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Sword Buyers Guide

Welcome to your new hobby! Or, if you’re a few blades into your collection, welcome to a fresh look at how to buy your next sword. This article is an all-encompassing sword-buying guide.


If you think you are a few centuries too late to enter the sword-buying game, think again. Swords are still alive and well today, and collectors range from buying blades for decoration to usable, sharpened steel used for training.


By the end of this comprehensive sword-buying guide, you’ll know what sword to buy and what to look out for when browsing your options.

What To Consider When Buying a Sword

There are two things to consider when buying a sword: your price range and how you intend to use the sword. The price range is crucial to consider because it can narrow your choices and simplify your search.


Your intended use of the sword is perhaps more important because it will affect the price. Therefore, it’s best to decide what you want the sword for and then consider how much you’re willing to pay.

The Sword’s Function

What you intend to use the sword for tends to fall under one of three categories:


  • Decoration
  • Functional
  • Sports combat


A functional sword, in this case, is a sharped, durable blade you can use to chop things and practice with (it can take a hit — and it hits back).

Decorative Swords

A decorative sword is aesthetically pleasing and makes a fantastic statement piece. It isn’t meant to cut or hit anything.


A decorative sword can sit on the wall of your office or home. You can take it down to show it off or use it for a ceremony, like a wedding.


Decorative swords are usually made from stainless steel, with various ornamentations and intricate details. Stainless steel looks fantastic but isn’t very functional.


A stainless steel blade is shiny and will continue to be so for many years, with little to no maintenance. However, it’s brittle and will break or fracture under a small amount of pressure.


Decorative swords are typically cut or pressed, whereas functional swords are crafted, folded, and tempered into shape.


If you have $7.7 million lying around, the most expensive decorative sword in the world is the 18th-century Boateng Saber. If that is not your style, most decorative swords cost between $30 and $300.

Functional Swords

Whereas decorative swords are cast or cut out of stainless steel, functional blades are folded, tempered, and strengthened. Also called “Battle Ready,” these swords are the real deal.


Damascus steel is a well-known aesthetic in knives and swords. But it’s not the type of steel that gives it that look – it’s the way the metal is folded and shaped on itself. Damascus steel looks beautiful, and it maintains a durable, flexible edge.


Not all functional swords are Damascus, of course. Functional swords can also be made from flexible but light high-carbon steel.


Because their creation is a little more involved, “battle-ready” swords may be more expensive than other swords. Most battle-ready swords tend to fall between $100 and $300, although there are several swords above $1,000.


Handcrafted and limited edition blades will increase the price due to the craftsmanship and care put into the sword’s creation.

Sports Combat Swords

Sports combat swords are meant to be used against other people without doing serious damage to the person. In competitions like M-1 Medieval, fighters are also wearing armor.


Fencing swords also fall into the sport combat category of this buyer’s guide. There are three types of fencing swords, which are as follows:


  • Foil
  • Epéé
  • Sabre


Sports combat swords are repeated hits and blows. Most sports combat swords have rounded blades or edges, allowing them to withstand more damage. They also have rounded points, so they won’t seriously enjure someone.


Sports combat swords tend to be around $100 and $200. But the prices may increase depending on the type of sword.

Final Thoughts

Buying a sword boils down to two things: use and price. This sword-buying guide is considered decorative, functional, and combat sport swords. Whether you want a sword to spruce up your home or try a new sport, there are plenty of options available. Check out our recommended list of fantasy sword gift stores here.



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