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Proofread Anywhere review

Proofread Anywhere Review 2022: One of the Best Proofreading Courses Online?

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If you have a knack for helping people with their writing, then a career as a proofreader might be a viable choice for you.

With new updates, this Proofread Anywhere review 2022 gives you an unbiased look at Caitlin Pyle’s popular courses, so you can decide whether or not they might be a fit for you.

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Introduction to Proofreading and Why It’s a Viable Business Idea


First, let’s go over what exactly a proofreader does, so you can see why proofreaders are in such high demand in such a wide range of industries.

A proofreader’s job is to make sure that copy and content—whether that’s in print or online—are free from mistakes before publication. No matter what industry they’re in, every company wants to ensure that their books, blog posts, emails, website copy, and other content do not contain any errors that could damage their credibility and reputation.

Depending on their niche industry and the needs of their particular clients, proofreaders will have to balance different responsibilities.

Proofreader responsibilities include:

  • Checking digital and print content for errors
  • Ensuring that materials match the voices of both a company’s brand and its specific campaigns
  • Identifying and correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, verb agreement, grammar, and syntax
  • Cross-checking data and references to ensure accuracy
  • Collaborating with writers and editors
  • Helping to improve the editing process

Despite the obvious prevalence of grammar-checking software that’s become almost ubiquitous in the publishing world, there is still a strong need for people who can manually proofread copy. After all, this grammar-checking software, while useful, still makes mistakes, so companies usually also work with proofreaders to ensure that their content is completely free of errors before publication.  

Many of these companies (especially small businesses) usually work with proofreaders on a contract basis, requesting their services as the need for proofreading arises. This is a huge advantage for proofreaders, as it allows them to build their own businesses and serve an array of clients.

In fact, most proofreaders work from home, which enables them to contract with clients all over the world and control whether they work part time or full time, depending on their own goals and preferences. 

Especially in our post-COVID world, this flexibility to work from home has never been more important.

What is Proofread Anywhere?

Proofread Anywhere offers two courses: General Proofreading: Theory and Practice and Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice. These courses are specially designed to help people learn how to build their own profitable freelance proofreading businesses.

The basics of the General Proofreading course include:

  • Information about how you can get started as a freelance proofreader—even if you have no previous experience in the field
  • More than 40 lessons across nine modules that teach you the basics of proofreading, as well as advanced skills and techniques
  • Steps to find clients through marketing best practices
  • A final exam that requires a passing rate of 90 percent or higher
  • A Certificate of Completion to prove that you successfully completed the course
  • Full access to the Proofread Anywhere Self-Publishing School Preferred (unlocked upon successful completion of the course)
  • Access to the Outsourcer Rolodex, so you can start pitching clients

The basics of the Transcript Proofreading course include:

  • Training on how to proofread transcripts in the niche court reporting industry
  • 60 lesson across nine modules that dissect both the theory and practice of transcript proofreading
  • Steps to find clients through marketing best practices
  • A final exam that requires a passing rate of 90 percent or higher
  • A Certificate of Completion to prove that you successfully completed the course

In addition to the General Proofreading Course and the Transcript Proofreading Course, Proofread Anywhere also offers a free training and a free workshop. 

These free resources are carefully curated for people with no previous proofreading experience in order to give them an introduction to the industry to help them decide if they’re ready to pursue a career in proofreading.

Who’s Behind Proofread Anywhere?

Caitlin Pyle

As a part of our Proofread Anywhere review 2022, we investigated the creator of the program to see if they have the credentials to back up what they’re offering.  

The creator of Proofread Anywhere is Caitlin Pyle, who developed her interest and experience in proofreading from a young age. During her college years, Caitlin spent a year studying in German, where she often spent time proofreading her fellow students’ essays—this is where her passion for proofreading began. 

In 2012, Caitlin started helping court reporters by proofreading their transcripts to identify and correct any typographical errors. By 2014, Caitlin had left her previous career, and transcript proofreading became her primary income source.

After founding her own freelance proofreading business, Caitlin wanted to help other people pursue their passions for proofreading, so she created Proofread Anywhere to not only help people break into the world of proofreading but to help them do it from anywhere in the world.

Inside the Proofread Anywhere Course

Proofread Anywhere Review 2021: One of the Best Proofreading Courses Online?

If you’re searching for the best proofreading courses online, you must get down to the nitty gritty of course details. This is imperative to your search, as it allows you to determine if the course will provide you with the requisite knowledge to become a proficient proofreader.

