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Streak CRM review


Streak CRM reviewCustomer relationship management (CRM) is a technology used to manage the interactions and relationships that businesses have with their potential and current customers. The goal of CRM is to help a business streamline processes, stay connected to customers and improve profitability.

CRM is a tool that makes customer relationship management easier. Streak CRM is one of the options. This Streak CRM review will explore this option in detail. By the time you complete this Streak CRM review, you will be able to determine if this tool is the best for your business.

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Intro to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This part of our Streak CRM review will provide the basics about CRM. This allows you to see what this tool can do for your business.

Customer relationship management is a collection of tools and methodologies that include all of the interactions that a business has with past, future and current clients. The purpose is to improve customer relationships with the company.

These tools are collaborative. Throughout the whole customer relationship process, CRM lets you gather data so that you have the full picture. This allows you to make informed decisions more efficiently. CRM allows you to:

  • Form individualized relationships with your clients to ensure optimal customer service and satisfaction.
  • Target and identify the best customers to make it easier to implement and plan marketing campaigns with clear objectives and goals. This also allows you to generate high-quality sales leads.
  • Ensure that all of your employees have the information necessary to improve the relationship your company has with its customers.

This tool allows you to gather a wealth of data. The customer data you can acquire includes:

  • Customer contact details
  • Personal customer data, such as their group memberships and birthday
  • Customer sales history
  • Customer communication
  • Customer feedback

You can use this data to:

  • Drive product development
  • Find new clients
  • Improve a customer’s purchasing journey
  • Increase sales
  • Personalize your advertising
  • Improve customer service

What is Streak CRM?

what is Streak

In this section of our Streak CRM review element, we will introduce you to this tool. Here you will gain insight about how it works and its potential benefits for your business.

Streak CRM lets you work directly inside Gmail to manage customer relationships and sales. Via your inbox, you can run your total sales process. With this tool, you do not have to go back and forth between your CRM tools and your email.

You can connect to any other Google Apps that you use to run your business. Examples include Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

You can fully customize Streak, allowing you to enhance it to fit your data needs. The primary uses for Streak include recruiting, sales and customer support. However, due to its flexibility, you can use it for a variety of other things too, from fundraising to project management.

The Streak CRM tool allows for full collaboration with your team. Everyone can see the latest customer correspondence so that all of you are on the same page. Share emails, files, contacts and other pertinent information. Invite new users, set up teams quickly and manage permission levels.

Due to the open API access of this tool, you can automate your workflows and connect external tools. Through Zapier, you have hundreds of integration options.

This tool makes it possible to schedule emails so that they go out at the right times. Use the email tracking feature to know when you need to follow up with customers.

Who’s Behind Streak CRM?

Aleem Mawani

As we go further into our Streak CRM review, we will look at information about who founded this tool. Knowing this makes it easier to determine the overall quality of the tool.

Omar Ismail and Aleem Mawani created Streak CRM in 2011. Mawani graduated from the University of Waterloo with his bachelor’s degree in software engineering. He went on to Harvard University to earn his MBA. Before creating Streak CRM, he was a PM at Google.

Ismail also attended the University of Waterloo where he earned his bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Before cofounding Streak CRM, he cofounded

Inside Streak CRM

In this section of our Streak CRM review, we will explore the details of this tool. This is where you get to dig in and see what it can offer your business.


streak sales pipeline

Inside Gmail, you can manage your sales pipeline. The features include:

  • Managing your deals with customers
  • Comprehensive data input
  • Automatic updates associated with your sales strategy
  • Customize your views
  • Share email easily and precisely via deep integration, collaboration and access control
  • View all email details with minimal effort and immediate context
  • Track all of your email that is outgoing so that you can follow up and get feedback. You can sort by recent activity
  • Create a variety of visuals, including graphs and charts, to determine individual contributions and your overall business health. You can also mine your data
  • Create mail merges with customizable templates to eliminate mass email complications
  • Get reminded about dormant email threads, and snooze email when necessary so that you can focus on sales that are time sensitive
  • Sort your email to your specifications


Use this tool to create a support queue via Gmail. The features include:

  • Leverage your existing email
  • Use a single system instead of having to use a separate external CRM system
  • Improve and refine your support responses
  • Create snippets for the questions your customers ask most often
  • Access your client’s full history so that you have background information to provide better support
  • Develop a custom view for your biggest clients
  • Create mass emails when issues arise so that you can promptly alert all of your customers
  • Personalize all of the support emails that you send
  • View individual contributors and uncover trends by using analytics

Project Management

streak projects

The project management element of Streak CRM lets you uncover important information and data to help with product development. The features include:

  • Spreadsheet style interface that makes it easier to structure conversations between collaborators
  • Create a hub for specific projects so that the proposal requests, mock ups and other documents are in a central location
  • Create visual reports to simplify the view of data
  • Run your processes using formulas. This tool offers automatic calculation of metrics and unlimited metadata
  • Collaborate with your team and set milestone reminders to stay on schedule



