Top 10 Websites To Buy Handmade Pottery

top 10 websites to buy handmade pottery

Handmade pottery is diverse, making it ideal for any decorating scheme. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can also have custom designs so that it works perfectly for the recipient.

Learning more about the best places to get handmade pottery makes it easier to find the perfect piece. This also makes sure that the pottery that you receive is high in quality.

Top 10 Websites To Buy Handmade Pottery Online

1) Deneen Pottery

Deneen Pottery focuses on collaborating with their customers to create handmade pottery with integrity. They specialize in pottery mugs. Every mug that they create is kiln fired to 2,150 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 24 people who process each piece so that every mug is unique.

All of the Deneen Pottery mugs are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe. They do not contain any lead and they are food safe. This means that you can use them for food and beverages without having to worry about toxic issues.

The mug they love most is their Round Belly Mug. It holds up to 10 ounces, so that it is perfect for a cup of coffee. It is also easy to hold in your hands. It has an ergonomic quality that makes it comfortable to use.

As their mugs sell out every couple of months, they update their retail website. They always have something new to offer their customers as they frequently change out their colors and styles. There are more than 2,500 options to choose from.

2) Ephraim Pottery

Ephraim Pottery started 24 years ago. Founder Kevin Hicks was tired of the cubicle life and wanted to go back to something simpler and more creative. He established a ceramic studio. It is a hybrid studio that effortlessly combines modern artist autonomy with traditional factory-production pottery.

The process used unifies all of the pieces, but it is also clear that they have their own style. This company provides pottery that is sculpted, hand-thrown and finished with a variety of glazes that are in-house designs. They avoid technologies that take away the uniqueness of the artist’s hands.

Ephraim Pottery’s handmade pottery process ensures that every piece has its own personality. Customers can find an item that fits into the unique feel and personality of their own. With a variety of options and colors, their pottery also makes an ideal gift for even the pickiest of people.

Their Foretelling Vase is their bestselling piece at this time. It features hand-sculpted, low-relief raven rendering in a style that combines the American Craftsman and Art Nouveau. Among their favorite and most elevated design concepts are their Lyrical Poppy, Octopus Vase and Journey Lantern.

3) Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery uses simple tools and puts emphasis on old-world handmade pottery techniques. Their focus is on authenticity and the process. They believe that the core of their communities is the craftsman, the makers and the farmers. The cofounders are James and Zoe.

This company offers a variety of products, from items you use in the kitchen to an array of home décor items. You can also learn more about the pottery process and how it is made by signing up for one of their workshops.

There are different workshop events, with some being ideal for date night and others being more focused on creating a custom piece for your home. You can enjoy mimosas with friends while making a custom piece for your own home.

After creating your own unique handmade pottery, they will finish it for you and ship it. This ensures that the entire process is completed professionally so that your pottery lasts long-term.

4) Bennington Potters

Bennington Potters began in 1948 and was the brainchild of David Gil. Gil was determined to create and provide well-made ceramics. The company continues to carry on Gil’s initial mission and vision for the company to create handmade pottery that families can pass down through the generations.

Not only can you buy pottery, but you can also learn more about how it is made. This company takes a hands-on approach regarding the creation of pottery. Learn more about jiggering, chumming, jollying, burlapping and other techniques. Watch pottery being created from the forming, finishing and glazing processes.

This allows you to see exactly what goes into creating each piece. You can see the materials that the professionals use and the various techniques necessary to bring a piece of handmade pottery to life.

Bennington Potters offers 14 different glazes and 65 individual pieces to choose from. Find the perfect coffee mug or a great fruit bowl to use in your home. It is also easy to find an ideal gift for everyone on your list.

5) Georgetown Pottery

Georgetown Pottery got started in 1972. The company began in a cabin after being founded by college buddies John Okie and Jeff Peters. After finishing college, the duo moved to Maine to live a simpler life and to get creative with pottery.

The duo started making pots and selling them to a variety of people who passed their building on the way to the beach. This resulted in their items getting into the hands of people from all over the country. Eventually, John chose to start his own pottery shop.

Until 1980, John made all of his pieces using stoneware. However, at this time, he decided to switch to porcelain. While the work and mission remain the same, the company’s shape and size has changed a lot over the years. The quality of the items remains the same, but due to better knowledge and other changes, he was able to expand his offerings.

