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Handmade soap has always been popular, but in the last decade, more and more people are turning to them because they are natural. They contain nourishing ingredients and scents that are not artificial. There are numerous vendors to choose from. Learning more about what is out there can help you to determine which handmade soap company creates the items that you want to use.

The Best Places To Buy Handmade Soap Online

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness and variety of soaps
  • Website ease of use
  • Uniqueness of brand and story behind brand
  • Responsiveness of customer support

NOTE: We contacted every handmade soap company that we considered for this list to see how fast their support staff answered. If we did not get a response, the company did not make the list. If a company cannot provide good customer support, then you should not buy from them.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS of places to buy handmade soap online. It was not easy to narrow it down to the top 25. After visiting and analyzing hundreds of online handmade soap stores, HERE ARE THE TOP 25 PLACES TO BUY HANDMADE SOAP ONLINE:

1) Chagrin Valley Soap And Salve

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve got started in 2001 by Ida Friedman, a former registered nurse and her husband.  Ida started the business by mistake when she was trying to find a natural way to help cure the symptoms of her husband’s eczema. This company officially became a full-time business in 2005.

This soap company started out small and grew by focusing on taking the chemicals out of hygiene products. They made their name by offering only pure, organic and healthy products.

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve offers a wide variety of products from bars of soap to lotion bars. All of their products use organic plant butters and oils, organic herbs, pure essential oils and spices. They now have over 375 products from handmade soaps to shampoo.

You can find Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve’s product at Whole Foods and on many other websites. However their main platform to sell their handmade soap is from their website.

2) Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Cam and Karina founded Rocky Mountain Soap Co. In the beginning, they had a 450 square foot facility, one employee and blind optimism. While it took time, the company blossomed and became the successful business that it is today.

They put a focus on all of their products being handmade with simple 100 percent natural ingredients. They offer soaps, face care, body care and hair products. Some of their soap options include pumpkin soap, aloe soap, juicy orange soap and lemongrass soap. None contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients so that they are gentle on the skin.

3) Lush USA

Lush USA creates a variety of handmade soap and other items for people who want to use natural items for hygiene and beauty. Beauty therapist Liz Weir and trichologist Mark Constantine are responsible for the birth of the company. It was 1996 when they opened the first Lush store. They are now all throughout North America with a total of 250 shops.

They have products in an array of categories, including bath and shower, face, fragrances, gifts, hair, body and makeup. Their soaps come in different forms, including bars and jellies. They also have bars of shampoo for people who want to ditch the bottle.

Some of the scents available include strawberry whip, lavender vida loca and cup o’ coffee. All of the products are created using sustainable techniques and natural ingredients to ensure high quality and a healthy experience for the skin.

4) The Soap Shed

The Soap Shed has been making handmade soap since 1998. They are located in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. When The Soap Shed got started, they were working in a backyard shed to experiment with different formulations to create their products. As of 2019, they have over 150 different soap varieties.

They offer modern scents and soaps that are historical. Some of their soaps are on the more luxurious side, such as their shea butter, goat milk and pure olive oil soaps. They also have a lye soap for those who want an effective clean when they shower.

This company makes sure that they always have every product in stock. Their line of products ensures that there is something for everyone, including men and women.

5) Aruba Aloe

Aruba Aloe was founded in 1890. Cornelis Eman is responsible for the beginnings of this brand. They focus on using aloe as the base for all of their products. They grow and use their own aloe to ensure that it is high in quality. The first retail store opened in Hato, Aruba in 2000.

All of the ingredients are natural. The aloe and other ingredients are also sourced in a sustainable manner. There are several options that are ideal for both men and women. Some of their bar soaps include the dream soap, active charcoal soap and rose clay soap.

6) A Wild Soap Bar

A Wild Soap Bar was founded in 1995. This company focuses on creating products from ingredients that are organically grown and wildcrafted. They want everything that they sell to be natural and safe for all people to use. A portion of their annual profits is donated to different organizations that help with sustainable living and to eradicate poverty throughout the world.

