Top 12 Websites To Buy Handmade Knives

Handmade Knives

Handmade knives are ideal for practical and decorative reasons. Finding one that meets your needs and has the aesthetic that you are looking for is important. It is also imperative that the craftsmanship is superior. There are several places to find excellent handmade knives that can meet your needs.

The Best Places To Buy Handmade Knives Online

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Craftsmanship of knives
  • Uniqueness and variety of knives
  • Website ease of use
  • The uniqueness of brand and story behind the brand
  • Responsiveness of customer support
THERE ARE THOUSANDS of places to buy handmade knives online. It was not easy to narrow it down to the top 12. After visiting and analyzing hundreds of places to buy handmade knives, HERE ARE THE TOP 12 PLACES TO BUY HANDMADE KNIVES ONLINE:

1) A.G Russell

A.G. Russell III founded A.G. Russell knives more than 50 years ago. He works alongside his wife Goldie to provide handmade knives and work within the US knife community.

This company puts emphasis on the satisfaction of the customer. They rigorously inspect their knives and use the highest quality materials.

A.G. Russell offers a wide variety of knives, such as boot knives, machetes, and bowie. This company also has folding knives, tools, and axes. You can look for knives based on their purpose, lock type and other specifications.

2) Arizona Custom Knives

Arizona Custom Knives has been in business for 25 years. Their custom knife selection is the biggest in the world. They also offer a consignment program for those looking to market their knives

The Arizona Custom Knives website operates as a reference tool and a store. This allows people to learn about knives and buy the ones that interest them. There are more than 85,000 listings to choose from.

Every day at 3:30 Eastern time, they list new knives so that there is always a diverse selection to choose from. You can create an individual account to access pricing and products.

3) Fiddleback Forge

In most cases, the handmade knives at Fiddleback Forge are one-of-a-kind. The company offers over 100 different models. Most of the knives that they offer focus on outdoor and bushcraft use.

The company got its start in 2007 in Andy Roy’s garage. He eventually created a basement shop where he created six knives a week. As of 2018, Roy started to create a new knife line that features designs by him, Dylan Fletcher and other knifemakers.

Their handmade knives are all made in the USA. The people making the knives are experienced craftsman who are the top people in their trade.

4) Sunrise Custom Knives

Jay Maines started Sunrise Custom Knives. He started making handmade knives in his knife shop 30 years ago. He is a Vietnam vet and 72 years old.

Sunrise Custom Knives has a variety of fixed blade knives with at least 50 types to choose from. In addition to these options, they also offer restoration and repair services for most fixed blade knives. Jay takes great pride in bringing someone’s old knives back to life.

The owner Jay ensures that each knife is functional and strong since he builds them one at a time. You can find an array of knives with Sunrise Custom Knives. These include knives for campers and hunters, combat knives, fish fillets, combat knives, kitchen and chef knives, hog or wild boar hunting and display knives.

5) Treeman Knives

Treeman Knives has been producing handmade knives for more than 20 years. They are well-known throughout the world due to their quality. Everything is 100 percent handmade by the owner Jim and Rocco, the sole employee.

The knives from this company have been featured in magazines. They make each knife one by one to produce an average of 300 to 500 per year.

This company started selling knives online before eBay or PayPal. Jim, the owner, produces all of his knives in Michigan. He puts a strong emphasis on customer service and quality.

Treeman Knives’ designs are unique to ensure an original and authentic knife. They also buy and sell vintage and custom knives. The owner Jim is an authority on different knife brands, such as Ruana, Marbles and Morseth.

6) Mountain Hollow

J. Neilson is the founder of Mountain Hollow in northeastern Pennsylvania. He takes part in every aspect of the knife-making process. This includes laminate making, canister Damascus making and on-site heat treating.

Mountain Hollow offers a variety of handmade fixed blade knives, such as bowies, skinner and hunter styles and daggers. The founder J. Neilson has been working full-time on making knives for over 15 years but has been creating knives for more than 25 years.

Throughout the world, there are only about 110 Master Smiths with the American Bladesmith Society. The owner of this company is one of them. He also played a role on Forged in Fire on the history channel to help teach people more about bladesmithing.

7) L.T. Wright Knives

L.T. Wright Knives got started with the thought to create high-quality, trustworthy handcrafted knives. This company makes handmade knives in the United States. Before putting a knife in their selection, they test the changes in steel and the design.

This company has a team of people with a talent for knife making. L.T. wants to make sure that every person on his team is constantly getting better and striving for more when it comes to making knives.

The first knife released by the company was the Genesis. It is also the company’s most popular model.

8) Behring Made

James Behring is the owner of Behring Made. He spent six years in Michigan as an apprentice to learn how to make handmade custom knives. He now uses a holistic approach to knife utility, craftsmanship and design.

Approximately every two weeks, he puts new knives on the website. Every month, he sells about 150 knives. They ensure that each knife is unique and crafted from ethically-sourced materials.

The grinding of each blade is done freehand so that it has the proper cut and feels natural when you are holding it. James ensures that each knife is dependable and has its own personality.

One of his favorite knives is the Sambar Stag Alaskan. It features a hammermark finish, 4.5-inch blade, a stag handle and a brass guard.

9) Chelsea Miller Knives

Chelsea Miller creates handmade knives that connect her to her late father. She is one of few women in the knife-making business.

Chelsea grew up in deep rural Vermont where she learned the arts of carpentry and blacksmithing. After heading to New York to satisfy her thirst for art and excitement, she eventually returned to her roots. This is where she rediscovered her love of the workshop.

She produces knives that are simple. They are meant to cut items and you only need one hand to hold them.

10) Ferguson Knives

Lee Ferguson is responsible for Ferguson Knives. He creates a variety of custom knives using the finest materials. He matches the materials to the use of the knife.

Lee uses rosewood handles and tool steel blades. When someone receives their knife, it’s ready for use. They are simple to maintain and will hold their edge well.

Ferguson Knives offers a variety of knife styles, such as hunting knives, miniatures, art daggers, folding knives, and tactical knives. Lee always uses the best steels and materials that are manmade and natural. Most of the knives will have a handmade sheath with them.

11) Russian Knives

Russian Knives operates on the premise that they want to bring knives from post-USSP countries and Russia and provide them to the rest of the world. They are always looking for interesting and unusual knives to offer their customers.

The favorite knives of the Russian Knives team include the Kisten and the Finka NKVD. The Kisten is from a collaboration with Rosarms and Alexander Kisten. It has a practical blade with a plain edge that has an S-curve and a double edge. You can fully disassemble this knife.

The Finka NKVD is a multipurpose knife. It was created based on the knives that Soviet officers used. This knife features a nickeled brass guard and a stabilized walnut handle.

12) Town Cutler

Town Cutler creates handmade knives that they send directly to the buyer. There is no retailer or manufacturer playing a middle man in the process.

This company takes care of every element of the work, from sharpening to designing to taking care of customer service. Town Cutler has stores in Chicago and San Francisco as well as an online store.

The favorite items of the Town Cutler team come from their Classic Line. These knives have a refined finish and fit and they use AEB-L stainless steel. The handles are a stabilized buckeye burl for a unique look.

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