There are numerous products that you can find in the showroom. You can also go to the shop and get a tour to learn more about how the pottery is made. They will show you the equipment, tools and materials. This makes it easier to see exactly what goes into making something as seemingly simple as a mug. It is a painstaking process that ensures optimal quality.

6) Emerson Creek Pottery

Located in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Emerson Creek Pottery puts emphasis on quality and American tradition. They make a variety of dinnerware, kitchenware, bakeware and home décor. There is a strong emphasis on American tradition and creating items that people can keep in their families for years to come.

It was 1977 when Jim Leavitt founded this company. The pieces created by Emerson Creek Pottery have gained some fame due to being featured at the Smithsonian Institute and at Monticello and Mt. Vernon.

The factory outlet for this company is in a log cabin. It hosts the original fireplace, original log walls and three double barrel chimneys. This gives it a home-like and welcoming feel for everyone who wants to visit and find the perfect handmade pottery for their space.

The techniques and values this company embrace come from the Colonial times. This ensures the highest quality and items that are as unique as the people who purchase them.

This company loves every piece that they make. They are proud of the fact that all of their pottery is made in the USA and is free from cadmium and lead. They hand paint every piece so that it is unique. One of their most popular pieces is their Fields of Iris.

7) Baucum Pottery

Baucum Pottery is located in Memphis, Tennessee. This company operates on the principle that “art is love.” Every piece is unique and is created with decades of artistic ideas in mind. Brin and Dale Baucum are the founders of this company.

The owner of Baucum Pottery studied under some of the most influential people in the industry. This make it possible to get a unique look at what it takes to make a piece of pottery that really stands out.

This company celebrates a joining of two artists. They say that there are times when they cannot even remember who made what piece since they are so in sync with their art and vision.

Baucum Pottery offers a variety of products that they make with their own hands. Each item has its own personality. They use an array of techniques and tools to ensure that all pottery can tell a story.

8) Prairie Fire Pottery

Prairie Fire Pottery says that their products are known for their exceptional color depth. They put emphasis on using a variety of vivid, rich colors along with original glaze recipes. This ensures that the hue of each color used is perfectly captured.

For more than 30 years, this company has been producing pottery. They also have a physical showroom located in western North Dakota. They have receive accolades from Google, Pure Wow and Architectural Digest.

Once they add the glaze to each piece, they kiln fire it at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that all pottery has exceptional durability and strength. The pieces have a delicate look, but they are strong enough to easily handle daily use.

Prairie Fire Pottery uses multiple techniques, such as hand-building, wheel-throwing and pressing to create their pieces. Stoneware clay is the material that they work with the most. Every piece that they produce is handmade and free from lead. All pottery can be safely put into the dishwasher and microwave.

The bowls and mugs at Prairie Fire Pottery are among their most popular pieces. They put emphasis on excellent customer service. They include a “thank you” gift with each order and pack it professionally.

9) MudLOVE

MudLOVE started in 2009 in a small garage. At the time, all they had was a box of clay, an old stamp set and a dream to create handmade pottery that could help to support projects to bring clean water to Africa.

Since this time, their team has grown, allowing a variety of makers and artists to come together to produce pottery and help people who otherwise would not have access to clean water.

This company is partnered with Water for Good. Every time someone buys a piece of pottery, someone in need gets a week of clean water.

MudLOVE offers a variety of items from pottery to bracelets. All items are created using the highest quality techniques and materials.

10) Ben Wolff Pottery

Ben Wolff Pottery has received plenty of recognition for his work from celebrities, such as Martha Stewart. Throughout his entire life, art and pottery have surrounded him. He is a third-generation artist.

He has been creating pottery for stores and the public throughout the United States since 1999. His first design was his Milton Flower Pot. This is the piece that led to a career of creation and art. This pot works in any décor scheme due to its simplicity.

Every piece of pottery that Ben creates is handmade. He personally does all of the firing, signing, shipping and packing of every piece. He believes in offering a personable experience to all of his customers.

All of the pottery found at Ben Wolff Pottery has a uniqueness that you cannot find at other pottery stores. Once someone buys an item, it is not something they will ever likely come across again.

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