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Vintage Toys – Top 5 Websites To Buy Antique and Retro Toys Online

vintage toys and retro toys

Reminisce about the simple days when you had a favorite toy that you played with alongside your siblings, friends and parents. Vintage toys bring a sense of nostalgia. They bring you back to the days when life was easier and focused on fun.

There are many old toys and retro toys that are no longer on the shelves at major toy stores and websites. There is good news though. There are websites dedicated to vintage toys.

Think back to your childhood and the vintage toys that you looked forward to when you woke up in the morning or got home from school. There are some websites for old toys that will ensure that you can find these antique toys and retro toys so that you can relive the good old days with your own children and grandchildren.

Top 5 Websites To Buy Vintage Toys Online

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1) Time Warp Toys

retro toys - Time Warp Toys

Time Warp Toys not only sells vintage toys, but they are also experts in this area. This means that they can help you to find the retro toys and old toys that you cannot find anywhere else.

Explore their website to find vintage toys for the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Time Warp Toys also has a variety of collectibles from these time periods.

Time Warp Toys started selling retro toys in 1996. Joyce Grant is the owner of this company. She, along with her husband, have spent about 22 years in the collectible business. They take advantage of the internet to bring their toys to people all throughout the country.

Joyce and her husband travel extensively to find the antique toys and collectibles that they sell on their website. They bring their grandchildren along on their adventures when possible to share their love of old toys with them. Joyce says that they love being able to play with the vintage toys before she puts them up for sale on the internet.

Time Warp Toys looks for items that are in complete or excellent condition so that the toys that you receive look and feel like the ones you had as a child. However, the rarest toys may have some imperfections because this is the way the industry is, according to Joyce.

Every toy that they sell is original and authentic. They do not sell reproductions of anything. Before shipping out your vintage toys, Joyce and her helpers spend a great deal of time disinfecting and cleaning them so that once you open the box, the toy is ready to play with and enjoy.

In addition to selling awesome old toys to people who want to relive some of the best parts of their childhood, Time Warp Toys has also sold items to television shows, museums and movie production departments. Some examples include:

  • Jarts for the Drew Carey Show
  • Pet Rock for the Today Show
  • Clackers for the Rachel Ray Show
  • Doll for Oprah
  • Camera Case for the new King Kong movie

If you are a collector, you can check out the Photo Memories page on the Time Warp Toys website. This is a collection of retro and antique toys that collectors can use as a resource.

Joyce and her helpers say that they have an emotional connection to all of the toys that they sell. Every weekend, they spend time updating their inventory, so there are always new items to explore. This allows you to have a good chance at finding the toys that you are looking for.

Find individual toys or explore the toy lots that they offer to get several items at one time. You can also find a variety of old costumes and games from decades of the past. For example, pick up a table tennis set from the 1950s or the Fascination Maze game from 1960.

All of their toys have a year or decade listed with them, making it easy to find items from the time period when you were a kid. You can check the inventory by decade, or simply scroll the different category pages to narrow down your search.

Check out the About Us page to get information about the experience of other customers. There are multiple testimonials that state that Time Warp Toys helped people find the toys that brought back some of the best memories of their childhood.

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2) This Old Toy (Vintage Toys)

This Old Toys offers a diverse array of retro toys to bring you back to your childhood. They offer vintage toys from the 1930s through the 1990s. The focus of this website is toys from the Fisher Price company.

This Old Toy started out as a catalog for Steve Osburn’s personal Fisher Price collection. He used a computer program to organize his collection so that he could see which toys he was missing and which ones he already had.

At one point, the website grew to a list of more than 700 toys. At this point in 1996, he launched the website as the Steve and Kathy’s Fisher Price Collector’s Page.

As time went on, the website grew exponentially in complexity, size and content. People from all over the world visited the website to add information about the website’s content. As of 2019, This Old Toy has more than 2,000 listings. Today, This Old Toy is the world’s most comprehensive list of Fisher Price toys.

This Old Toy’s website offers a variety of resources to help you to find and identify the toys from your past. You can even use the information to ensure that the toys you find are authentic.

