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How to Gift During a Pandemic

Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide: How to Gift During a Pandemic

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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide: How to Gift During a Pandemic

It can be hard planning a romantic Valentine’s Day at the best of times, and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly hasn’t made things easier.

Are you having trouble figuring how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Let’s go through how to successfully do gift giving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ordering Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

Ordering online is the easiest and safest way to give gifts during the pandemic. There are hundreds of different options, and you’ll be able to have the gift shipped right to your loved one’s home.

That way, you’ll cut down on the amount of contact either of you will have to have with the outside world, reducing your risk of infection.

Most major retail outlets offer online shopping options. You can also look for smaller retailers, like individual businesses on Etsy. If your loved one likes to support causes, you can always purchase their present somewhere that supports their beliefs — for example, at one of the many black-owned businesses available.

Do Something Virtual For Valentine’s Day

Giving your loved one something online can be a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the pandemic. You can order tickets to an online event, like a concert, so that you and your partner can enjoy Valentine’s Day together.

Or, you can plan a romantic Zoom date. Order dinner on one of many apps, like UberEats, from one of your partner’s favorite restaurants. Or create a homecooked meal and put it on their doorstep. You could even purchase a meal kit for each of you so that you can cook together virtually!

You can also buy digital gifts this Valentine’s Day. Sign your loved one up for the streaming service of their choice. Send them a digital gift card to one of their favorite stores.

Sign them up for a subscription to Amazon Prime, a meal delivery service, or a subscription box kit. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to gifts you can purchase for your loved one online this Valentine’s Day.

You can even pick something romantic, like a wine subscription delivery service, so they’ll be able to sample beautiful wines from around the world. Or, if your loved one is a fan of something, in particular, you can keep that in mind.

For example, if your partner is a big reader, sign them up for a book of the month club. If they love exotic snacks, there are plenty of snack boxes that will bring you delicious treats from around the world. The possibilities are truly endless — you’ll just have to do your research and find the right fit for your partner.

Put Together a Care Package

A carefully-curated care packaged can be a wonderful way to show someone how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day. There are lots of little gifts that you can add to your package. Here are a few examples:

  • Chocolates
  • Stuffed animals
  • Framed photos or photo albums
  • Alcohol or drink kits
  • Their favorite candies
  • Scented candles
  • Jewelry, including homemade jewelry
  • Electronics, like Airpods or other wireless headphones
  • Foot massagers or other personal care items
  • Coffee, tea, or other beverages
  • Slippers, robes, and comfy home items
  • A gift certificate for a trip (when it’s safe and COVID-free, of course)
  • Clothing, shoes, purses, and other fashion items
  • Perfume and cosmetics

Of course, you’ll need to personalize your choice based on your partner. Make sure that you consider their interests, likes and dislikes, and any allergies that they may have when you’re putting together your care package.

Surprise Them This Valentine’s Day

Every once in a while, spontaneity is called for. Ordering surprise flowers for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day is sure to sweep them off their feet.

People also like hearing how you really feel. Pen a heartfelt letter or postcard sharing your true feelings for them, and they’ll never forget your beautiful sentiments.

If your loved one is a fan of a specific celebrity, you can always use Cameo to order a special message from one of the people they stan this Valentine’s Day.

Plan Your Valentine’s Day Gift In Advance

You should never wait till the last second when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. That’s especially true nowadays, with the pandemic. The pandemic has caused mail delays throughout the country and the world. You should do your best to start your Valentine’s Day ordering in January to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And, make sure you’re budgeting enough money to pull off your holiday strategy. Because of the delays, there can be extra shipping fees and the like, which can complicate your journey. And, if you’re ordering internationally, make sure you include duties and other taxes into your budget equation!

Just make sure wherever you order gifts from will allow you to note the occasion the gift is for on the packaging. That way, your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t mistake their present for their latest Amazon order and open it by mistake!

Gift Giving During the Pandemic: It’s a Snap

Clearly, it’s not as difficult as you think to successfully pull off gift-giving during the Pandemic for Valentine’s Day. You just need to follow the above steps, and you’ll be pulling a beautiful and romantic pandemic Valentine’s Day with very little stress and tons of love.

Are you looking for more tips on celebrating your favorite holidays? Check out our website for the top places to buy and even more tips and tricks to help you out.

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