All of their items are biodegradable, minimally packaged, free from synthetic fragrance oils, moisturizing, cruelty free and free from harmful chemicals. Every vegetable oil that they use is certified organic. They also use sustainable palm oil. Some of their soaps include blue agave, desert sage and honey oat.

7) Soaptopia

Soaptopia got started in 2005 in Venice, California. Their goal is to fill the hearts and homes of their customers with moisturizing lathers, alluring scents and products with personality. All of the ingredients are eco-friendly and certified to ensure that they are completely natural and organic.

The creator of the company was looking for ways to deal with their allergies. They tried numerous products and could not find the perfect one. This inspired them to start making their own products that use natural, high-quality ingredients.

Soaptopia offers a variety of products for bath and body, from soaps to different moisturizers. Some of their handmade soap bars include citrus, floral and vanilla, lemon rosemary and candy cane.

8) Soap For Goodness Sake

Soap for Goodness Sake is a small family-owned business that got started about 17 years ago. The founder of the company now works full-time on the business with her husband John. They have a shop in Hot Springs National Park.

This handmade soap company makes a variety of products, including handmade organic soap, body and oral care, cosmetics, organic skin care and hair care. Their organic products only use natural and organic ingredients. There are no artificial scents, dyes or other harsh chemicals in them.

They offer bar and liquid soaps. This includes items for men and women, as well as soap that is gentle enough for washing your face. Some of their soaps include coconut oil, shea and oats and olive oil.

9) Falls River Soap

Falls River Soap is located in Ohio. They focus on creating all of their products in small batches so that they can control the quality. The process that they use to make their soaps has been handed down for generations. They work to use organic ingredients whenever it is possible.

This company uses herb-derived colorants, plant extract preservatives and essentials oils for natural fragrances. There are no synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservatives. They also use some interesting ingredients in some of their products, such as green tea, coffee and beer.

Their Himalayan Pink Salt and Bamboo Charcoal soap is the most popular option. This natural soap can be used for the body and the face. It is pink and gray, making it visually stunning as well as effective.

10) Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch has several handmade soap options that work for a variety of men. They are one of the few companies that focuses on making hygiene products specifically for men. Dr. Squatch wants to help men to ditch the chemicals and focus on replacing their conventional products with items that are natural and healthy.

They offer a variety of items, including products that men use to groom their beards. All of their scents are either fresh or rugged, making them ideal for men. Some of their bar soap scents include pine tar, gold moss and crisp IPA.

11) Emz Blendz

Emz Blends has been creating natural bath and body products since 1998. Their philosophy is that a bath can help people to take care of their soul and their body. Emz Blends handcrafts every product in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality. All of their ingredients are organic, all-natural and therapeutic quality.

This company is based in Ashland, Oregon. They use strict ecological standards when it comes to sourcing their ingredients and making their products. This ensures that their products and how they make them are always eco-friendly.

This handmade soap company offers several different product types for body care, hygiene and beauty. Some of their best sellers include their Face Food, Mango Tea Soap Bar, Blackberry Beeswax Soap and their Age Well Serum.

12) Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw Soaps puts a focus on adventure. The owner started the company after being tired of working in a cubicle and living the typical big city life. She said that when she had the scents of nature around her, she really felt alive. This is what led her to start creating soaps that were natural with the scents of nature.

They have numerous best-selling handmade soap items and other products, including their Clean Getaway Subscription Box, Blazing Saddles Soap Bar and Lust in the Dust Soap. Some of the owner’s favorite products are The Bandlands Solid Cologne and Calamity Jane Natural Lotion.

13) Soaplicity

Soaplicity creates an array of different handmade soap options. All of their products are made on the premise that when someone stays close to nature they are contributing to great health and skin. All of their ingredients are environmentally sustainable. They create everything in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality.

Soaplicity’s products are free from gluten, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and colors, sulfate and formaldehydes. The plastic they use to wrap their soaps is biodegradable. The containers they use for other products is 100 percent recyclable and partially recycled.

