about this process for gemstones on gemstonist.

Wearing jewelry made by hand is an easy way to make a statement. It also helps to support those who want to share their creativity and passion with the world.

The Best Places To Buy Handmade Jewelry Online

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  1. Craftsmanship of jewelry
  2. Website ease of use
  3. Uniqueness of brand and story behind brand
  4. Responsiveness of customer support

NOTE: If a particular online handmade jewelry company did not respond to our customer support requests, they did not make the list no matter how good their jewelry. If a company cannot provide good customer support, then you should not buy from them.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS of places to buy handmade jewelry online so it was tough to narrow it down to the top 25. It took a lot of research and many hours to put this list together. So, after visiting and analyzing hundreds of online handmade jewelry stores, HERE ARE THE TOP 25 PLACES TO BUY HANDMADE JEWELRY ONLINE:

1) Peggy Li Creations

Peggy Li Jewelry offers handmade jewelry that is crafted right in San Francisco. Peggy has been making jewelry for more than 17 years. Her artistic talents are enjoyed by those in Hollywood and beyond. Some of her pieces have been featured on shows, such as Jane the Virgin, Riverdale and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Many elements of the jewelry are made by hand. One of Peggy’s favorite pieces is the Weather Storm Necklace. It features a silver lightning bolt and cloud. The cloud was completely handmade. This unique piece was worn by Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, on Elementary.

2) Copper Reflections

Copper Reflections has been producing handmade jewelry since 1985. All of their designs and techniques are unique and created solely by this company. However, they do sometimes get inspiration from a variety of artists, such as Jo Lynch and Nick Gustafson. They provide their jewelry online and at craft shows throughout Canada and the United States.

They use copper sheets that are cut by hand. The posts for all earrings are hypoallergenic surgical steel. Once each piece is made, there is no need to polish it due to the finish they apply. Their pieces come in a variety of colors and styles, making their jewelry ideal for everyday wear and for special occasions.

3) Harmony Scott Handmade Jewelry

Harmony Scott Jewelry has been making handmade jewelry for more than 20 years. Every design that the Colorado designer makes is special and limited edition. Once Harmony designs each piece, it is sent to Balinese artisans who complete it for a finished product that is unique and high in quality.

Once the jewelry sells out, it is gone. This allows people to have exclusive and authentic pieces that you will not see millions of people wearing. Some of the designer’s favorite pieces include the Hanalei Pearl and Leather Lariat and the Asteria Goddess Necklace. Both necklaces are long, intricate and incorporate different colors, making them stand out accessories.

4) Muro Jewelry

Rosa Murillo designs Muro Jewelry. She is a sculptor, architect, classically trained metalsmith and a painter. All of her handmade jewelry is colorful and modern. She uses a variety of materials, new techniques and experimentation to transform her ideas into wearable art. The materials she uses include eco-friendly resins, crushed stones, natural pigments, reclaimed wood and recycled materials so that every piece has minimal to no impact on nature.

Her jewelry resembles things you often see in nature. They represent the colors and the calmness that nature provides. Her “A View from Above” collection is her interpretation of the feeling and view that you get when you see an airplane emerge from the clouds.

5) Sitara Collections Jewelry

Sitara Collections Jewelry not only designs and creates handmade jewelry, but they also give back to people. They help talented artisans to express their artistic talents while also helping to support the Helping Children Succeed 501.

Their jewelry blends a classical feel with a contemporary look. One of their best items is their Rainbow Moonstone Earrings. They are delicate, but the multiple hues of the moonstone give them a strong presence. These earrings are gold-plated and are a dangling style, making them a good choice for any outfit.

6) Tracy Tayan Designs

Tracy Tayan Designs has a variety of collections and they help her customers to create personalized designs if they are looking for something specific. This designer makes jewelry for men and women. Each item comes with a polish pad and a jewelry care kit to make it easy to keep each piece ready to wear.

Tracy Tayan has traveled to various places but uses “aloha” as inspiration for her work since this word has so many meanings, such as affection, compassion, peace and mercy. Each item is a personalized keepsake.

7) Freshie And Zero Jewelry

Freshie and Zero Jewelry focuses on making handmade jewelry that is elegant, delicate and affordable. Beth Lawrence is the founder of this company. She fell in love with handmade pieces, but felt the prices were often too high. She made it her mission to create versatile items that people could afford.

Her designs are modern and wearable for a casual lunch with friends or the party of the year. She uses gold-filled and sterling silver metals that do not contain nickel. Her pieces are high in quality due to her attention to detail and focus on craftsmanship. Some of Beth’s favorite items include all variations of her Love Necklace and her Mixed Flame Earrings.

8) Sophie Hughes

Sophie Hughes is from the coast of Maine. She was first introduced to making handmade jewelry when she did a high school apprenticeship program. She developed a love for jewelry right away and shortly after completing her BFA in metalsmithing, she launched her eponymous jewelry line.

