Top 10 Websites To Buy Custom and Handmade Swords

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Custom swords and handmade swords are ideal gifts for collectors and those in professions where swords and handmade knives are used. These items can be made with specific colors, engravings and styles to fit any occasion or a person’s preferences.

To ensure that you get the exact custom swords and handmade swords you are looking for, the first step is picking the right person to make it. A sword buying guide can also help you if you are just learning about swords.

The Best Places To Buy Custom and Handmade Swords

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Craftsmanship of swords
  • Uniqueness and variety of swords
  • Website ease of use
  • Uniqueness of brand and story behind brand
  • Responsiveness of customer support
THERE ARE HUNDREDS of places to buy handmade swords online. It was not easy to narrow it down to the top 10. After visiting and analyzing hundreds of places to buy handmade swords, HERE ARE THE TOP 10 PLACES TO BUY CUSTOM AND HANDMADE SWORDS ONLINE:

1) Kult of Athena

At the top of our list is Kult of Athena.

Kult of Athena fills their own orders so that the custom swords are not passed around or dropshipped. Their handmade swords are thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest level of quality.

If the swords produced by Kult of Athena do not meet their quality standards, they use discount categories and absorb the loss so that the you will never pay for something you did not order. This sword company keeps their prices low and they will beat or match prices from competitors. This means you will never have to pay more than you need to.

The selection of swords from Kult of Athena is the largest in the world. They also carry more brands than any other website or store. This makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without needing to research multiple vendors.

With 20 years of experience in the sword business, the people at Kult of Athena can answer all of your questions and help you to choose the products that meet your needs (including cheap swords). In addition to selling swords, they also buy them, and offer customization, sharpening and fixing services for customers.

2) Museum Replicas

Museum Replicas is part of the Atlanta Cutlery Corp which began in 1971. In the beginning, they had a mail order catalog company that sold hard-to-find knife making supplies and knives, and military surplus items.

The staff at this company are historical weapons experts, as well as experts in design and research. This ensures that the swords that you get are accurate for the time period. They create custom swords that are from modern times, as well as from Greek, Renaissance and medieval times.

Museum Replicas sell handmade swords and other products that match different time periods. These products include other battle weapons, sculptures, jewelry and armor.

This company also offers an embroidery services for different garments that you can have made for a specific time period. They offer a price match guarantee so that you are getting the best price for your items.

3) Fable Blades

Fable Blades creates custom swords for people all over the world. Their handmade swords are heirloom quality and made according to the customer’s exact specifications.

When you order a sword from this company, you only deal with the owner. You do not have to worry about talking to several people and your request getting lost among multiple associates.

This company is located in Western Australia, and he creates all of the swords by hand. He has passion for sword making. This ensures that every sword gets his full focus when he is working on it.

The owner Brendan says that his Path of Lies sword is among his favorite pieces. He says that it shows off carefully crafted metal, wood and leather to show the true quality of the materials and his work.

4) Albion Swords

Albion swords creates handmade swords that are museum quality and limited edition. Peter Johnsson designs all of the swords. He is an author, researcher and Swedish swordsmith.

Peter painstakingly recreates swords from different time periods. They do not just look like the time period the sword was originally from, but they also perform and feel like their intended time period.

All swords are made to exact design specifications. These swords can be used for decorative purposes or for those who take part in time period reenactments.

Every sword is a unique collector’s item and is limited edition. This company makes each sword individually and does not mass produce any of their products.

The swords are made in America using the best materials. Albion Swords can replicate even the smallest details to ensure the historical accuracy of every sword.

5) CAS Iberia

CAS Iberia provides high-quality swords, reenactment gear and knives to collectors, martial arts practitioners, enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that every item they sell is the highest quality possible.

More than 30 years ago, the company started to import quality knives from Spain. They are now one of the biggest swords, knives, sparring and fantasy swords/gear and reenactment items wholesale distributors. CAS Iberia sells their products all over the world.

Over the years, this sword company started to partner with other brands and companies to expand the products that they offer. They have their house brand and other brand examples include Dragon King, Kingston Arms and Red Dragon Armoury.

CAS Iberia offers an extensive selection of products for people who engage in live-action role-playing and fantasy. Their swords and other items can be used or put on display.

6) Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher focuses on creating museum quality scabbards and swords. Their sword lines include Next Generation, Heroic Line and Museum Line swords. They have Roman and Medieval scabbards. You can also find sword belts on their website.

Christian Fletcher’s Heroin Line uses Albion Swords for their blades. These swords are exclusive. The Museum Line is a collection of swords that are recreations of those from other time periods. Their Next Generation line of swords is based on museum research and they are fully functional.

The Roman scabbards from Christian Fletcher use designs based on Roman history. The Medieval scabbards are handmade, and they use a variety of different fittings and features.

All of their products use high-quality materials and they are meticulously designed. This ensures that the designs are historically accurate and made to last.

7) Arms and Armour

Arms and Armour make all of their swords in their shop. They use original pieces as inspiration for the swords that they produce. Their main focus is on making sure that their products have the same feel and look of medieval swords. They create multiple styles from this era.

Arms and Armour swords are handmade so there are some unique elements to all of them. They want to replicate swords that are high in quality and fully represent the time period the sword was originally made in. This allows you to have a piece of history.

One of their favorite handmade swords is their Anglo-Saxon Sword. This product is ideal for practice cutting and for training. It fits the period well and has the unique elements that you would expect to see in a sword from this era.

8) Valiant Armoury

Valiant Armoury is a two-man operation that is run by father and son duo Sonny and Zach. They offer two primary blade types, including their Special Edition and Signature Edition lines. This sword company use imported blades that are specially forged just for them.

The Valiant Armoury blades use a 1060 carbon spring steel. All other sword elements are made in Texas. A local foundry casts these parts. In their shop, Sonny and Zach make the wood cores so that they are custom and high in quality. The leather work is also done in their shop, including the dyeing since they do not use pre-dyed leather.

One of their best swords is the Craftsman series. These handmade swords are made to exact specifications. Sonny or Zach do all of the bladework themselves on these custom swords.

Valiant Armoury does all of the heat treating in-house so that they are able to have full control over the process. This ensures optimal durability and resilience for every sword.

This company has been making swords for almost 12 years. In addition to high-quality products, they also put emphasis on excellent customer service.

9) Reliks

Reliks is located in Canada and they sell a variety of knives, swords and other collectibles. They have a variety of styles from medieval designs to those that are modern. The staff of Reliks deeply appreciate history and want to make sure that their historical designs are accurate, so they conduct extensive research before making their products.

The Reliks business operates as a family type company. They involve every member of their team in all elements of their business to make sure that all people are on the same page. This helps to ensure that everything that they produce is high in quality.

Chris Howard and Jamie Meiklejohn registered their business in 2000. They went from collecting swords to providing them to others. They focus on providing exclusive products to their customers so that they can find the best knives, collectibles and swords in the industry.

10) Bronze by Jeffrey J. Robinson

Bronze by Jeffrey J. Robinson focuses on making a variety of bronze products, including custom blades and sword fittings. They use the bronze material since it represents delicacy and lightness while also being strong and rich.

This sword seller can work with different patinas so that you get the exact look you are seeking. They can create an array of custom blades based on your exact specifications, plus, can also customize a hilt for your blade to ensure a personalized knife or sword.

Bronze by Jeffrey J. Robinson swords come in long designs and some designs that are extreme or unusual. They use a tempered and hardened high carbon steel for their blades to ensure optimal quality.

In addition to swords and knives, this sword seller has other services too, such as mold making, replicating antique parts, refinishing or maintaining bronze items, repairing antique parts and casting


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