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Holzfforma Chainsaw Review

Holzfforma Chainsaw Review

Holzfforma Chainsaw Review

From small garden jobs to commercial forestry, a powerful chainsaw is integral to cutting through the thickest materials. Choosing the right chainsaw can be the difference between a project disaster and an easy, successful job well done.

Depending on your chainsaw preferences, the Holzfforma G660 may be your best fit. We have a thorough review of the product, complete with a pros and cons list. This review can help you determine if you should add this cutting tool to your online shopping cart. Factors like engine power, speed, weight, and cost-effectiveness are also discussed.

Looking to buy a new chainsaw? Keep reading to learn more about the Holzfforma G660 and find out if it is the optimal power tool for you!

What Are Holzfforma Chainsaws?

Holzfforma chainsaws are like any other typical chainsaw. A powerful cutting tool with teeth on a chain attached to a blade. Chainsaws easily cut through fallen trees, prune tree branches, and mill wood slabs.

How Are Holzfforma Chainsaws Unique?

What sets Holzfforma chainsaws apart from other brands is their affordable price point. Especially for their power. These chainsaws are generally in the $200-$500 price range. While their competitors can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Specifically, the Holfforma G660 chainsaw retails for around $351 on sites like Amazon.

Holzfforma chainsaws can be a good option for novice chainsaw users looking to get the most bang for their buck. Or for seasoned professionals that need something powerful for their commercial work.

Who Makes Holzfforma Chainsaws?

Further, Farmertec is the company that makes Holzfforma chainsaws and sells them. Located in China, Farmertec specializes in manufacturing and exporting power machinery, accessories, and spare parts.


  • Provides excellent power
  • Smooth cuts
  • Tackles large trees and forestry with ease
  • Professional/commercial-grade chainsaw
  • Responsive customer service


  • Heavy and bulky to lift
  • Cheap material
  • Not ideal for many everyday tasks
  • Repairs to chainsaw parts are likely

Features and Benefits of the Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw

This is an overview of several important features the Holzfforma G660 chainsaw offers.


The Hozlfforma G660 has a 92cc engine that is quite powerful.

This chainsaw can cut through giant trees, branches, and trunks. It is an exceptional choice for commercial or professional use.

The 92cc engine also helps provide a smooth cut, creating a pleasant and effective user experience.


The intense speed of the Hozlfforma G660 makes it a powerful and sought-after tool for any chainsaw collection.

To start, when you turn on the chainsaw, the engine begins at a speed of about 2,500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

At maximum speed, it reaches a peak speed of about 13,500 extremely-fast RPM.

Bar and Chain

Whether you buy this tool on Amazon or directly from Farmertec’s website, it does not come with a bar or chain. You must buy these attachments separately.

But, many durable bars and chain options are available on Farmertec’s website for optimal chainsaw cutting performance.


Excluding the bar and chain, the Hozlfforma G660 weighs about 8kgs or roughly 17 and a half pounds. This weight is quite hefty in terms of other standard chainsaws on the market.

Since this chainsaw weighs so much, you may have difficulties lifting and moving it from one area to another.

This excessive weight means you will likely feel more fatigued after using this chainsaw compared to others. But that weight is necessary for the Hozlfforma G660 to handle intense commercial feats.


On both the Amazon page and Farmertec’s official website, there are no mentions of safety measures related to this chainsaw. This is unfortunate. Because over 28,000 chainsaw injuries happen each year in the United States alone.

Remember to take proper precautions before and while using cutting tools to protect yourself and others.


The Hozlfforma G660 is a decent choice if you are looking for a cheaper yet effective alternative to popular chainsaw brands. Hozlfforma’s typically cost around a third of the price.

Is the Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw Right for You?

Now that you have read this Holzfforma G660 chainsaw review, you can decide if it is the right power-driven cutting tool for you. We recommend it as a cheaper alternative compared to other chainsaw brands. We also recommend it if you are looking for a chainsaw to use for commercial or professional purposes.

Holzfforma’s operate like any other chainsaw. And they are an affordable power tool option. You can use them for any chainsaw-related task. But they perform especially well for large-scale commercial work.

Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw FAQs

Below are a few commonly asked questions about the Holzfforma G660 chainsaw. Including intended uses, return policies, and repairs.

What are the best uses for the Holzfforma Chainsaw?

The best uses for the Holzfforma G660 are farming, land clearing, milling, and pruning large trees.

This chainsaw is best for professional/commercial uses due to its high power and weight. But home users may find it beneficial, too.

What is Farmertec’s warranty and return policy?

Farmertec’s policy page says they provide a seven-day product guarantee. If you receive your chainsaw unusable for any reason, you can either exchange it for a new item or ask for a refund. If you want to exchange, the company with reimburse your shipping costs.

Farmertec also offers a 30-day product return policy. If you are not happy with your chainsaw or any purchase from the company, you can return it for a partial refund if the product is still in quality condition. You will have to pay shipping fees to return the product for this option.

What if my chainsaw needs repairs?

If your chainsaw needs repairs, Farmertec provides several options. If the powerhead needs replacement, the average user has a six-month repair period. Commercial users have three months. Aftermarket part repairs also have a six-month repair period.


If you want to know more about cordless chainsaws, check out the 5 Cordless Chainsaws For Every Budget.



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