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14 Plastic Toy Swords for Your Gift Shopping [2023]

14 Plastic Toy Swords for Your Gift Shopping [2023] 1

14 Best Plastic Toy Swords for Your Gift Shopping

Whether you need to complete a Halloween outfit, do a cosplay of a sword-wielding character, or just want to surprise your child with a fun toy sword, plastic toy swords are a fantastic choice.


They’re lightweight, affordable, and available in various styles and lengths. Even better, some include kid-friendly features like motion-activated lights.


If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a fake sword—or several—you’ll want to consider choosing any of the following options!

1. Wonder Woman Sword

A plastic recreation of the Sword of Athen (Wonder Woman’s sword) could be an excellent investment, especially if you’re trying to complete a faithful cosplay of Princess Diana of Themyscira. 


This sword features a detailed plastic hilt and “blade,” recreating the iconic look of the sword shown in the 2017 film. And at 2.3 feet in length (0.7m), it’s the ideal size for teens and adults.

2. Shiny Hero Sword

Most plastic toy swords feature dull gray blades, but this shiny sword has a reflective metallic blade. As such, it’s slightly more realistic-looking than other fake swords. 


The gold-colored plastic hilt is also metallic, and the pommel features a costume jewelry ruby for added elegance. This sword is fit for any hero, though due to its 2ft (0.6) length, it’s probably best suited to pre-teens and teens.

3. Legend of Zelda Sword

This Legend of Zelda sword is a ton of fun for adults and children! It’s a recreation of the iconic Master Sword, though it’s not sharp enough to smash pots while looking for rupees (which is good news for those with potted plants).


It comes with a classic gold-and-blue Triforce scabbard and looks great as a display item or costume accessory.

4. Light-Up Ninja Swords

When little ninjas go trick-or-treating or attend Halloween parties, these plastic weapons provide a little comforting light to keep their spirits up. One has a bright blue light, while the other glows several colors for a gentle rainbow effect.

5. Medieval Sword With Sheath

Though this medieval sword might not look natural on a peasant costume, it’s decadent-looking enough to fit the outfit of a king, knight, or crusader. 


This plastic medieval sword definitely makes a statement, with a decorated handle that features a general coat of arms and a gold-colored sheath. This sheath even has an opening for belts, so you can slide it onto your costume belt to finish your extravagant medieval look.

6. Gladiator Sword and Shield

Few fake swords come with a matching shield, but this Gladiator-themed set is an exception. Instead, the shield has a built-in slot ideal for holding the Roman-style sword. This sword-and-shield combo is a top-notch choice for adults dressing up as gladiators or Roman soldiers. 

7. Musketeer Fencing Sword

True musketeer swords had pointed tips and razor-sharp sides, and only the most skilled soldiers could wield them. But this plastic version is far safer and easier to handle thanks to its ball tip and smooth, rounded blade.


If you’re planning on dressing up as a musketeer, you’ll want to consider choosing this plastic fencing sword. Because it’s plastic (with no sharp points), it’s a fantastic choice for major cosplay events.

8. Pirate Sword and Pistol

Plastic toy swords are made even better when they’re paired with toy pistols, especially when you’re preparing for a pirate-themed party. So you can save time and energy by selecting a shimmering metallic plastic sword-pistol set like this one!


Unlike simple fake swords, these toys have shiny gold and silver exteriors that draw the eye. At 2.3 feet (0.7m) long, it looks slightly oversized when held by a child or pre-teen but much shorter when held by older teens and adults.

9. Dark Viking Sword

This sword is a recreation of the one used by Lagertha Lothbrok in the Vikings television series and features a jet-black blade. Though it’s not durable enough for play fighting, it could be an excellent accessory for adults cosplaying any Viking character. 

10. Ninja Training Sword

This ninja training sword is undoubtedly one of the most durable and stylish fake swords available, with a sleek shape often lacking in soft plastic swords. Instead, this hard plastic sword can withstand impacts and blows, making it ideal for those practicing martial arts or sword skills. 


Though this particular option might be kid-friendly, it’s well-suited to older teens and adults, especially those looking to practice their swordsmanship safely. 

11. Medieval Short Sword

Do you need an extra plastic weapon to fill your sword belt or baldric? If so, you might want to add this medieval short sword.


Firstly, it’s lightweight plastic and won’t add much weight to your costume. It’s also beautifully detailed in a general medieval style, so it can complement knight, crusader, and Centurian outfits. It even comes with a sheath!

12. Light-Up Shark Swords

These colorful light-up swords are ideal for kids who love sharks, marine animals, and rainbows. Shaped like multi-finned sharks, the blades of these dual swords come alive with a rainbow of color every time you push the button on the handle.


At 1.25 feet (38.1cm), it’s the ideal size for young children aged three to nine. But older children can (and often will) play with these fake swords.

13. Simple Roman Sword

This Roman sword is ideal for school projects, as it’s made of plastic and features a rounded tip. So naturally, you’ll need to check with your child’s school to ensure plastic swords are an acceptable item to use for an assignment.


This sword is also excellent for kids who want a simple plastic sword to play with. It’s not associated with specific characters, so children can use their imagination to create a character around it!

14. Ninja Swords With Sheaths

Light-up swords might not be the best choice if you’ve been training a little ninja’s stealth. But these black plastic ninja swords with matching sheaths are tailor-made for a tiny ninja and complement ninja gear of every color and style.

Find the Best Plastic Toy Swords Today

Do you need a sleek pair of ninja swords or a swashbuckling pirate sword? You can find several plastic versions for sale online. Hopefully, this list of top-rated plastic toy swords can help you discover the perfect options to suit your needs.

You can check these fantasy sword gift stores for the best deal.




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