She uses unique materials and timeworn tools to create pieces that are socially and environmentally responsible. The silver and gold that she uses to create her items are recycled. One of her favorite pieces is her Emerald Cut Bezel Solitaire ring. This ring uses 18-karat yellow gold and a beautiful stone.

9) Lisa Robin Handmade Jewelry

Lisa Robin believes that the jewelry a person wears should be an expression of who they are. Her handmade jewelry is inspired by classical influences, but the designs are contemporary. She creates a variety of items, including some that are unisex. This designer also has fragrances that you can wear alone or layer.

Her most popular items are her leather bracelets. They come in multiple colors and have a stone. There are also options that have different beads and charms. People can choose which charms they want to add to make the bracelets unique to their personality.

10) Tiny Hands Online

Tiny Hands Online creates a variety of handmade jewelry pieces that represent a variety of foods. Each piece smells like the food it is shaped like. For example, the pancake necklace smells like pancakes and the bacon necklace smells like bacon.

They offer a necklace of the month club where people can receive a new piece each month when they sign up for the subscription service. Some of their most popular designs include the snow cone, waffle, lollipop, cupcake and French macaron necklaces. Each scented food charm comes on a beaded chain.

11) Grayling Jewelry

Katy, the founder and CEO of Grayling Jewelry, founded this company in 2009 after she was unable to find stylish, handmade jewelry that was safe for her sensitive skin. Everything on the market was too expensive, lacked style and/or gave her a rash!

Katy is allergic to nickel (an inexpensive metal used in lots of fashion jewelry and one of the most common skin allergies) and up until she founded Grayling, she had stopped wearing jewelry entirely.

Grayling jewelry is designed by women, FOR women right here in the United States. Their jewelry is completely made by hand one piece at a time in Portland, Oregon. They also use recycled metals as much as possible and pay fair wages to their entire staff.

This handmade jewelry company offers their pieces both online and at their store in Portland. They manufacture their items in the US and source their materials from American suppliers whenever this is possible. They use strict quality standards and materials for all of their products.

The items vary greatly. You can find everything from fine jewelry to jewelry sets. All of the items come in different styles and there are also charms and pendants you can buy separately.

12) Brian de Staic Jewelry

Brian de Staic Jewelry is a family business that has been operating since the 1980’s in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland, however, Brian has been creating jewelry since the 1960’s.

Brian de Staic Jewelry uses the stones and stories from the Dingle Peninsula as the foundation of their jewelry. The jewelry has Irish history to help make it unique.

They have a variety of items, from broaches, to watches to earrings. All of the jewelry uses either clean lines or intricate patterns. There are gold and white gold pieces to choose from, as well as a variety of other metal and stone options.

13) Shannon Koszyk Jewelry and Design

Shannon Koszyk Jewelry and Design has a variety of items with a vintage and classic look. The designer Shannon Koszyk says that she creates her pieces through a darkly romantic lens. She makes everything in her Seattle studio using materials that are high in quality. All materials are also sourced locally and ethically.

The designer’s favorite piece is her Diamond Lion Coin Ring. This item is ideal for daily wear. It says, “fortune favors the brave” in both English and Latin on it. It has a historical look like the rest of her handmade jewelry.

14) The Smithery Contemporary Jewelry

The Smithery Contemporary Jewelry is a woman-owned business that designs and creates handmade jewelry. They are in Columbus, Ohio and have been creating pieces since 2014. The brains behind the operation are Jen Townsend and Anne Holman. In addition to the pieces that they make to sell, they also offer a service to custom make wedding and engagement rings.

This handmade jewelry company uses colorful stones and durable metals and other materials to create their pieces. Everything has a whimsical but modern look, so each piece works for people with a variety of style preferences. They also offer classes for beginners who want to learn how to make jewelry.

15) Page Sargisson Handmade Jewelry

Page Sargisson is an independent designer that creates her handmade pieces in New York City. You can buy her items online or visit her shop to browse what is available. She uses recycled metals to create items that are sustainable. The pieces include elements of transferring textures from textiles, letterpress blocks and wood blocks to give them a distinctive look.

She has a variety of jewelry items that work for all occasions. She says that her calendar charms are among her bestsellers. When someone orders them, she makes them to order. People can choose between silver and gold, and a sapphire or a diamond, with a date that is special to the wearer.

16) Jamison Rae Jewelry

Jamison Rae Jewelry makes handmade jewelry that is durable and unique. The designer was trained to be a bench jeweler, so they always avoid cutting corners when designing and creating jewelry. Before they send out an item, they recheck it several times to make sure that the quality is as high as possible.

The True to Form hoops are the favorite item of the designer. She really likes them, and they were also featured in Redbook magazine. These hoops can work for any outfit.

17) One Six Five Jewelry

One Six Five Jewelry creates jewelry that is unique and unlike what is available elsewhere. In addition to jewelry, this website offers a variety of other goods, such as clothing, paper goods and apothecary items. This store can function as a one stop shop for fun and artistic items.