One of their most popular items is their Oasis Products. These work to help people with severely dry skin. Another popular choice is the Time Warp Products. These are ideal for people who want to treat their maturing skin.

14) Whiskey River Soap Co.

Whiskey River Soap Co. focuses on making candles and soap that smell great and bring a smile to people’s faces. They use funny labels and create their products locally. Their products are handmade and they use high-quality ingredients to ensure that the soaps and other items are good for the body.

The soaps made by this company often use catchy phrases as their names, such as “Drinking Buddies” and “Happy Campers.” They have several dozen scents that will allow people to enjoy a sense of nostalgia or find something new to bring a smile to their face when they take a bath or shower.

15) Elk River Soap Company

Elk River Soap Company is in Southwest Missouri. Their mission is to always produce the highest quality products because they create them in small batches. All of their ingredients are high in quality and natural.

This soap company offers multiple product types and scents to make it easy to find one that everyone will love. The owner of the company says that the Legend of the Seas is their favorite handmade soap. They say it is a hybrid soap that combines natural glycerin soap with cold processed soap. It’s an artistic bar that combines soft mimosa, apricot nectar, amber, vanilla musk, berries and precious woods.

16) Misty Mountain Soap Co.

Misty Mountain Soap Co. has been making handmade soap items for about 14 years. The business started in the founder’s kitchen, but today, they have three retail locations located in the Gatlinburg area. You can also purchase their products from their website.

All of their soaps use seven vegan oils, such as cocoa butter, avocado oil, shea butter and coconut oil. This ensures that the soap works to moisturize the skin while it cleans it. There are more than 40 bar soap varieties available.

Misty Mountain Soap Co. offers different soaps for different skin concerns. For example, people with acne might want to try the charcoal cleanser or teen clean soap. If someone has eczema or sensitive skin, they might consider the avocado soap. Their best-selling product is the Ache-No-More lotion and their avocado soap is their best-selling bar soap.

17) Good Earth Soap

The Good Earth Soap company started in 2001. Their initial startup was in a 1971 mobile home. In the beginning, the founder was working in their kitchen to create their first products. What began as an organic chemistry project, turned into soap company!

Good Earth Soap uses natural ingredients and sustainable production practices to make their products. Everything they make is biodegradable. Almost all of the packaging is compostable or recyclable. They also support various eco-friendly nonprofit organizations by giving back a portion of their profits.

This soap company offers a variety of soaps and candles. The soaps use a sustainable palm kernel oil and no synthetic dyes or fragrances. Some options include cedar and citrus, almond calendula and eucalyptus.

18) Pacha Soap

Pacha Soap works on the premise that they want to spread goodness throughout the world. They use ethical and transparent commerce all throughout their supply chain. They use some of their profits to support hygiene education and clean water initiatives.

This soap company offers a variety of products, including bar soap, bulk soap, gift sets and bundles, salt blocks, bath soaks and scrubs, froth bombs and whipped soap and scrub. During the holidays they may have limited edition scents.

Their bar soaps come in many options. Examples include charcoal and clay, almond goat’s milk, coconut milk and farmhouse cider. The ingredients are natural to help people reduce the chemicals they use in their lives.

19) STEM Handmade Soap

STEM Handmade Soap creates soap and they offer soap making classes. This company puts a focus on using high-quality ingredients that are good for the skin. They offer a wide variety of products, including:

  • Bar soap
  • Body butter
  • Gift sets
  • Foaming hand soap
  • Face care
  • Lotion
  • Sugar scrub
  • Lip balms
  • Home fragrance
  • Bath bombs
  • Men’s products
  • Soy candles
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pet products
  • Bath accessories
  • Home items
  • Deodorant

Every month they have two limited scents. As each new month comes, they work on two different scents. This helps to keep their items fresh and unique. When someone orders, they get free samples so that they can explore new items and scents.

20) Humphreys Street

Humphreys Street is a social enterprise that sells handmade soap. Located in South Nashville, this company was created due to the founder wanting to create jobs and help people to become leaders in the community. They also wanted to teach people job skills and empower young people.

