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Tax Business Launch review

Tax Business Launch Review

How We Compiled This Tax Business Launch Review

Two of our staff members were granted access to the Tax Business Launch program so that we could write this in-depth Tax Business Launch review. Since we took the course ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge of what’s in the Tax Business Launch course. Unlike other people that write a Tax Business Launch review, we actually went through every part of the course so we could give you our final verdict.

What Is Tax Preparation?

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a profession that will always be needed. Even with automation and various types of tax preparation software available, having a human who can review all of the numbers and information to ensure accuracy is imperative for a company’s taxes to be completed according to the law.

There are programs for tax preparation at universities and colleges. However, these usually take approximately two years to complete. You also have to take a variety of classes unrelated to taxes. Tax Business Launch is a way to focus on learning about taxes and starting your own tax preparation business.

This Tax Business Launch review shows you everything that you need to know about this course. It gives you the details about the tax preparation fundamentals you will learn, and the concepts related to owning your own business in this industry.

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Introduction to Tax Preparation and Why It is a Viable Business

Before diving into this comprehensive Tax Business Launch review, it is important to learn more about why becoming a professional tax preparer is beneficial.

As a knowledgeable tax preparation professional, other responsibilities may include:

  • Following the tax code to determine the taxes owed
  • Preparing a company’s tax returns
  • Uncovering possible credits and deductions
  • Making sure that your clients do not pay taxes that are unnecessary
  • Educating clients about local, state and federal tax codes
  • Advising against possible tax liabilities
  • Reviewing financial records
  • Verifying the data on past returns for accuracy
  • Recommending tax products
  • Making sure that clients complete all necessary forms accurately
  • Using electronic tax filing software properly

By completing this course, you learn how to prepare taxes and create your own business to do it. This allows you to be your own boss and work from home in the finance industry.

What is Tax Business Launch?

Tax Business Launch

Getting the basics is an important element of this Tax Business Launch review. This course is comprehensive, and it is designed for people who want to learn everything about being a tax preparation professional. You learn how to prepare taxes properly and start your own business in this industry.

It provides all of the necessary foundational information and expands on these as you continue to move through the units. The units build on each other so that you can use the knowledge that you gained from previous units to understand the material in future units.

This makes it easy to build upon the information that you learn. You do not need any experience with taxes or preparing taxes to complete this course.

You will learn about all of the different tax forms and other information necessary to assist your future clients with their tax preparation needs. You will use a variety of methods and materials to complete this course. This ensures a comprehensive and detailed learning experience that lets you see what a real-world tax preparer does.

In addition to learning about taxes, this course is unique in that it also aids you in learning how to develop your own business. Once you complete the course, you will not have to go out and pound the pavement looking for a job.

You will be your own boss providing your tax preparation services to the clients that you choose to work with.

Who’s Behind Tax Business Launch?

ben robinson tax business launch

This Tax Business Launch review portion focuses on the person who created this course. It is important to know their background to ensure that they have the right credentials to create this type of program.

Ben Robinson is the creator of Tax Business Launch. He owned a CPA firm and was a certified public accountant. During his time as a finance professional, he gained the knowledge necessary to determine what professional tax preparers did and what they needed to learn to provide effective services for their clients. Ben is also the creator of the highly popular Bookkeeper Business Launch course so he has experience in creating great courses.

Ben started helping people who were aspiring tax preparation business owners since 2001. Since that time, he says that he has aided over 3,000 people to become competent bookkeepers, tax preparation professionals and business owners in this industry.

Inside the Tax Business Launch Course

inside Tax Business Launch

Knowing what the program entails will help you to see why it is a viable program. This part of this Tax Business Launch review focuses on describing what you will learn as you work through this course.

Tax Skills

There are five lessons in this unit. They provide information about tax skill foundations and fundamentals, and the different forms that you will see regularly as you work in the industry.

Foundations – Three Modules

  • Compliance
  • Basics
  • Tax flow

Form 1065 – Two Modules

  • 1065 skills
  • Exercise for 1065

Form 1120S – Two Modules

  • 1120S skills
  • Exercise for 1120S

Form 1120 – Two Modules

  • 1120 skills
  • Exercise for 1120

Form 1040 – Two Modules

  • 1040 skills
  • Exercise for 1040

Tax Skills – Advanced

This section has three units that help you to learn advanced tax skills to expand your knowledge so that you can provide your clients with comprehensive tax preparation services.