As of May 2019, they have more than 10,000 gently used toy parts and complete toys in stock. You can find replacement parts or even take advantage of their repair service so that you can have your toys fixed instead of needing to replace them.

Search the toys by decade to make it easier to find the items and replacement parts that you are looking for. Find a Doctor Doodle from the early 1930s or a Poppity Pop Car from the mid-1990s. This website makes it easy to find the exact toys that you are looking for so that you waste no time relishing in the nostalgia of your childhood.

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3) Antique Toys

Antique Toys offers a large collection of vintage toys. This company is in Saint Petersburg, Florida. They work with a variety of toy dealers and collectors from throughout the United States.

This website started in the 1990s. They are known as one of the best resources for selling, trading and getting information about toys from your childhood.

Check out their e-museum to get the facts about old toys. This section of the website has photos and information about toys from numerous decades, including those that are old enough to be categorized as antique.

To buy toys, you can narrow down the option by category. This website has the following categories:

  • Form
  • Tin toys
  • Plastic toys
  • Cast iron toys
  • Steel toys
  • Wood toys
  • Maker

There are toys from a variety of makers, such as Daiya, Popy toys and Structo. Explore the different vehicles, dolls and building toys that you enjoyed when you were a child.

The Antique Toys website has a section for articles. Here you will find information about toys from the past, selling and buying these toys and other insight into this industry. You can get the knowledge you need to ensure that the toys that you have are authentic and functioning properly.

Some examples of the cool toys that you can find on this website include toy cars, robots, dolls and accessories. There are even old radios and similar vintage and antique items that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

If you are a collector or knowledgeable about these toys, you can contact this company and provide them with information. They are always looking for unique research data and old catalogs for toys that they can add to the resources of this website.

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4) Retro Planet (Retro Toys)

Retro Planet has one mission and that is to give people all over the world access to retro products. They want to ensure that their prices are competitive, and that the website is secure and easy to navigate. Retro Planet puts a strong emphasis on their customer service.

The warehouse is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. All of the employees come to work every day with the company’s mission in mind. They have strong knowledge of the toys that they sell to ensure that the people who buy are getting the best service possible.

This website has sections for a blog and a Retro Museum. The blog is a collection of articles that provide information about the toys that they sell and other retro items. Learn more about them and how to ensure that you have authentic things.

The blog also provides historical information about a variety of vintage items. This knowledge helps you to better understand the significance of vintage things.

On the Retro Museum component of the website is more historical information and old photos. Check out vintage advertisements and similar information.

Retro Planet’s retro items come in the form of toys, décor and other items from when you were a child. Find a Texas Hold ‘Em game from 1967 or the Pinky Ball that was a popular toy during the Great Depression.

You can search the website by the different decades to narrow down what you are looking for. Explore the What’s New section to see which toys were added to the website since the last time that you visited. This website is also searchable by theme, color and room to make finding the right item fast and easy.

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5) Tin Toy Arcade (Retro Toys)

Find the vintage toys that are hard to find almost anywhere else at Tin Toy Arcade. This website has more than 4,000 unique gifts and toys listed.

Aaron Brown founded Tin Toy Arcade. He says that he loved to see how things worked, and he had a passion for the design and style of toys that are retro or vintage.

As he collected toys that are retro and vintage, his friends started to take notice and wanted to buy them too. It did not take long for Brown to see that he had a viable business opportunity. He did his homework and discovered that he could find a lot of these toys in India, Japan, Germany and China.

He began importing these toys and selling them at Georgia art fairs. It was not long before he created Tin Toy Arcade so that he could start selling these items to people throughout the country. He was still in school when he launched this business.

His classic toys have been featured on different television shows and movies, such as Men in Black, Interstellar and Heroes.

The Tin Toy Arcade website has a large number of categories so that you can easily find the toys that you are looking for. You can also search by age or person, such as mom or dad.

Tin Toy Arcade puts emphasis on fast shipping on business days so that you are not waiting long to receive your items in the mail. They often have different specials too for items that have dings or are rare.

Explore the wide variety of cap guns and refills to relive your childhood Cowboys and Indians games. Or, go back to the 1990s and pick up a kit to make your own bouncing balls or fly your hand-powered propeller on a warm summer day.

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