Let’s take a look at the Proofread Anywhere course details:

The General Proofreading course

Course body: 9 modules 

Estimated course timeline: 1 month

Module 1: Introduction to General Proofreading

  • What proofreading is—and what it’s not
  • Skills needed to be an excellent proofreader
  • Who needs proofreaders
  • Difference between proofreading, editing, and copyediting

Module 2: Get Into the Right Mindset

  • What mindset is necessary for success
  • How to develop the right mindset
  • Professional Proofreader’s Mindset Workshop
  • Different types of markets for proofreaders
  • Common industry terminology

Module 3: Proofreading Basics

  • Most common types of errors
  • Practice worksheets

Module 4: Proofreading Methods and Practice

  • Four different types of proofreading methods
  • Sample practice jobs

Module 5: Transforming Proofreading into a Business

  • How to create your business
  • How to build your resume
  • How to build your website
  • How to set your rates
  • How to build your experience

Module 6: Finding Clients

  • Proven strategies to find clients
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • eBook: How to Find Your Ideal Clients

Module 7: Your Workflow Once You Get the Job

  • How to bill for your services
  • How to cultivate a desirable reputation

Module 8: Getting the Most Out of the Freelancing Life

  • How a typical proofreader structures their day
  • How to build the confidence to thrive as a freelancer
  • Project management systems

Module 9: Concluding Lesson

  • Concluding steps to move forward

Bonus Resources

  • Look Better in Writing™ Handbook of Commonly Misused (and Abused!) Words
  • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide
  • The Mindset Mastery Guide
  • 5 Mindset Shifts for Goal-Crushing Confidence

The Transcript Proofreading course

Course body: 9 modules 

Estimated course timeline: 2-4 months

Module 1: Introduction to Transcript Proofreading

  • Necessary skills to proofread transcripts
  • Defining court reporters, transcripts and stenographers
  • How a transcript is created
  • EUOs vs depositions and the elements of various transcript types 
  • Understanding the anatomy of a transcript 

Module 2: Nuts and Bolts of Transcripts

  • Errors that can occur in transcripts
  • Vocabulary found in multiple types of proceedings
  • Transcript-specific punctuation
  • Formatting rules
  • Spelling and punctuation differences between American English and British English

Modules 3, 4, and 5: NextSteps

  • Four methods to properly correct transcripts
  • 50 practice transcripts
  • Research strategies
  • Proofreading checklist

Modules 6 and 7: Business Correspondence and Procedures

  • Learning effective communication with court reporters and agencies
  • Court reporters’ expectations
  • Customer service
  • Customized preference sheets
  • Interpreting reporter preferences 
  • Proper billing procedures, rates, negotiating, and follow-up
  • Taxes and budgeting

Module 8: Marketing

  • Authentic, personalized marketing methods
  • Composing a resume
  • Using social media to build a web presence

Module 9: Success Mindset

  • Overcoming fear
  • Building your business
  • Imposter syndrome

Each course is outfitted with information-dense modules that provide you with the valuable knowledge you need to learn how to best serve your clients.

How Much Does Proofread Anywhere Cost?

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For the General Proofreading Course, there are two payment options:

  • IGNITE: A one-time payment of $497; includes lifetime access to the course
  • IGNITE PLUS: A one-time payment of $597; includes lifetime access to the course, as well as a hand-graded exam, a listing in the SPS Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex, a Certificate of Completion, and a membership to the Marketing Mastermind Group

proofread anywhere cost

For the Transcript Proofreading course, there is a multi-tier payment structure to help you progress through the course step by step:

  • Level 1 Beginner Basecamp: A one-time payment of $77; includes access to Module 1 for seven days
  • Level 2 Jumpstart: A one-time payment of $197; includes access to Modules 1 and 2 for an additional 30 days
  • Level 3 NextSteps: A one-time payment of $400; includes access to Modules 1-5 for an additional 60 days
  • Level 4 Launch & Earn: A one-time payment of $500; includes lifetime access to Modules 1-9

proofread anywhere cost

How Much Money Can Be Made with Proofread Anywhere?

When deciding whether or not to pursue a new career, an assessment of the earning potential is one of your most careful considerations. 

According to, the average salary for a proofreader in 2022 is $53,702, and the typical range of income is between $47,126 and $61,321.

When determining how much money you could potentially earn as a proofreader, you need to consider several factors, such as: proofreading training; level of experience; industry niche (e.g., transcript proofreading); clientele. 

Together, all of these factors can affect your earning potential as a freelance proofreader.

Proofread Anywhere Review 2022: Final Conclusion

The Verdict: In the search for the best proofreading courses online, we affirm that Proofread Anywhere is legit. 

Both the General Proofreading course and the Transcript Proofreading course allow you to develop the requisite skills to: 1) efficiently proofread different types of copy and content; 2) launch your freelance proofreading business; 3) find valuable clients for your business.

Moreover, these courses are designed in such a way that beginners can develop their proofreading skills from the foundational elements and continue progressing towards more advanced skills.

At the completion of the course, you should be fully capable of proofreading content for publication—and ready to start your career as a freelance proofreader!

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