Research – One Modules

  • Tax research: Slides for tax research, introduction to tax research, tax research projects part one and part two and tax research project entity

Estimate – Two Modules

  • Estimated taxes for individuals: Introduction to estimated tax, who must pay, determining estimated tax, paying estimated tax (when and how), estimated tax and credit for withholding, parts one through three for underpayment penalty
  • Estimated taxes for corporations: 1120-W instructions and estimated tax 1120-W

Advising Your Client – One Module

  • Advising your client: Advising your client slides, tax planning cool tool, introduction to tax planning, tax planning Schedule C and Schedule B and tax planning formula


This section has five units that allow you to develop the necessary knowledge to assist your clients. You learn about marketing and how to get your name out there in the professional tax preparer market.

  • Ready to earn: Marketing 101, crash course, you’re a business owner
  • Yakkity yak: You can do it and how to yakkity yak
  • Networking: Mix and mingle and how to network
  • Irresistible selling statement: Creating your ISS and ISS introduction
  • Specialized groups: Get in there and where’s the party

Clients – Advanced

There are seven units in this section that give you advanced knowledge to help your clients. This expands on helping them with preparing their taxes. It provides information regarding marketing and other abilities that allow you to help your clients to improve their business. You can also use this information to network yourself so that you can expand your pool of clients.

  • Get your website: Website customization and website setup
  • Prospect follow-up system: Go and get ready, set
  • Email outreach: Implementation and using email outreach
  • Referral marketing: Referral marketing resources and effective referral marketing
  • Linkedin: Linkedin marketing and Linkedin basics
  • Niches: Avatars, your niche and celebration
  • Content marketing: Content marketing lessons


This course comes with resources to help you learn the material and apply it to real-world tax preparation responsibilities and situations. The checklists you have access to include:

  • Introduction lesson to checklists
  • 1040 Schedule C checklist (preparation)
  • Preparation and due diligence-related 1040 checklists
  • Preparation and due diligence-related 1120S checklists
  • Preparation and due diligence-related 1120 checklists
  • Preparation and due diligence-related 1065 checklists

There are several documents that you get too with this course, including:

  • Price calculators for tax preparation
  • Entity version of the tax preparation engagement letter sample
  • Tax preparation engagement letter sample

You have access to tools and tech related to tax preparation professional duties:

  • Technology
  • Software demo for Drake Tax
  • Demo for My Tax Prep Office 1040

Prior Years

This unit focuses on 2017 tax skills. This will allow you to help clients to review their 2017 taxes for accuracy and to see where changes may benefit them in future years.

The models include:

  • Compliance
  • 1040 form
  • 1040 Schedule C and SE form
  • Exercises for 1040
  • Depreciation and amortization
  • 1040 Schedule E form
  • 1040 Schedule F form
  • 1120S form
  • 1065 form
  • 1120 form
  • Engagement flow

After completing this section of this Tax Business Launch review, it is easy to see why it is a viable option. You learn all of the information necessary to help companies to keep their taxes and finances in order. There are also opportunities throughout the program to see how the skills that you learn are used in the real world.

How Much is Tax Business Launch?

This Tax Business Launch review section describes the costs associated with this program.

The course provides two payment options so that you can choose the one that best meets your preferences. For 12 months, you can pay $199 a month. You can also choose to pay $1,999 one time if you do not want to make monthly payments.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Tax Business Launch?

This Tax Business Launch review section will help you to see the average earnings of tax preparation professionals. Like all industries, looking at the average annual earnings and learning about the influencing factors gives you a good idea about how much money you might make as a professional tax preparer.

Average Tax Preparation Professional Earnings

The annual mean wage for a tax preparation professional was $47,160.00. The annual This information is based on data in the United States in May 2017. It was the average wage for those classified as professionals who provided accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and payroll services.

Factors Influencing Potential Earnings

When you start a tax preparation business, there are several factors to consider when it comes to how much money you can earn in the industry. The most influential factors include:

  • If you work as a generalist or if you specialize in a particular niche, such as marketing or medicine
  • The clients you work with and the overall size of their business
  • If you have any previous finance industry experience, especially related to tax preparation
  • If you have education or training in tax preparation

You have full control over the rates that you charge your clients. You can create packages for your clients to choose from, or you can opt to create personalized packages that will ensure that you take care of the specific needs of your clients.

Tax Business Launch Review Final Conclusion

This is the end of this comprehensive Tax Business Launch review. This course offers detailed information about what a professional tax preparer does and how to start a business offering your professional tax preparation skills.

We recommend Tax Business Launch. This program is the best option for learning to become a skilled and knowledgeable tax preparation professional. You learn the fundamentals, have opportunities to test your new knowledge and there are demos to see how a professional tax preparer operates in the real world.

Once you complete this course, you have everything that you need to not only be a proficient tax preparation professional, but you will also have the knowledge necessary to start your own business in this industry.

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