Their handmade jewelry is all made in-house. They have a variety of interesting pieces, but one of the most popular is the Thea Cuff. This allows someone to wear jewelry on their ears without the need for a piercing. It is simple, but also elegant.

18) Lori Meg Designs

Lori Meg Designs creates handmade jewelry that is relatable to people from all walks of life. Lori was a surgeon until some health issues made it hard to keep practicing. She decided to leave medicine and take her passion for jewelry and turn it into a full-time job.

All of the jewelry that Lori makes has purposeful imperfections to ensure that it is unique. Every piece has lyrical quality and reminds her of movement. The stones and other materials are unique, allowing for artistic expression. People can also work with Lori to create custom jewelry for themselves.

19) Alexis Drake

Alexis Garrett designs was started by Alexis Drake. She is the designer who started the company in 2003. She relaunched her jewelry collection in 2013. The designs continued to expand as the demand for the products grew. In 2015, she also introduced handbags to her list of creative and stylish items.

This brand has a goal of creating accessories that are timeless. They want each piece to have a personality that speaks for itself. The jewelry is effortless to wear, making it easy to accessorize for any occasion. Alexis is proudest of her Chicklet Bracelet. It is a signature piece that she introduced at her first trunk show.

20) Adorned By Lonnie Jewelry

Adorned by Lonnie Jewelry got started in 1993 when the owner started exploring the market and meeting with other jewelry artists to gain inspiration and learn about the business. Lonnie felt that much of the jewelry available lacked creativity and wanted to make a change to this.

Lonnie offers handmade jewelry from more than 70 artisans located throughout the world. This allows for diversity in the pieces that they offer. You will find simple pieces that are perfect for everyday wear and more sophisticated jewelry that works for the fanciest of occasions. There are more than 2,000 items to choose from, but Lonnie’s favorite item is out of New Mexico.

21) Liv & B Jewelry

Liv & B Jewelry is a business rooted in family. The designs are classic, trendy, traditional and timeless. The jewelry is handmade and not meant to be perfect and flawless. This ensures that every piece is unique and not exactly like any other. The company puts emphasis on how all women differ so the jewelry they wear should be different too.

This company does not mass produce any of their jewelry. This ensures that everything has strong craftsmanship and is unique. Many customers love the Hotmess Necklace. This is a classic gold necklace that features stones of several colors. It is a statement piece that also has a simple elegance to it.

22) Malojos Jewelry

Malojos Jewelry creates handmade jewelry to order. They have jewelry available to everyone on their website. They also create custom pieces for people who want something very specific. No matter which type someone orders, the item is made before it is shipped. They do not mass manufacture any of their jewelry.

The jewelry is designed and crafted by Natalia Uribe Wilson in Chicago. Her most popular item is her needle gauge ring. There are different options that allow wearers to check needle sizes. This makes it easier when someone is creating something with a needle, so the ring is both stylish and practical.

23) Cecelia Designs

Cecelia Designs creates handmade pieces that benefit nature. The jewelry is versatile, making it easy to wear for any occasion. The designer for Cecelia Designs is Kaitlyn Cecelia Stock. She strives to create jewelry that is high in quality and sustainable. She also puts emphasis on empowering women and creating items that will make them feel beautiful.

The bestselling items are their leather earrings. These earrings come in an array of colors, prints and styles. They are available in teardrop, triangle, feather and leaf shapes. For every piece that they sell, they plant a tree. This allows people to enjoy jewelry while also contributing to the good of the planet.

24) Sarah Deangelo Jewelry

Sarah Deangelo Jewelry has a fascination with ancient designs, stones and color. She strives for perfection with every piece of handmade jewelry that she creates. Each item is a piece of art that combines creativity and craftsmanship. The exquisite metalwork and unique gemstones make every piece something that you have not seen before.

The items have a rustic edge, but they are also feminine. Her attention to detail is apparent with every item. You can find a variety of items, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Her jewelry is ideal for everyday wear.

25) J Peace Designs

The handmade jewelry created by J Peace Designs puts a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship. They use durable materials and put emphasis on the details. The designer will color, and size match every gemstone to make sure that the best side is what is visible on every piece.

The designer, Jeannine Peace, started creating jewelry at age 10. Since then she has worked to create pieces that are unique so they work for both dressy and casual occasions. The designer’s favorite item is their Royal Gemstone Chandelier Earrings. These incorporate amethyst, iolite and labradorite gemstones with gold.



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  1. Great list of handmade jewelry sites. Peggy Li is awesome! I have purchased several items from her and they all were beautiful. Also bought from Linda at Sitara, also beautiful jewelry.

  2. I have purchased several pieces of Brian de Staic Jewelry both for myself as well as gifts for others. They are beautifully crafted and I love each piece that I have. I encouraged some friends of mine to visit this shop while they were in Ireland and they bought bracelets and necklaces for themselves, their children, and friends. It just highlights how irresistible it is not to leave his store/website without purchasing one of his outstanding and beautifully crafted pieces.

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