Their soaps are carefully crafted using ingredients that are natural and high in quality. One of the favorite items is their mandarin cedarwood liquid soap. The company says that this product is their best seller. It’s made with a blend of five essential oils.

21) Mountain Madness Soap

Mountain Madness Soap focuses on staying true to their grassroots origins. They got started in the mid-2000s in North Pole, Alaska. They experimented and created formulations in the kitchen in the early days.

This company has a natural and green focus. They use quality organic ingredients and their manufacturing methods are eco-friendly. This company sells a variety of handmade items in several categories, including:

  • Bath fizzies and bombs
  • Hair care
  • Facial care
  • Soap
  • Moisturizers
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Deodorant and perfume oil
  • Refresher and cleaner sprays
  • Men’s products
  • Gift sets
  • Lip care
  • Bubble bath
  • Essential oils and blends
  • Accessories
  • Shirts, bags and hats
  • Subscription boxes

They also believe in helping their local community and focus on giving back to help people by using a portion of their profits.

One of their favorite items is their Goddess line. This is a collection of products that includes soap, sugar scrub cubes, room refresher spray, bath bombs, deodorant, body butter and perfume oil. This line includes scents of vanilla, amber and chocolate.

22) sammysoap

Sammysoap creates handmade soap using methods and materials that are committed to a clean planet, human health and wage equality. All of the ingredients are therapeutic quality, cleanly processed, 100 percent natural and sustainable.

This soap company sells sampler packs, gift boxes, spa wrappers and novelty wrappers. They also have a variety of products including some that are ideal for pets, babies and repelling mosquitos. There are no artificial ingredients in their products and their packaging has no impact on the environment.

All of the sammysoap scents are natural and they use no added fragrances.

One of the most important aspects of sammysoap is that they focus on social commerce and providing opportunities for all people. The owner pays real wages to those working for the company.

23) Little Flower Soap

Little Flower Soap is in Michigan and it was founded in 2010 by Justin and Holly Rutt. Their goal is to create handmade soaps that are natural, effective, smell amazing, healing and perfectly packaged.

They make their soaps in small batches using a cold processing method and heirloom techniques. They use a variety of high-quality botanicals, minerals and essential oils. Examples include organic rosemary leaf, organic cocoa butter, organic lavender flowers and shea butter.

All of the essential oils used by Little Flower Soap are NAHA Certified. They use recycled paper from fabric scraps to wrap their soap bars.

24) Brianna’s Handmade Soap

Brianna Soap has an online shop where you can shop for their items. Everything that they sell are Leaping Bunny and PETA certified. They only produce items that are cruelty-free and vegan. The shop owner donates five percent of the company profits to farm animal sanctuaries.

The soaps come in a variety of scents, such as rosemary peppermint, lavender blossom and green tea lemongrass. The products only contain natural ingredients. The base of the soap includes palm oil, olive oil and coconut oil. This ensures a rich lather, thorough clean and moisturization.

Brianna Soap’s scents are from plant-based ingredients and essential oils. The soaps do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

25) Cream City Soap Company

Cream City Soap Company is a small handmade soap company. They provide nationwide shipping, but their primary markets are Chicago and Milwaukee. They also have a retail shop that recently opened.

This company focuses on being transparent about what they put in their soaps so that customers understand exactly what they’re using. To reduce packaging waste, they have “naked” soaps. Their soaps are water-free so that they do not have to use preservatives in their items.

Cream City Soap Company also has solid hair bars. This eliminates the need for a bottle and will not cause problems with TSA when someone takes them on flights. Most items are vegan, but a few soaps have honey and beeswax.

This soap company does not use artificial colors or fragrances. This includes using a natural lavender scent.



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  3. There are thousands of homemade soap vendors who are making soaps as good or better than the ones listed here. They are available at farmer’s markets, crafts shows, Etsy, and outlets such as Whole Foods. The soap vendors you list have better marketing, not necessarily better soaps. If you must list handmade soap vendors, you should regularly add to or update the list additional vendors.

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