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Top 7 Websites To Buy Sustainable And Organic Clothing

sdfBuying organic and sustainable clothing is a socially responsible way to help save our planet. There are many reasons to wear sustainable clothing, including:

  • It’s a much better choice for the earth with less chemicals being used in production
  • Farmers and producers benefit because it helps them to receive better working standards and fair wages
  • Much better to wear against the skin because harmful chemicals are not used
  • It just last much longer
  • It feels great when wearing it

Since you can see that buying and wearing sustainable clothing is better for us and the environment, all you need to know is where to buy it! That’s why we scoured the web to find the best places to buy organic clothing online.

The Best Places To Buy Organic Clothing

We chose these award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to sustainable practices
  • Commitment to Fair Trade and paying Fair Wages
  • Uniqueness and variety of clothing line
  • Website ease of use
  • Uniqueness of brand and story behind brand
  • Responsiveness of customer support

[su_note note_color=”#D4DFF8″ text_color=”#111111″ radius=”1″]THERE ARE HUNDREDS of places to buy organic clothing online. After analyzing hundreds of sustainable clothing websites, HERE ARE THE TOP 7 PLACES TO BUY ORGANIC CLOTHING ONLINE:[/su_note]

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Rawganique had its beginnings in 1997. The company was founded by off-grid island homesteaders in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Denman Island. Their whole mission is to create the absolute purist organic clothing and home products on the market. All of their products are made from natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp. Everything made by Rawganique is created in small sweatshop-free workshops in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe.

The thing that makes Rawganique products genuinely unique is that everything is chemical-free. The company is also doing its best to ensure that all of their products are as elastic-free, plastic-free, and as sustainable as possible. This organic clothing company is the only one working with organic European-hemp. Many companies use chemically processed Chinese hemp that is made in sweatshops.

Rawganique was also the first to create 100% hemp knitted clothing products and elastic-free 100% hemp undies for men and women.

This organic clothing company has 1,200 different products on their website, so their selection is vast.

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2) Maggie’s Organics

Maggie’s Organics has a long track record. For over 26 years, Maggie’s Organics has had a mission to provide beautiful, functional, and affordable socks, clothing, and accessories to their customers.

This organic clothing company works directly with farmers who produce the organic cotton and organic wool used in their products. That helps to guarantee the farmers a stable price and also gives the customers the highest quality possible – this is called Real Fair Trade.

Maggie’s Organics process their organic wool tops from beginning to end. They invest over 3 months just for the yarn used to make their Hiking socks! This shows that they are committed to Fair Trade.

On top of this, Maggie’s Organics received the highest ranking of 300 apparel brands for fair and transparent supply chains in a U.S. Department of State study.

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3) Faerie’s Dance

Faerie’s Dance is an organic clothing company started by Adrienne Catone in 2005. They have been creating sustainable clothing for many years and have stood the test of time.

Not only does Faerie’s Dance carry many U.S.A. brands, but they also stock several European brands that can’t be found anywhere else in the U.S.A.

This organic clothing company has one of the largest selections of sustainable organic clothing that you will find anywhere. With over 1,200 organic, eco-friendly and natural fabric product options to choose from, very few organic clothing companies can match what they offer.

Faerie’s Dance prices all of their products from US-based manufacturer’s at least 10% below MSRP every day, so customers don’t need to wait for a sale to know they’re getting a good deal.

Not only are all of their products eco-friendly, but this organic clothing company also cares about ethical production. All of their products are ethically made without the use of sweatshops or child labor. Their farmers and sewists get paid living wages, and many of their products have been third-party certified by the Fair Trade federation.

Best of all, Faerie’s Dance gives 1% of its gross sales to environmental charities. They’ve even had a few bad years where they didn’t make a profit, but they always pay our charities first.

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4) Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo was started by Robert Behnke and a group of other like-minded individuals who had one mission; they wanted to create high-quality clothing while paying their workers a living wage. It was founded to change the way the clothing industry works.

While there may be many places to buy organic clothing, oftentimes, the organic cotton is knit into cheap materials that don’t hold up well over time. Fair Indigo uses only the best quality organic fibers – Peruvian Pima cotton, the softest, and longest-lasting cotton on the planet. Only 0.005% of the cotton grown on earth is organic Pima cotton. This means Fair Indigo garments will wash and wear beautifully for many years.

If sustainability is one of the motivating factors in choosing organic, Fair Indigo believes product longevity is a critical component to being truly sustainable.

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5) earth creations

Founded by Joy Maples and Martin Ledvina, earth creations has become a leader in the organic clothing and sustainable clothing industry.

What makes this organic clothing shop so unique? Their women’s clothing is entirely made and designed in the U.S.A. They also use U.S.A. sustainable knitted fabrics, and all of their garments are sewn in the South. Then, they dye everything themselves.

Earth creations is committed to providing low carbon footprint sustainable clothing that is fashionable. They do this by using natural clay plus low impact dyes. They then combine this with eco-friendly organic hemp and organic cotton. This creates colorful clothing for everyone that is also great for the environment!

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6) Texture Clothing

Teresa Remple started texture Clothing because she couldn’t find quality handmade clothing that fit her pear-shaped curves. She desired to create quality, sustainable clothing to fit women with curves.

The main focus of this clothing company is on organic as well as sustainable materials like hemp and cotton. They also strive toward zero-waste; several of their accessories were designed to use their scrap fabric to minimize what goes to the landfill. Plus, they also sell their scraps to others who use them for crafts! They’re genuinely doing their best to keep everything they do as eco-friendly as possible.

Manufacturing for Texture Clothing is done locally, with all of the cutting done in their small factory in Bellingham, WA. The sewing is then done in Seattle, WA.

This entire sustainable clothing brand is run by women.

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7) Sweet Skins

Sweet Skins was started by Mira Fannin in 2004. Mira was a single mom of three and she started by sewing the complete line by herself in her garage studio and selling it at the Saturday Market in her town.

Mira grew the business from there, and they now do everything under one roof from their warehouse/studio in Eugene, Oregon.

This organic clothing company specializes in organic hemp and hemp cotton blends.

Mira continues to grow Sweet Skins with a mission of an unyielding commitment to being socially responsible.

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  1. Great list of organic clothing sites. I have purchased from several of these websites before. Maggie’s Organics is incredible. Would highly recommend them!

  2. Rawganique is a great place to buy organic clothes. They have a huge section and the quality is second to none.

  3. Glad to see Faerie’s Dance made the list! Great place to buy sustainable clothing. I have shopped there for baby clothes several times and they are adorable!

  4. Just saw this list and really love these sites! I have purchased from Maggie’s Organics several times, socks, leggings, and several dresses. Everything was so comfortable and great quality.

    I also have used Rawganique and Fair Indigo, both are great. First time I have heard of Faerie’s Dance and Sweet Skins but their products look amazing. Will have to buy from them to see what they’re like.

  5. I’m an organic fanatic. Food and clothes. I have two favorites on this list, Fair Indigo and Rawganique. Both quality. Will have to shop at these others mentioned.

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