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Vintage Candy- Top 10 Websites To Buy Old Fashioned Candy Online

vintage candy websites

As a child, you surely had a favorite candy. You may not be able to find it anymore. Vintage candy can provide a sense of nostalgia. However, you cannot just find old-fashioned candy at the grocery store.

Top 10 Vintage Candy Website Award Winners

Guide For Buying set out to find the best places to buy vintage candy and nostalgic candy online. There are many websites that sell old-fashioned candy. We narrowed our list of old fashioned candy to the top 10 websites to buy nostalgic candy online. Exploring these websites lets you find the sweets that you used to love.

1) Old Time Candy

(Vintage Candy & Retro Candy)

Old Time Candy has candy options from multiple decades. Owners Donny and Karen Ray run their business from LaGrange, Ohio. They are from the baby boomer generation and remember when dime stores existed. They wanted to bring back some of the candy from their youth, such as candy cigarettes and wax lips.

The two started this company in 1999. The duo was in Cleveland, Ohio, and went to a store that had a lot of old-time candy. They started their business in a brick-and-mortar store, but by 2,000, they also made their selections available via their online store.

In 2007, Donny and Karen went to Sierra Leone, West Africa on a church mission. They saw that the people there needed help with clean water. Their website also has a section where they talk about clean water efforts and raising money.

Old Time Candy offers retro candy in bulk, subscription boxes and an array of candy from yesterday and today. They offer hundreds of candy types, making it easy to find the exact old-fashioned candy you are looking for.

2) Candy Warehouse

(Vintage Candy & Old Fashioned Candy)

Candy Warehouse specializes in old-fashioned, old candy brands. They take great pride in the interesting candy shop design that they have created. It is reminiscent of the 1950s. They offer an array of brands and themes for you to choose from.

This company started in 1998. Their goal is to provide the candy that you loved as a kid, no matter when you were born. They are constantly looking for new brands and old-time candies to add to their inventory.

Candy Warehouse offers some candy boxes from varying decades ranging from 1950 to 1990. Each of these boxes is curated to include some of the most popular candies from these decades.

You can search by flavor, theme, brand or candy type. They also offer candy buffets that let you find a vast array of options in one place.

In addition to candy, Candy Warehouse offers accessories for your candy. Find old-fashioned candy jars that you can use to display your retro candy favorites. You can also find bags, dispensers, boxes, and scoops for your candy.

3) Candy Favorites

(Nostalgic Candy & Retro Candy)

Candy Favorites has been providing a wealth of sweet treats since 1927. Their core principles include giving their customers reasonable prices, the highest quality candy and excellent customer service.

Ernest Prince founded this company. His cousin Max Mullen joined him shortly after to create this candy empire.

Candy Favorites believes that candy is rooted in the past. It brings nostalgia and lets people remember a time when they were a kid and life was simpler.

When you shop in the Candy Favorites’ online store, they provide the same personal attention that you get at a brick-and-mortar old-fashioned candy shop. They offer educational and blog sections so that people can also get information about products in addition to just putting items in their virtual cart and checking out.

You can find nostalgic candy from as far back as before the 1920s. This makes it possible for you to even find your grandparent’s favorites from when they were children. They also offer retro candy gift boxes so that you can sample several candy types from a specific decade.

4) Vermont Country Store

(Old Fashioned Candy Brands & More)

The Vermont Country Store opened in 1946 in Weston, Vermont. Ellen and Vrest Orton are the founders. They got inspiration from Vrest’s father’s general store. Today, Lyman Orton and sons own the store. The overall mission and vibe of the store has not changed.

This company goes to great lengths to seek out the products that people remember from their past. They want to give people the candy and other products that they cannot find anywhere else.

You can find 1.5-pound bags of candy from a variety of generations. Get a bag of kits or giant gumdrops. They have different candies for different holidays too, such as their marshmallow hiding eggs.

In addition to old candy brands, you can find a variety of other items, such as other foods, beauty, home goods and personal care. There are also categories with items specifically for men and women.

On top of that, when you search Vermont Country Store, you can find dish sets, tablecloths and aprons from your youth. For example, find the milk glass that your mom and grandma used when you were a kid.

5) Groovy Candies

(Old Fashioned Candy & Modern Candy)

Groovy Candies specializes in retro and vintage candy. This company started in 1999. This company’s goal is to provide the classic candy and toys that are part of your childhood memories. You can find old-time candy from all the way back to the 1950s.

On the Groovy Candies websites you can find bubble gum cigars, candy cigarettes, root beer barrels and chuckles. They have their website broken down by candy type, making it easy to find your favorites. They also offer different collections that you can choose from.