This component of Streak CRM allows you to manage the hiring process, from identifying viable prospects to closing the deal. The features include:

  • Inside your email, you can track all applicants in one place
  • Share email and resumes with the right people by setting the appropriate permissions
  • Have all of the pertinent details in each email so that you never forget the information associated with each applicant
  • At any time, you can make changes to the process so that it is easier to track and manage applicant information according to your preferences
  • Customize the messages sent to all applicants
  • Directly from Gmail, you can mail merge
  • Fully automate your outreach efforts
  • Create snippets for common messages so that you do not have to type them out fully every time
  • You can route emails to the right files automatically for optimal organization
  • Track your messages and sort by recent activity

Business Development

Keep your business development team on the same page by managing your partnerships. The features include:

  • Work only in Gmail to manage your partnerships so that all data is in a central location
  • Comprehensive data input and customizable information pipeline views
  • Control who has access to specific information for easy collaboration
  • Track your outgoing email
  • Create mail merges
  • Precisely sort email per project or client

Real Estate

Streak CRM review

Inside Gmail, you can manage all transactions and leads. The features include:

  • Track all clients deals in Gmail
  • Share and manage documents with the appropriate team members by designating permissions
  • All emails include pertinent client details so that you do not forget important information
  • Calculate individual commissions so that you can view the aggregate data to track performance
  • Know when it is time to follow up with specific customers and get feedback about your leads
  • Customize your messages to specific clients
  • Create snippets for information you commonly send, such as viewing requests, contractual instructions or tour confirmations
  • Get reminders to follow up on qualified leads


Use Gmail to manage your fundraising efforts. The features include:

  • Organize your emails with investors for optimal communication
  • Actively manage possible investments
  • Use permissions to share information with the right people
  • Create follow up reminders for your employees
  • Engage potential investors by scheduling reminder emails
  • Automate the sending of updates to your investors
  • Manipulate data inline using the right formulas and store all investor data

These are all of the features included with Streak CRM. You can also choose to fully customize this tool so that it meets the unique needs of your business.

How Much is Streak CRM?

As part of our Streak CRM review, we will look at the price of the tool. This makes it possible to determine if the cost fits into your company’s budget.

There are different Streak CRM pricing plans. You can also choose between paying monthly or annually to use this product.

Personal Plan

The personal plan is free. It is ideal for an individual who wants to explore the product. It includes:

  • Unlimited personal pipelines
  • Basic CRM features
  • Email power tools

Professional Plan

This plan is $49 per month per user with the annual option. You will pay the annual option at once for a total yearly payment of $588. You can also choose to pay monthly making a payment every 30 days of $59 per user. This plan is for businesses of all sizes. It includes:

  • Task list
  • Advanced reports
  • 900+ integrations with Zapier
  • Unlimited shared pipelines
  • Custom views
  • API access

Enterprise Plan

This plan is $129 per month per user when you choose the annual option. You will pay the annual option at once for a total yearly payment of $1,548. You can also choose to pay monthly making a payment every 30 days of $159 per user. This plan is for businesses wanting premium support and deep customization. It includes:

  • Required fields
  • API/formulas support
  • Premium phone support
  • Custom permissions
  • Data recovery service
  • Dedicated success manager

For some of these features, they are only available with the annual plan, and they require a 10-user minimum. These features include:

  • Dedicated success manager
  • API/formulas support
  • Premium phone support

What Can Streak CRM Do to Help My Business?

So far in our Streak CRM review we have seen that this tool is very powerful. However, how can it help your business? We will answer this question by considering your customer relationship management goals and comparing them to the potential benefits of this tool.

Streak CRM lets you to use your CRM and Gmail together. This means that employees do not have to learn how to use this tool separately. Streak CRM integrates into your Gmail email. This will not change or disrupt workflow.

The other benefits of using this tool include:

  • Improved ability to cross-sell since you will be more informed about the needs of your customers.
  • Improved client serving efficiency due to the enhanced knowledge of your customers. This tool records customer interactions so that you can use this information in the future to provide them with the best products and solutions.
  • Develop better client relationships since you can gain more knowledge about your customers. This helps customers to develop a sense of trust.
  • This tool lets you better collaborate with all members of your team.
  • Improve the satisfaction of your staff. This tool allows employees to engage more easily to empower them during customer interactions.
  • This software can save your business money since it improves efficiency.
  • You will reduce the sales cycle to improve overall productivity.
  • Reduce client attrition with this tool. Attrition risk falls since customers can develop relationships with more employees, showing them that they are appreciated.

Streak CRM Review Final Conclusion

As we wrap up our Streak CRM review, our final verdict is that we recommend Streak CRM as the best CRM tool on the market for Gmail.

It is relatively easy to use, but it is also comprehensive. It integrates seamlessly, allowing you to maintain contact with your customers so that you can build a meaningful relationship with them. It also helps you to build trust with your customer base so that they want to continue to do business with you.

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