You can also find boxes that have candies from a specific decade. These boxes have a variety of candy options, so you get several different types of candy from that specific decade. There are regular boxes, large boxes and grab bags to choose from.

Plus, you can find cool novelty candy. For example, they have mini candy sushi, mini candy pizza and a mini candy cake. All of these have a retro vibe to them, and they are made entirely of candy.

In addition to retro candy, they also offer stuff from today, such as modern Pez dispensers and Lindor truffles.

6) Candy Direct

Candy Direct has a wealth of old candy options, including those that are difficult to find in stores today. This company started in 1997 and they report that since that time, they have shipped candy to over two million customers across North America.

Candy Direct is a distribution company that sells to individuals looking for a small amount of their old favorite candy. They also sell wholesale candy to retailers. Find everything from chewing gum, to fine chocolates to novelty candies.

You can search for old fashioned candy by color, flavor, brand and flavor. This makes it easy to find something when you cannot quite remember its name. There are also different candy options for various holidays and occasions.

On the Candy Direct website you can find modern candy too, such as Hershey brand items and Skittles. There are more than 60 brands offered by Candy Direct.

Pick up some Old-Fashioned Sticks in flavors, such as watermelon and blueberry. They also have Dubble Bubble gum, French burnt peanuts and different salt water taffy flavors.

7) Blair Candy

(Old Fashioned Candy & More)

Terry, Ron and Pat Dandrea own Blair Candy. For more than 75 years, the same family has operated this company. They are located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. They are a full-service retail and wholesale business. Old cand brands is just one of the things that they offer.

Blair Candy offers a big can of nostalgic candy that spans a few decades. There are 60 pieces of candy in this can, ranging from chocolates to old-time hard candies.

The Blair Candy website has different sections for various types of vintage candy. For example, you can search specifically for nostalgic gum or nostalgic candy bars.

Once you find the candy that you are looking for, you can pick up the containers to hold it all. There are jars and dispensers to choose from.

You can find paper products, fundraising candy, tobacco products and accessories, bingo games, bar and restaurant supplies and party supplies from this company too. They also offer items for your pets.

8) Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan Lauren created Dylan’s Candy Bar in 2001. It is the largest confectionery lifestyle brand and emporium in the world. This company merges fashion, pop culture and art with candy. The mission of this company is to awaken everyone’s inner child.

The Dylan’s Candy Bar company fashions itself as a modern-day Willy Wonka factory. The brick and mortar location uses pop art installations to add a euphoric touch. This allows customers to learn more about the candy timeline, smell delectable treats and shop for candy at the same time.

This candy company offers 7,000 sweet treats. They also have different lifestyle products that are inspired by candy. You can choose to shop at one of the locations throughout the United States or make an order online.

The nostalgia gift bucket has candies from yesterday and today, such as wax candies and Hershey bars. They also have a variety of saltwater taffy flavors.

9) Candy Crate

Candy Crate offers a diverse selection of vintage candy. Find the old penny candies that you enjoyed as a child. This company has been owned by the same family for three generations in Victorville, California. Their products span more than 150 years.

The Candy Crate has been in business since 1991. They have sold to some of the biggest names in the country, such as Apple, Disney and Ralph Lauren.

You can choose to buy nostalgic candy in small quantities or in bulk. Find your favorite candy by search by color, occasion, brand and type. They also offer specific candy options for different holidays.

You can find retro candy from the 1940s through the 1990s. There are also different options that are readily available today. They have retro candy gifts that let you enjoy a variety of candies from a specific time period.

10) Wayside Country Store

(Vintage Candy & More)

The Wayside Country Store is steeped in American history. The brick and mortar building was once owned by Henry Ford. The interior still looks like it did after Ford renovated it.

At the Wayside Country Store you can find some of the candies that you loved as a child. Pick up candy buttons, fireballs and candy blox. They have an assortment of gummy bears and other gummy items, such as fruit slices and grapefruit sections.

This candy company also offers a diverse array of fudge and chocolates. Find truffles, chews and cordials to enjoy or as a gift.

You can also find different collectible items to go along with your candy. For example, pick up a ginger cottage or bluebirds of happiness to display in your home throughout the holiday season. They also offer secondary market finds.

Wayside Country Store specializes in making candy bouquets. They can make these as centerpieces for events, such as weddings, or for special days, such as holidays and birthdays.

In addition to old fashioned candy, you can also find a variety of cards, novelty items, gifts and stuffed animals to enjoy along with the candy from your childhood.

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